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WPFP Q&A - At the Fitness Center Part 3

Please note that the following contains spoilers if you haven't read Water Princess, Fire Prince.

"I thought we were done with questions," said Clara, as she and her friends took their seats.

"I thought we were too," I agree. "But then I discovered some questions that I neglected to ask, and I'm sure the readers are eager to know."

She folds her arms over her chest and leans back. "Really."

"And it's mostly for Rich, I left out most of his questions," I point out.

She sighs and leans forward. "Fine."

"Would you like me to ask your difficult question first to get it out of the way?"


"Alyssa asks, if you can choose, which child was the most difficult to leave behind in Rizkaland?"

"Timothea," she answers, immediately. "She fought the hardest to keep me from going ... and I came so close to letting her come with me. The only thing that held me back was the fact that I didn't know for certain that my parents would understand. Now I know that they do ... I'm sure we could have worked something out - I hear that Queen Jane and King Ralph adopted a Bookdaughter from Rizkaland. Surely Mom and Dad could have done the same for Tima."

"What's done is done," I whisper. "I wish I could tell you what will come of that, but it's not my place. Rich, since we're really here for your sake, Mnm would like to know what was your reaction when you first came to Rizkaland."

"'I'm dead,'" he answers with a shrug. "It was weeks before I was convinced otherwise. In my defense, I did arrive in a hang glider crash, so it was a logical conclusion."

"I told you a coma was far more likely," said Kath. "But then it'd be weird that we were both having the same dream."

"And Mnm would also like to know how you reacted to Rizkaland."

"Thought I was dead or dying, but I was given nice dresses and an awesome bow, so hey, that was cool."

"Yeah, the bows were a nice touch," Rich adds. "Could have gone without the circlets, though. More a headache than anything else."

"All right." I flip through the cards. "Clara, Mnm would like to know what's your favorite book?"

She narrows her eyes. "It's been a few years. Let me reread some and jog my memory. David Copperfield, maybe. That's the only one I had for twenty-five years."

"Kath, Alyssa would like to know if you prefer newer books or classics."

"Newer books, not as dense," she answers. "But I'm personally more of a TV person. Especially now that I'm back from Rizkaland. I had a lot of catching up to do this last year after spending thirty years there."

Clara turns to face her. "You were only gone for a few seconds."

"I was also in a coma."

"Only for a few days."

"Moving on, next question miss?" Kath blinks her eyes, all innocence.

"Andrew," I continue, raising an eyebrow, "Mnm would like to know how you intend to keep in touch with Clara now that you've returned to Earth."

"Over the phone," he answers. "Her parents gave her a cell phone for her birthday, and I've had one for a few years now, so I can call for help if I need it with my brothers. Both have a good long-distance plan."

"Kath, Mnm wants to know if you'll still tease Clara about redheads?"

She leans back, tilting her head to the side as she stares at Clara and Andrew. "Well," she says, "only about one."

I raise an eyebrow.

"They're so cute together," she continues. "How can I not."

Andrew has to physically restrain Clara from leaping out of her seat - not an easy feat, I imagine.

I decide to distract her with a question. "Mnm would like to know your favorite names, Clara."

"I've knocked 'Kathleen' and 'Richard' off the list," she growls.

"Oh?" says Kath, pressing a hand to her heart. "You wound me, friend."

Clara rolls her eyes. "As for favorite names, pretty much any name you can find in old, classical novels - our two center children - Edward and Elizabeth, were named after Jane Austen characters."

"Ah." I nod. "Now, Rich, here's the biggie question - Mnm asks, since you're to marry someone in our world, who is it to be?"

Rich leans back. "I imagine that you know the answer better than I do."

"Perhaps," I admit.

"And that the limited answers I do have, I am not at liberty to share."

"She says, and I quote - 'Yes, I want spoilers.'"

"I'm afraid that, while Tnika did speak a prophecy for Kath and I concerning the identities of our future spouses, we are not at liberty to share the information we were given until the proper time," Rich answers. "However, based on the information, I have every assurance that she'll be a wonderful, beautiful woman."

"Kath, while I honestly think the answer's obvious, Alyssa would like to know what you think of Clara and Andrew as a couple."

"That they're absolutely adorable," Kath answers. "And I just bet that they had the cutest children!"


"What? I like kids. I spent fifteen years without any around..."

"Andrew, Mnm would like to know your favorite foods?"

"Ice cream, actually," he answers. "Not that I let myself indulge, but it's soft and sweet, and a good dessert. And they didn't have it in Rizkaland which was a shame. They did have mistletoe muffins, though, and they were good too."

Clara kicks him.

"Rich, Mnm would like to know if you like Andrew?"

Rich stares at Andrew a long moment before he shrugs. "He's a good sort. Clara likes him. He made a good king in Klarand. That's good enough for me."

"All right, and last question - this one's for Kath. Soliel would like to know what it was like meeting - well, she says the Wind Princess, but I think she means 'Water Princess' - thirty years since you'd last seen her."

Kath closes her eyes. "It was very strange. It was at once the most amazing thing in the world and ... so strange. A piece of my old life, a life I had almost forgotten had existed, came back, but wasn't happy about it. There are things I'd like to change about our reunion, but ... oh well. She and Andrew are adorable."

"They are." I grin as I gather together my notes. "Now that concludes our Q&A session. Perhaps we'll hold another next year."

"Please, no."

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LDTD Blog Tour.

So I told you guys to watch out for my posting about the blog tour for Lady Dragon, Tela Du later this week - and guess what? - it's later this week!

Information and sign up is over on this page, so if you could just head over there and fill out the forms, that'd be nice, thanks!

I'm also strongly considering doing another Facebook party on October 21st, if that sounds like fun to all of you. It'll be a bit different from my last Facebook party, as my finances are a bit tighter than they were last year so I won't be able to give out the same prizes. We'll have fun, though, Just you wait!

Also, sales!

As you may already know, LDTD is already available for preorder (well, ebook preorder, CreateSpace hasn't given me the tools to make print books preorderable, yet.), but you might not know that I have it on sale for just 99 cents! This sale will last either through to next Saturday, or until the end of the month. I haven't decided which, yet.

Speaking of sales, WPFP is also still on sale for the same price, and will remain so until the end of the month. But with WPFP, if you write a NEW review of the book before the end of the month, you could win a $100 Amazon Gift card, with which you can win a whole slew of new books. You can find more information about that, and submit your reviews for the giveaway here.

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Bookania Winners!

All right!

Today's the day all of you have been waiting for, the one where I tell who won what. Cue confetti. (Thank you, Pixie, for keeping me in a steady supply.)

First of all, we have the winner of the complete paperback set of my books:

Congratulations. (Although I'm sure your sister would appreciate it if you shared, since she shared her blog with you)

I'll be putting though the order as soon as I put some money in th bank (today's payday), but I will warn you that they won't be signed since I can't afford to ship the books twice right now, nor do I feel that I can get the package to you in a timely fashion since I don't have a reliable ride to the post office.

Anywho, now for the winner of the ebook collection:


Not sure how you pulled this off, since you had among the fewest of entries. Ah, well, such is the nature of a random drawing. I'll be emailing you this evening after I get off from work with details about your prize.

Annnnnnd, I decided to toss in a suprise prise. I had one girl who is so desperate to read LDTD that she went and racked up almost double the points of anyone else (And her two runner ups only squeaked past the halfway mark because they were the only two who bothered to send me links to their reviews). So to reward her hard work, I'm going to send Miss Erudessa the story just as soon as I finish cleaning up this one scene her sister is making me rewrite.

So congratulations everyone, and thank-you to everyone else who partipated in the party and made it awesome. Stay tuned and I'll be releasing details for the blog party in the next week or so.

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Interview with Hope Ann

All right, quick thing before I get to the scheduled post, and if you're just here for Hope's interview, you can go ahead and skip to after the image below. I have decided that I'll be posting the giveaway winners for my party next Friday, August 12th, and until I do so, you can continue to score points by commenting on posts - whether the official ones for the party, cover reveal posts or character interviews, or scanning through my back posts for ones with the "Bookania" label - or by reviewing my books. For reviews to count, you have to send me an email with a list of links to each individual review and every place you've reviewed it. Remember, the prize is a set of all seven of my published ebooks, in a format of your choice, the opportunity to read Lady Dragon, Tela Du before publication, and your choice of three of my other unfinished WIP. (I'll be sending you a list with said choice.)

Also, moderation is not going back on yet, so you can still comment to your hearts' delight.

Now onto the programming.

All right, I'm here with an interview with Hope Ann, the author of a lovely series of fairy tale retellings based on the Fruits of the Spirit. I've only read the second book, (while I've had the opportunity to read the first book, and it's even now sitting on my kindle waiting for me, it's Beauty and the Beast and I have to be in a special mood to enjoy a B&B retelling. However, now that I've read the sequel, I do intend to read it soon), but it instantly shot up to one of my favorite Rapunzel retellings. I'm not sure if it quite outranks Rapunzel's Revenge, but it's close. It's very close.

That cover's gorgeous, too, although I always forget that it's green when I'm not looking at it. It's very much a yellow story to me for ... reasons. Someday I ought to do a post about me and colors and what various colors mean to me. Still, it's a gorgeous cover for a gorgeous stor, and at least there's yellow in it.

Anyway, official book information:

A glittering sword.
An ancient oath.
A blackened rose.
And a melody which ties it all together.

Evrard and Roinette, twins separated at birth, are caught in a battle beyond their own limited powers. With their ability to walk in the melody realm, catching glimpses of the light and darkness underlying Aslaria, comes even more danger.

Deadly mistbenders. Writhing walls of blankness. Hateful drumbeats. As a warrior in the Melody, Evrard has seen it all. But his own ability in the melody realm pales in comparison to the Prince’s melody, the legendary prowess of past Wingmasters, and even the depth of his sister’s song.
To rescue Roinette and evade the trap almost certainly set for him by those who want his power, Evrard knows he’ll have to be careful. Even if he can find the Wingmaster’s sword, there’s no assurance he’ll be able to defeat a mistbender on his own. In the end, will his and Roinette’s efforts matter if the Prince brings an ancient oath to fulfillment, shaking the very foundation of Aslaria?

Available on Kindle, iTunes, and Smashwords

Add on Goodreads

And now an author interview!

Hello and welcome to Knitted By God's Plan! Can you tell my readers a bit about yourself?
I’m the oldest of nine children, a Christian, a conservative, a creationist, homeschooled, a writer, I love Lord of the Rings, and live on a small farm. *takes deep breath* There, all the important things in one sentence. *smirks* Fantasy is my favorite genre and I love collecting shiny things, such as pendants, cool stones, and daggers. I also climb trees on occasion, love watching waves crash against rocks (in YouTube videos, since unfortunately we don’t live near a beach), enjoy Doctor Who and Sherlock, watch and rewatch inspiriting music videos…oh yes, and I do write as well.
The Legends of Light seems to be an allegorical series of fairy tales focusing on the Fruit of the Spirit. Can you tell me where you got the idea for this brilliant combination?
I, umm, can’t remember actually. I got the idea a number of years ago and it’s been maturing until I dusted it off last year. There was a contest for rewriting a fairy tale, and that might have been my original inspiration for wanting to retell more fairy tales. I like having some sort of allegorical theme to my stories. Whether I thought of coupling the Fruit of the Spirit to fairy tales all on my own, or whether my Dad mentioned writing about the Fruit of the Spirit and I coupled it to fairy tales later on, I can’t remember. But once the idea lodged in my brain, it stuck until I actually did it.
This second book, focusing on joy, retells Rapunzel. Can you tell me why you chose that Fairy Tale to demonstrate the Fruit?
Some fairy tales are easier to assign to an aspect of the Fruit of the Spirit than others. Love fit perfectly with Beauty and the Beast, for example, and joy fit really well with Rapunzel, mainly because of the singing. There is a decent amount of singing in Rapunzel. That’s how the prince finds her in her tower, and then later, when he’s blind, that’s how he finds her again. Singing coupled naturally to the theme of joy and it went from there.
What are some of the other twists you make on the tale?
Wellllll, I can’t give too much away. But one main twist was making the making the main character (normally the prince) and the Rapunzel character siblings instead involved of a romantic attachment. I enjoyed doing that because, if I have romance in my fairy tale retellings, I want it realistic. Not ‘oh, I’ve heard her sing from the window and she’s so pretty so I’m going to marry her’. (That is part of the reason I love Beauty and the Beast, because the two get to know each other for about six months before she agrees to marry him.)
I've heard tell that some of the future books in the series will be obscure fairy tales (a move I thoroughly applaud). I happen to know that some obscure fairy tales can be pretty weird. What's your favorite weird fairy tale?
Oh yes, there are some weird ones. Sometimes I’ll stare at the story and wonder what I just read. But one of my favorite obscure fairy tales is Fairy of the Dawn. I can’t remember if it was Grimm or Anderson, but I really like that one.
What advice would you give any writer who wants to attempt a fairy tale retelling?
Have fun with it! Most fairy tales read like outlines, leaving the background and motivation and characters to the writer’s imagination. The basic outline can take place in a fantasy setting, or a steam punk setting, or a scifi setting. You can add twists so even those who know the story won’t be quite sure how it will end. You can have stories set before or after the fairy tale itself…the possibilities are endless and exciting.
Would you happen to know your MBTI personality type, and if so, how would you say it affects your writing style?

MBTI personality types, yes! A friend got me into personality typing not long ago. I’m INTJ-A. I think that is part of the reason I take a very umm, scheduled approach to writing. I like everything laid out. I like to have deadlines. I like to move in a logical order. And I can flip easily between several projects in one day. Also INTJ’s show the least emotion out of the various types (I’m pretty sure, anyway) therefore, most of my characters suppress their emotions as well. 
About the Author

Hope Ann is a Christian authoress who lives on a small farm in northern Indiana. She was homeschooled and now helps teach several of her eight younger siblings.
She has been writing for over five years, and has so many story ideas that she doubts she will ever stop. Her favorite genre to write is high fantasy with a touch of the allegorical. A close second is futuristic suspense. Her goal is to not only entertain with her stories, but to provide inspirational fiction for young adults.

Predictably, she loves reading fantasy, fairy tales, mythology, and futuristic suspense. Her favorite authors include J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Dickens, Frank Peretti, Mark Twain, and Serena Chase.
Her hobbies include photography, movie making, knitting, tree climbing, writing e-mails to friends, listening to Celtic music, and collecting shiny trinkets for story inspiration.

You can visit Hope’s blog at, or follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.

So that's Hope. Also, she's having a giveaway!

Giveaway!!! (LINKS BELOW)
I’m giving away a beautiful, one-of-a-kind mug with the Legends of Light logo emblazoned on its side, along with a Song of the Sword bookmark. Due to shipping costs, at this time the mug giveaway is limited to the USA. However, I do have a second giveaway of a $10 Amazon gift card, along with another Song of the Sword bookmark, for international readers! Please only enter one of the giveaways.

I'm also supposed to review the book over at O.Scarlett today, and hopefully I'll get it up before midnight. I've been trying to crunch through edits on Lady Dragon, Tela Du and juggle my own party, and completely forgot about this post until today. While I have read the book, I still need to write the review. For now, know that it's an amazing book and I highly recommend it.

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Two Girls With One Face ....

Hello, folks! Today's the day everyone's been waiting for! When I show off all of the lovely mock and fan covers that were made for Lady Dragon, Tela Du!


Aren't they all just gorgeous? I have such talented fans. 

Oh, and I got a new author photo! Wanna see it?







Why are you still here? Do you think I have something else to show you guys? Oh, wait. I do.

Happy now?

Oh, and you can pre-order the book now on Amazon. 

I actually made the silhouettes myself. I'm so proud of them. They're also based on a picture of me ... because I love being on the front of the book as well as the back.


Design is again by my cousin, Benjamin Ingalls. He doesn't have a website yet, but you can check out his portfolio.

Also, I'm making the tour of several blogs today. Do check them all out, because some have interviewed me, some will be sharing snippets, and others will be showing off images from my pinterest inspiration board. Some will be doing all three...

And then there are two blogs that won't be posting today, but if you'll keep an eye out, they'll be posting within the week or so.

Hey, and if you're interested, today CinderEddy AND Water Princess, Fire Prince are free on kindle! Get your copies now!

And don't forget that today is the LAST day to earn entries for the kindle package giveaway.  You can refer to this post for a reminder of what you can do to win!

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Maryanne and Pinterest

Hola! Maryanne here again! Kendra's off busy getting ready for the cover reveal tomorrow. So she's letting me talk again. And post pictures. Of me of course, because Kendra just loves pinning pictures of me.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
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Via Pinteret
And now's the part where you get to tell me all about your favorite ones. Mine are the ones with my brother, Peter, because I'm such a great big sister. Don't ask him to verify that one, though, because he likes to tease and say I'm not one.


You can also head over to Jenelle's blog where she interviewed Madeleine. Jenelle's a great author. She has a character who shares my name - my first name, that is, the name I don't use. Dylana. Except she adds a second 'n' for some reason and makes it Dylanna. Confusing, I know.  Anyways.

Cover reveal tomorrow. I'd be more excited if it were my book, which Kendra still hasn't written yet... but since this is the book Kendra's been working on for over ten years, I suppose she has a right to be excited right now.

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Superheroes and Ranchers

So this post is going to be short and sweet, since it's currently midnight and I need to get up early for work. Yesterday was my first day back on as a full-time worker at my job (I'd taken much of the spring/summer off), and ... it was a nine-hour shift and I had new shoes that I hadn't broken in yet. That was just the start of what went wrong.

Anyway, I'd like to take a moment to talk about two stories floating around in my head that were inspired by Sew, It's a Quest, but in genres completely different from Fairy Tale Retellings.

The first is HaV Academy, my Superhero Boarding School Dystopia. You may have heard me talk about it before because I actually have several chapters written. You see, back in the good ol' days when NaNo wasn't blocked on our wifi router, I was quite a fan of the roleplaying forums. Maryanne was quite fond of the forums, too, and kept putting herself into stories. One of them was for a Superhero Boarding School where the students were assigned hero or villain at whim. Maryanne went villain, and her brother, Peter, was a hero. (Healing touch tends to be more a hero thing, ya know?)

She also devised a brilliant new backstory for her parents within this world. Robin was a rock-powered villain while Robert was the plant-powered hero. Rosamond was a girl that Robert liked and Robin frequently made him rescue, while Eric was her civilian friend/fiance.

The roleplay soon fizzled out and I never actually got the chance to share this backstory. I locked it away in a box in the back of my head and never dreamed it would ever see the light again.

But then, one Sunday (I don't remember when it was, just that it was most certainly a Sunday because I was at church) it just came back to me and just wouldn't leave me alone. Within a few hours, I had plotted out most of the major plot points that are to this day the main cornerstones of ROCKS. What's more, I wanted to tell this story. I realized, however, that I couldn't tell the story without changing names. Robin was an obvious change to Roxanne, while I had to consult a baby name book to find out that Riley means heroic, so was a good choice. Eric became William because ... William. And Rosamond ... actually, her name's still in the air. I'm leaning towards Fern, though. Or possibly Lily.

The story has come a long way, and few of the characters even have the same personality they did before (save possibly Lily/Fern/Rose), but it's still a "what if Sew was a Superhero novel" idea.

The other idea rattling around in my head is newer, and doesn't even have a title beyond "Sew, It's a Western." And it's exactly that. A "What if Sew was set in the wild west and isn't a Fairy Tale Retelling." It's more of a fun what-if, and I haven't had a drive to write it, but I do feel like talking about it.

Robin's now a rancher, Robert's a preacher, Eric's the sheriff, and Rose (the only one to have had a name change thus far) is the schoolteacher that both Eric and Robert are sweet on. Robin and Eric's feud is now mostly driven by Eric. There are some other changes, but I'm too tired to think of them right now.

So swing by Anna's blog where her brother interviewed Robert!

And there are free books, but I'm too tired to hunt down links. CinderEddy and Tears, Frogs, and Laughter.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Original Fairy Tale

As some of you may know, Sew It's a Quest was originally entitled No Longer a Dream, and was from Rosamond's POV. In this version, the prologue was my version of "Sleeping Beauty" and I just thought you guys might be interested in seeing what I wrote. Some details have changed since then, just so you're aware. Such as the names of two of the fairies. (It's Lufawna and Sayenda now, instead of Louesta and Blayenda.)

Once upon a time there lived a king. And, although he was one of the most powerful kings in the land, and his wife was among the most beautiful, they were sad, for they had no children.
When, at last, they had a daughter, it was, indeed a cause for great rejoicing. Wanting only the best for her, they invited all seven of the land’s fairies to her christening. In they came, Fallona, in red; Malina, in orange; Drayana, in yellow; Louesta, in green; Kriasta, in blue; Yifinna, in indigo; and Blayenda, in purple. They were given places of the highest honor, and golden plates and utensils.
Suddenly, after everyone was seated, the great doors at the end of the hall swung open. A gasp rippled through the assembled court. Standing there was Asista, dressed in black—the oldest of the fairies. She hadn’t been seen in years, and all, save the seven fairies who knew better, assumed that she was dead. She lifted her long, bony finger and pointed it at the king on his throne.
Is it right?” she rasped, “Is it right, that you should invite all of the young fairies to this most joyous occasion, yet forget me, the oldest and most powerful?”
It never crossed anyone’s mind there to contradict her, for she was powerful and capable of great mischief. A seat was given her among the other fairies.
But—Alas!—they were out of golden plates and utensils. Blayenda, at whose side Asista sat, offered Asista hers, but Asista refused saying, “If silver is what they see fit to give me, then let it be silver.”
A cold chill went through the hearts of all in hearing.
When it came time for the fairies to give their gifts to the child, Blayenda hid herself behind a tapestry. Fallona offered Asista the right to bestow the first gift.
Nay,” said Asista, “It is obvious that I am not as important as the rest of you, so I must go last.” There was nothing for it, Fellona stepped up to the cradle and touched the babe with her wand.
My gift is beauty,” she said, “of the rarest kind.” Then she stepped back. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Fallona had a reputation of making mistakes. Rare beauty is a gift that is hard to go wrong with, and even if it does go wrong, it is rarely disastrous.
Malina stepped up, and touched the babe with her wand. “My gift is intelligence,” she said, “And a love of learning.” Then she stepped back.
Drayana stepped up and touched the babe with her wand. “My gift is dance,” she said, “She shall be the best dancer in the world.” Then she stepped back.
Louesta stepped up and touched the babe with her wand. “My gift is grace,” she said, “She will always have the most gracious manners.” Then she stepped back.
Kriasta stepped up and touched the babe with her wand. “My gift is voice,” she said, “Like that of a nightingale.” Then she stepped back.
Yifinna stepped up and touched the babe with her wand. “My gift is music,” she said, “She will be able to play perfectly any instrument she touches.” Then she stepped back.
Though it has never been sure why, Asista thought that Yifinna had given the last gift. She stepped up to the cradle and stroked the babe’s face with her bony finger. “She will, indeed be an amazing girl,” she said, “While she lives.” Fear filled the hearts of all present. “Hear my gift,” Asista continued, “Before the close of her sixteenth birthday she shall prick her finger on a spindle,” she paused to give her words extra emphasis, “and die!” She laughed an evil laugh as she disappeared in a dark cloud. Despair filled the hearts of all there.
Blayenda stepped out from her hiding place. “I have still to bestow my gift,” she said, touching the babe with her wand, “Alas, I cannot completely undo my elder’s gift, but I will do what I can. She will, indeed, prick her finger on a spindle before the close of her sixteenth birthday, but she will only seem to die. Instead she shall fall into a deep sleep and have a hundred years of sweet dreams, and at the end of it she shall be awakened by a prince.” She stepped back, and added, “It is the best I can do.” Then the seven fairies disappeared into a rainbow colored mist.
The King, as soon as the christening was over, issued an edict that no spindles or spinning wheels were to come within ten miles of the princess. This was obeyed, for although they were not given the reason for the edict, Rosamond, for that was the princess’s name, soon became beloved by all the people, and they were most willing to do anything that might add to her well-being. From her, too, was kept the secret of Asista’s curse. All she knew of Blayenda’s gift was “sweet dreams.”
Her sixteenth birth birthday was a most joyous occasion. A great ball was held all day, many of the guests were the same that had been to her christening sixteen years before. Among them were the seven fairies. However, Rosamond eventually tired of all the people and went off to be by herself.
She went into a portion of the castle that she had not yet explored. She soon found herself in a high tower room. Seated on the floor of this room was an old woman who had not learned of the edict, for she had a spindle in her hands.
What sort of magic is that?” asked Rosamond.
It isn’t magic, child,” said the old woman, “It is called spinning.”
May I try?” asked Rosamond.
Of course, dear,” said the old woman, and handed the spindle to Rosamond. No sooner did Rosamond take it than Asista’s fateful prophecy came to pass and Rosamond fell down as if dead.
The fairies were up there in a moment. They assured the old woman that Rosamond was fine. They took the girl to her own chamber and laid her on her own bed. Then they realized that, if Rosamond slept for a hundred years, when she woke up, the only one who would be familiar would be the prince. But even he wouldn’t be.
At once they put a spell on the castle that put everything to sleep. The Lords and Ladies fell asleep as they danced. Servants fell asleep as they worked. Birds ceased their singing. Fires died and fountains stopped flowing. Even the king and queen themselves fell asleep in their thrones.
Then they made a hedge to grow around the castle that would keep inquisitive people out of the it until the prince came. It also made it impossible to see, save at a great distance, and then it was only the highest turret. And so a hundred years past.
At the end of the hundred years there was a prince, named Eric. He was a daring young man and was eager to make his way in the world. He was traveling along when he noticed the castle. He asked the people in the nearby village about it and heard many stories about it. Some said that it was the home of an ogre. Others said it was a witch. Still others said that it was a witch princess whose servants were all ghosts.
One old man’s story, however, was different. He told Eric that the story that the story his grandfather had told him was that it was the home of a most beautiful princess who was under a most dreadful spell. What the spell was had been forgotten, only that it could only be broken by a prince was remembered.
Eric at once started for this castle. He drew his sword to fight his way through the brambles and such that made up the hedge, but, to his surprise, the hedge gave easily away. As he rode through it, it closed behind him.
When he got to the castle, he was struck by its utter silence. Not even the wind was blowing. Everywhere he looked, there were people and animals sleeping. There were guards beside the castle doors, but they, too, were asleep.
He walked on, and came upon the great hall. He had never seen a celebration to match the greatness of this one. And all were asleep. He walked on, seeing sleeping figures every where, and hearing only his own footsteps. What was the meaning of all this?
At last, he came to a room that held the sleeping form of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her skin was like rose petals. Golden hair framed her fair face. He fell on one knee before her bed.
In that moment were the one hundred years finished. Her eyes fluttered open and said, “Is it thou, my prince? You’ve waited a long time.” Instantly the silence ended as everything in the castle awakened as well. The Eric at once asked Rosamond, for that was who the princess was, to marry him. She agreed, quite willingly. He helped her up, not even minding the fact that she was dressed like his great-grandmother.
And so the ball that had began as a celebration of her sixteenth birthday all those years before ended as an engagement ceremony. When it was over, he put her on his horse and they rode away to his castle. When they turned back for one last look, the castle had disappeared.

And they lived happily ever after.

Or did they…

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