Monday, June 1, 2020

Cover Reveal - Prince Nacil!!

So, yes, folks, I'm pounding you guys hard and fast with as many awesome new books as I can - but this one's not mine. It's a friends. Tom Wildrose's, to be specific, though she shall henseforth be known as R.R. Goodwill.

She came to me in a chat about a month ago talking about her new release. And ... admitted that she was printing the book out herself and emailing people PDF's. Not trying to be elitest or anything, I asked if she had plans of releasing on Amazon. 

And she admitted that she had no idea how to do so.

I've helped her get everything set up, including designing a cover that doesn't look like it came out of paint (I really loved the idea of it, but it screamed novice), and today I'm sharing that gorgeous thing with all of you guys. 

Book Description:
From the moment Victor Greenwood sets foot in the old farmhouse of Willowmere, Mrs. Whitaker and her family take the friendless drifter under their wings as one of their own. Deeply touched by their kindness, Victor delights them with his stories about the Elven-king Othniel and Jael his queen, forming a special bond with Mrs. Whitaker’s nine-year-old granddaughter, Jane.

But several odd occurrences indicate that Victor is more than he admits to. When the secret of his heritage threatens Jane’s safety, he sets out for the homeland he has long been banished from, to find Jane and return her home.

Unbeknownst to his friends, Victor is doomed to die thirty days after setting foot on his native soil, with only one hope of breaking the curse. But surely thirty days is far too short a time to find True Love...

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The book is releasing June 30th, so preorder now and mark your calendars, because, folks, this is one heartfelt story that you won't want to miss. And if you're interested in taking part in the blog tour, I will be by shortly to give you all the details for that.

And, also, go follow Goodwill on all of her platforms! 

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