Sunday, June 5, 2011

Choices and Options

I'm looking at publishing a book, "Sew, It's a Quest," for which you can read a preview here:

Currently, I'm looking at self publishing, particularly with Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace, both are Amazon companies. Because of how I wrote the book, through the NaNoWriMo (, though I did the Kid's site) challenge, I have received a free proof copy from CreateSpace. However, I am not ready to click the approve button to tell CreateSpace that I want them to start selling my book. It still needs work, even though I would have to get a new proof copy should I make changes, and this one I would have to pay for.

I need advise and help.

I would like advise about self publishing. Anyone out there who has published with CreateSpace, KDP, or another really great self publishing site that requires little or no up front fees? I don't have much money to invest right now.

I am considering upgrading my CreateSpace account to a Pro account. This would cost me forty dollars up front, but after that it would only be a five dollar a year upkeep. Upgrading would increase my royalty rates, allow me more publishing options, and make buying proof copies less expensive. The problem: I don't have forty dollars. But I would like to upgrade it before I order the second proof, because it would lower the price of the proof.

I'm looking for ten people who are either (1) someone who majored in English in College, (2) is an author or professional editor, (3) a librarian or bookstore owner, or (4)a junior high teacher (junior high is my target audience). I would like to send them my book for them to critique. It still has some serious issues, and we're too familiar with the story to pinpoint grammar errors and awkward scenes and out of character instances.

I'm also looking for someone to do my cover art. I really have no idea what I want, although my younger cousin says I should do a sword stuck in a ceiling. The proof copy has a forest trail - most of the book takes place in a forest - but I've been told that this does not have any "pick me up, you HAVE to read me" appeal. No conflict.
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