Monday, March 20, 2017

On Other Blogs: Writing

There's so much about writing that we couldn't contain it all to my blog.

First off, Sarah Holmen has a video tutorial for Microsoft Word. Word is my processor of choice, though it's pricy. However, it's powerful enough that, if you can afford it, it's an investment worth making.

Now for Blog Posts:

Then we have Faith Blum with a tutorial on YWriter. I don't know much about that processor, only that it's been compared to Scrivener, except free. (I think) This style of word processor doesn't work for me, but it may work for you ... and you can't beat free.

We also have Jesseca Wheaton talking about Google Docs, which is the word processor that my sister uses for MLP fanfiction, and I use for coauthorship projects.

(And I have an author who I think might be posting about Scrinver, but I haven't seen any posts from her yet.)

We have Morgan Elizabeth Huneke on Creating a Main Character. Very important. If you don't have a Main Character, you don't have a story.

But why settle for ONE main character. Hazel West is here to talk about Creating the Fellowship.

Amanda Tero is here to talk about finding your Personal Writing Style.

Love maps? Claire M. Banschbach has some Pointers for You.

Julie C. Gilbert has some Worldbuilding Advice.

And J.J. Francesco would like to talk to you guys today about Writing Children.

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  1. Microsoft Word is the best, I'll probably never use anything else ;). Thanks for linking to all these posts, Kendra!

    ~ Savannah


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