Friday, January 21, 2011

In One Month

I am almost sixteen.
My birthday is on the seventh of next month.
The birthday party is on the twentieth, hopefully at the Church I attend (We aren't sure yet though.)

It's going to be a Starving Author's party, since that's what I currently am, a starving author ;)
If you want to come, you have to bring two things. Finger Food (Starving, remember) and your favorite book (author, please make sure it's kid friendly. The theme is children book authors)

Gift Ideas (not necessary, but would be nice):

I plan on being an author, and authors have to write on something. Right now I write on a winbook that originally ran windows 95 that Papa is lending V. and me. It has no internet connection, so I can't do email, research, or blog on it. It has no battery life, so I must have a plug to use it, and if it is accidently unplugged while its on, it has a hard shut down, and I don't think that that is very good for it. It has only one usb port and it is having connection issues with usb drives, they don't want to talk to each other unless I'm hold the drive just right. Its screen has recently decided that it's shy. If I look at it, it turns off, and the only thing I can do after that is turn it off. (Unless I don't want what I'm writing to make sense). Luckily I have figured out how to do this in a way that will save my work, but turning the laptop on takes forever. I also have stacks and stacks of notebooks, but they're taking over my room and they are heavy for transport. I need a new laptop, and have one picked out, see wishlist below. I have so far saved around $250. (We may put up a "money tree" or similar ... for the fun of it.

Clothes ... MED Turtle Neck LS Shirts (Solid NOT Red), and Blue Jeans Women 8

I have an Amazon Wish List Kendra's wish List

Favorite things - Royal blues and Purples and Deep True Reds, Nutcrackers (dolls), ladybugs, Giraffes, Sparkles and Glitters

I hope you can come
We plan on havin' fun!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Foto Friday -- mismatch night

I'm going to start something called a "Foto Friday"

Ummm... How to explain my lack of matching...
It was mismatch night at AWANA! (see, my classmates are just as bad!)
Yes, those are socks in my hair. I actually also had hairbows clipped to my shoes, but they don't show up in this picture. My shoes didn't match either.

Oh, and I didn't destroy those shirts (one was my uniform) I merely folded them in half in on themselves.
I also had half my hair in a pony, the other in a braid.
That hat had a braid instead of a pompom.

Can we say a little mixed up?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rocket Vs. Shuttles

I'm studying space in school. This includes how we get to space. In the past, there have been two main way we have done that, the rocket and the space shuttle.

The rocket's main usefulness, according to this link, is that they can more safely reenter earth's atmosphere. In order for the shuttle to reenter, it must be turned at an awkward angle, and it still encounters temps much higher than the rocket.

This doesn't mean that the shuttle doesn't have its perks. While they are both sent into space much the same way, the shuttle is more once its there, and is more easily landed once its back in earth's atmosphere, as it can be landed at an airport, and the rocket is most often landed in the middle of an ocean.

The shuttle is what NASA has been using for quite some while, but we began with rockets. It looks like the rocket is going to have a resurrection, from the link I put up there.
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