Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Wrap-up

And, here we are, at the end of Indie e-Con. Well, except for the prizes tomorrow. Stay tuned for that. I'm currently on the air over at Eagle Nest Broadcasting.

And you guys have until the show ends to send me your guesses for the daily games and to vote on the book awards. You have midnight CST to comment on all of the posts for the Participation Prize.

Comment below by midnight CST with your wordcount for today AND your week's wordcount. Stay tuned tomorrow for the winners!


  1. Wow. That week went by fast . . . looking forward to seeing the results of the games and word war and all tomorrow!

  2. Whoa, I can't believe the week is over - it went by so fast! I wrote 4,388 words today ;).

    (by the way, do we HAVE to email you to get points for sharing about the Indie E-con? Because I linked to it in my latest post ( but I didn't have time to email you today)

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thanks for the link, I have now counted it.

      I need your week's total, too, though!

  3. Word count today only 806, 3648 for the week. Thanks for all the encouragement this week, Kendra!

  4. My total for the last day of Indie e-con was 4,497 words.

    Thanks so much for hosting this Kendra! I think it was super awesome and it was great to meet so many new authors :)

    1. Awesome! I need your week's total, too, though!

  5. I can't believe it's over already! The week went by so fast. o.o Haven't had time to read everything yet, and sadly didn't find time to comment much (busy with work all week) but the ones I've read were all so interesting! There was just SO. MUCH. INFORMATION! Not too much, though ("too much information will make your brain choke") and I look forward to reading the ones I missed. :)

    Thanks SO MUCH to all the authors who contributed to this amazing thing!!! You all are awesome! And thanks, Kendra, for organizing it! I had so much fun! ^_^

  6. Week's word count:

    Monday: 979
    Tuesday: 1222
    Wednesday: 127
    Thursday: 4230
    Friday: 1882

    Total for the week: 8440

  7. Monday: 1200 ish
    Tuesday: 1279
    Wednesday: None
    Thursday: 1220
    Friday: 1100 ish

    Week's total: 4,799 words

  8. I wrote 6,296 words today! *pants*
    Monday - zilch
    Tuesday - 4,414
    Wednesday - 5,125
    Thursday - 2,065
    Friday - 6,296

    Total= 17,900

  9. Okay probably too late with this, but I'll post it anyway lol

    Monday: 2,384
    Tuesday: 2,607
    Wednesday: 4,234
    Thursday: 3,672
    Friday: 4,497

    Total: 17,394


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