Friday, March 24, 2017

On Other Blogs: Rinse and Repeat

There's so much awesome information that I couldn't post it all to my blog. Some of the other authors posted it to theirs.

Not a lot today, but it's good info. Enjoy!

First, Sarah Holman's here to talk about preparing a timeline for your writing.

Now, for the blog posts:

Writing the Next Book so that it doesn't sound like your first can be tricky. Jesseca Wheaton's here to talk about that.

Claire Banschbach would like to talk about Owning this Writing Thing.

And Morgan Elizabeth Huneke has a post about Taking Time to Read.


  1. Jesseca's post was lovely, and I'll have to make sure to check out the rest soon! Thanks for the link, Kendra ;).

    ~ Savannah

  2. All these look like great posts! I'm definitely going to check them out!


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