Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sneak Preview!!

Eric had been watching Robin when he suddenly notice her freeze, her eyes fixed on something in the grass. He followed her gaze and saw a movement. He crept closer and saw that it was a snake.

With a quick movement, he grabbed it, and twisted its head to break its neck – then he flung it in the nearby gully.

Robin blinked for a few seconds. “How could you stand to touch that with your bare hands?” she asked, finally.

I didn’t exactly have anything else to kill it with,” said Eric, “and I couldn’t let it sneak up and bite you before you saw it.”

Robin imitated a fish for a few seconds. “Thank you,” she finally stammered out.

Now, she knew he knew she saw it, and she knew that he knew that she knew that he knew she saw it … but he hadn’t said so. She didn’t have a single thing negative to say. For once in her life, she couldn’t say anything negative to Eric.

Maybe …

The next morning, she handed him a small knife. “In case you need to defend yourself against another snake,” she said. “The next one might not be so tame.”

Hardly more than a whittling knife,” he observed as he took it.

It’s all the larger knife Robin Hood would let me give you.” She sounded a bit disappointed.

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