Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Game - Guess the Quote

Email Entry is now Closed. I'm now editing this post to include answers.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this game. I have added answers below. Since not every author sent me the title, and I didn't write the titles I did in my answer key, there will only be author names.

Don't forget yesterday's game!

1. "The truth has a way of resurrecting itself." - DJ Edwardson

2. Battle was madness. C. S. Lewis had never gone into much detail on them, and Tolkien, well, his were confusing. Which, he supposed, was an accurate representation of the real thing. Just so long as the enemy didn’t start catapulting the heads of prisoners, he was good. - Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

3. "Oh no," he said. "We've traumatized the boy." - Jansina

4. “I don’t want to preach. I want to love—to serve—to pray—and to persevere.” She added this in an even lower tone. - Erika Mathews

5. “What is the point of riches and their value?
They are shackles around your ankles, trapping you in this darkness,
A barrier between you and the light while your eyes grow blind." - Elizabeth Rawls

6. "Never send a snowman to do a man's job!"
 “I am Gilahdro,” he said. “And you are trespassing,” he held up a warning finger, “if not a thief.” - E. Kaiser Writes

7. "Antarctica. You know, that giant continent at the bottom of the earth that’s ruled by penguins and seals." - C. B. Cook

8. "I was the troublesome one, you were my conscience." - Jesseca Wheaton

9. "The time of the King’s oath is upon us, and it will not fail." - Hope Ann

10. "Curses," Carnegie said, and offered a few examples. - Aubrey Hansen

11. "Hardships dispirit many people, but others find peace and joy no matter what their circumstances." - Katy Huth Jones

12. She knelt and gently fingered a faded rose petal. The roses were supposed to blossom all year, yet only a few faded petals were left to fall to the ground. She plucked one of them off. That was how she felt. Like a petal clinging to its stem, hopeful of staying, fearful of being cast away. - Amanda Tero

13. "It's crochet! And I made them!" - Hazel West

14. "Right before they entered, he whispered, 'Welcome to the family.'" - Rachel Rossano

15. "Going forward, no matter how small the step, is how you do it." - Tammy Lash

16. "It hurts every day. And sometimes it hurts less, and then it hurts again. But there are still good things. You’re alive. And every day that you’re alive, you can find a reason to smile. A reason to be happy. Even if you’re still sad. The good things, and especially the good people help make the hurt not so bad." - J. J. Francesco

17. “As I said, we do not choose our parents. We have only to control our own actions. Some are born to kings and others to paupers, and some, like us, are fashioned by scientists with unquestioned genius but very questionable motives and methods." - Julie C. Gilbert

18. She followed the path to the next door, enjoying the sound of birds through the windows, and taking in the sweet smell of the trees in the distance. - Kathryn Jones

19. “She loves chocolate, and watches entirely too much BBC television.” - Kendra E. Ardnek

20. There is a light that can only be found on the other side of darkness, there is a peace that can only be found on the other side of struggle, there is a faith that can only be found on the other side of doubt, and there is a healing that can only be found on the other side of pain. - Sarah Holman 

21. His eyes met MacDonald’s across the courtyard. The light faded, leaving the courtyard lit only by torches flickering along the walls, and a scrap of moon glow eking through dark clouds. “He’s gone,” Niall said. His voice was flat with the finality of it. His life, too, had just lost the peculiar light it had had for two years. - Laura Vosika

22. He might have to make a quick detour. The coon family that lived in the hollow beneath the oak tree--they were always in the mood for a good story. They were hardly the respectable sort, burglars and scoundrels all, but what did that matter when there was a tale that needed telling? - Savannah Jezowski
Which of these quotes are your favorites?


  1. I only recognize one other author (besides me) in this list, but 4, 5, 9, 12, 15, 16 & 20 make me want to read more!

  2. Oh gracious, I barely recognize any of them, but I'm REALLY intrigued now ;). I really need to read more indie-published books, it would seem!

    ~ Savannah

  3. I think I only know mine...

  4. All of these are such great quotes! I think I recognize two (maybe three!) and the others...well, yikes, I don't think I could guess. Some of them sound familiar... Every time I try to pick favorites or the most intriguing ones, I end up picking them all. :) #20 is absolutely beautiful to my ears. I can't wait to find out what books and authors they're all from!

  5. #13 bugs me. I feel I ought to know it but I don't. And I like it. It sounds like it has so much story behind it.


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