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Here's what my fans are saying about my book:

"I just want to say how much I enjoyed this book. It was a wonderful story and so fun to read. :) You did a great job Kendra! I look forward to reading more of your books in the hopefully not too far future." - Stacy S. 
~ "I have always enjoyed listening to my sister tell stories. She started with plays of which she would make me one of the main parts. Then a few years ago she decided to try turning her plays into books. I have Loved being a part of her inspiration group I hope you enjoy this [book] as much as I have." - V. Kathie Ardnek, my 'lil sis.
~ ... Where is volume 2 of Kendra's book????!  I read the first one last night!  REALLY good!  Was irritated by the Robin character at first, but she grew on me as the book progressed.  :-)  Really like the style of the "Interruptions" ...  I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.     :-D  - Sylvia D.
~ Take every traditional thing you know about fairy tales, dump them in a sack, shake them up, and dump out this very fun read. This book, a delightfully quirky and humorous story, is filled with unexpected plot twists and down-right funny cliche' to make you chuckle every time it comes to mind.

The author wrote this at age sixteen, and I look forward to following her career as she matures and her writing skills are refined. Kendra has created fun, unique characters with a story line that captivates the attention.

A safe and entertaining read for anyone, especially as a read-aloud book for family, "Sew, It's a Quest" stirs the imagination for what else will follow in the next installment of the Bookania Quests. After all, with enchanted princesses who wield swords; fairy godmothers with strange habits; and brave princes who never disappoint in the bravery department, what else could a reader want?

Pick up your copy, print or digital today, for a delightful read. But, whatever you do, don't let the cat out of the bag; that's a pesky situation for sure! (You shall have to read the book to findest what I doth mean by that.) 

- Tenya Sharp Ingalls



  1. I haven't read it yet, but I seriously can't wait to! It has so many great reviews I can hardly wait. It sounds just like a book I would like to read so I can't wait!

    Victoria F.

  2. Hi, Kendra! I tagged you for The 777 Writing Challenge!

    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  3. I can't find a way to read the
    Ankulen, or really any of your books other than the first three bookania books, but I took the which Ankulan character are you quiz and I got Jen. The description of what I was like was amazing! It was literally me!

    Also, what do you do when you have writers block Kendra? I'm currently writing my first book, and I'm stuck. Majorly. Thank you!

    -B.E.Brook (That's my pen name.) (P.S. I'm not a robot.)

    1. So sorry that I only just saw this post! I've not been over to this blog as much lately, and but I was sorting through the spam comments.

      All of my books are available through Amazon - free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. They aren't on other platforms because of Amazon's rules for their Unlimited books, but I will be running a special later this week because it's Sew's tenth anniversary on the fourth.

      Writer's block advice ... do something else. I keep about ten or so books going at a time, so I can swap between them when one isn't talking to me. Also, is it a large-scale writer's block (you don't know where to take the story as a whole next?) or smaller scale (a single scene not talking to you.)

    2. Super sorry I literally only just saw that you replied. It means so much to me that you did!

      I think it's more large-scale. Like, I know the plot of my book, but I don't know how to keep it moving along to get to more interesting stuff. And thanks for the advice, I have actually been able to write a whole novella, ("COBRAs Don't Like Christmas"), set in the same world as my book, and I think it turned out really well, but I still have no idea what to write next in "A Shot at Middle School". (My book.)

      Thank you again for replying, I am literally freaking out right now! You're one of my favorite authors!

    3. Do you know where you want the story to end up? When I'm faced with a "I don't know where to go next," what I find useful is to identify the next "mapmarker" I have in the story, and then work backward, determining what it will take to get my characters from where I am now to where I want to go.

      And, sometimes, I just hide from the manuscript. Really depends on my mood. (*sidewise glance at the book I'm supposed to be writing right now. I'll get back to you again soon, I prooooomise.)

      Best of writing to you, and I am HONORED to be one of your favorites.

    4. I think I know where I want it to go... but I also think one of my main problems is that I didn't make an outline before I started writing, (I was just over 12 when I started it, and I didn't know that it's usually best to make an outline first...), and now I'm kinda lost. I've been able to make a synopsis, sooo... I might just have to restart writing it all together, after I make an actual outline... :( that would suck though...sigh, I'm rambling.

      ...Uh, so, just wondering... Would you like to read the synopsis for my book? I mean, you're probably really busy and all, so I wouldn't expect you to have time, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it. :)


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