Monday, August 24, 2020

Five Reasons to Read The Dancing Princess


And the day is here! The Dancing Princess, the last Twist of Adventure, has made its way onto the internet, and you can read it at your leisure. 

And here's why you'll want to. 

1. It's a twist of adventure, which means that everything's different, but it's still the story we all know and love. This one's edging more into epic fantasy, despite its small package, with ancient feuds, cursed princes, and dance-off showdowns. 

2. It went Russian. Wasn't my initial plan, but my dad had been listening to War and Peace when I started it, and that Russian flavor just edged in ... and then I decided that it needed Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the brave. Russian folklore has long facinated me, especially the tale of those two, and I was thrilled to finally bring them into one of my stories.

3. One princess, not twelve. Much as I love sibling stories, 12DP retellings can get overwhelming with the number of names that one has to keep track of. Now, I did include eleven cursed princes and their kingly eldest brother, said brothers really aren't the point? You will get to meet all of them, but you don't have to keep track of them. Instead, you can focus on the awesome music magic and the sweet romance between Katrine and the king.

4. Speaking of ... yes, you heard me right when I said dance-off showdown. This 12DP focuses completely on the power of song - it's literally the fabric of reality in this world, and some people have the power to hear and meddle with it. It's a more serious magic system than I've written in a long time ... but you've actually seen it before in Hair We Go Again. But, yes, music. Because music is awesome. 

5. Finally ... well, we all know I love a good arranged marriage/marriage of convenience, and this couple was brought together through circumstance and tangled songs. They were so sweet to write, uuuuugh, I love them so much. Katrine may be quieter than a lot of my heroines, but she has a spine of steel, and the king, well ... he's made some mistakes in the past that he needs her to fix for him, but he also doesn't want to lose her because the magic woven into the curse is dangerous, sooooooo...

Yeah. Love this little story to bits, and I hope all of you guys will, too. Go buy it now!

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