Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On Other Blogs: Publishing

There's so much awesome information about publication that we couldn't fit it all onto my blog. So I let the other blogger share some stuff, too.

First off, a video by Alea Harper, this one about trends in covers. 

If art and graphic design escapes you, Sarah Holman's here to talk about how to find a good cover designer.

Now to the blog posts:

First off, we have Rachel Rossano here to talk about Creating a Unique Cover for your book.

Rebekah A. Morris has a bit to say about Audiobooks.

Though she posted this yesterday, I'm sharing it today. Julie C. Gilbert has tips for Writing a Good Description.

Are you looking for Stock Photography for your covers? Jesseca Wheaton has you covered!

Interested in writing books for other authors' series? Julie C. Gilbert would also like to talk about Kindle Worlds.

And, finally, Hope Ann is here to talk about Formatting Ebooks.

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  1. Ooh, thank you for sharing these links, Kendra! I'll have to make sure I check them out ;).

    ~ Savannah


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