Tuesday, March 21, 2017

CE Indie e-Con - Reuben and Robert

Via Pinterest
I clutch my notebook to my chest as I survey the milling crowd of Indie e-Con. A surreal feeling bubbles over me. This is real. I brought this together. All these people, talking and laughing about Self-Published books.

I grin as girl dressed as Kyrin Altair passes, followed by a boy dressed as the Wind Prince.

So awesome.

Suddenly, someone grabs my hand and there's a guy kneeling in front of me. I can't quite hear what he's saying at first over the crowd, but I slowly realize that he is praising my beauty and declaring me the most beautiful woman to have ever lived.

"If our love isn't meant to be," he finally concludes, "I will go back in time and slap myself."

I stare at him for fifteen seconds, trying to decide what to say to that, when another guy barges in. He has the same dark hair, tanned complexion, facial structure, and body build. He slaps the first guy.

"DON'T DO IT!!!" he declares. "She placed a spell on you. It's taken me years to-"

"JUST WHAT DO YOU BOYS THINK THAT YOU'RE DOING!" another voice interrupts, and a girl of about sixteen comes storming towards us.

The kneeling guy quickly scrambles to his feet and rushes to her side. "Aw, Petra, don't pretend that you wouldn't do the same if Sarah..."

"No, I'm pretty sure that that we would not," she declares, dodging away from him as he tries to slide an arm around her waist. She steps up to me. "Ma'am, I'd like to apologize for my idiot and his brother. I do hope that they weren't causing you too much trouble."

"Oh, you're only talking responsibility for him, are you?" asks the other guy, the one who had done the slapping.

"I'll send your sister for you, Robert." she said, sending him a sidelong glare, which he backs away from.

The other guy suddenly dashes her her side and kneels before her. "Oh, I was wrong. It is you - you are the most beautiful-"

"Stop it right now unless you want a definite no," she says, jerking her hand out of his.
Go here to learn how to encounter your own characters at Indie e-Con.


  1. Aw, this looks so fun! (And I love the idea you took this from, it's hilarious!) I think I'm going to have to try this. I'll see if inspiration strikes and if I get it up I'll definitely add it to the link list :)

  2. Oh my pumpernickel; this is hilarious. I saw this pin on pinterest, but pairing it with Reuben and Robert just makes it all the better. :D

  3. Oh, Reutra! *Chuckles* This made me smile.

  4. This was SO much fun to read, I've wanted to see someone use that twin idea in a story :D. Thanks for sharing this, it made me smile ;).

    ~ Savannah


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