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I'm a person with a million ideas running through my head all clamoring for attention. I have at least 40-50 documents in my stories folder, and I have more in my brain that haven't yet found an exit through my fingers.

So, since you all may want to know what insanity might pop up on my Amazon Bookshelf, I'm going to list all the stories that have names. I'll be linking this to my Books tab, and will change it as I deem fit (you know, progress from thought to draft, from draft to editing ... adding new stories as I come up with them) Links mean that I have blog entries about the linked book.

* means that this is a project that I am actively focusing on.

First, the standalones which have to be processed individually:

Title: Mermaid Footprints
Brief Synopsis:  A companion Novella to The Ankulen set in Jen's imagination. When mermaids and mermen start disappearing, Mynna, youngest of the princesses, is the one given the job of figuring out why. Armed with a comb that gives her the ability to use human legs, she sets off across the uncharted, ever changing landscape.
Main Character(s): Mynna
Current State: I'm not far it, but I'm liking where I'm going.
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Title: Cayra
Brief Synopsis: A human girl discovers that mermaids (they call themselves Cayra, though) really exist, and the Cayra princess she meets discovers the Eamals (what she calls humans)
Main Character(s): Linda (the human) and Alinda (the Cayra)
Current State: False starts. There's a document on my computer, but it only has two chapters ... and I'm not satisfied with them. I have the ending in a notebook, but an ending's no good without the beginning.
Inspiration: A dream I had about two years ago, and the fairy tale Little Mermaid.
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Title: The New Division
Brief Synopsis: Four orphans from the Great Depression era find themselves in a world of elves, and in the middle of a millinias-old war.
Main Character(s): Tabetha, Melisza, Jaqob Alistaar
Current State: Has been started on the computer, but I've only scratched the surface of it's potential.
Inspiration: A random idea of a girl who has never been allowed to cut her hair ... which is actually not an issue that comes up in the book, but anyways. The second inspiration was the fact that people are no longer divided, in God's eyes, between Jew or Gentile, but whether we've accepted his son's death or not.
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Title: Infiltration
Brief Synopsis: Tiger wishes to get her Ring of Faith, Snap wishes to be a successful Infiltrator. They both can't have their wish.
Main Character(s): Tiger Lilly Bunnitoes and Snap Dragon Skunktail.
Current State: Rough draft is complete, but it needs serious help.
Inspiration: My sister and I used to want to write stories about hobbits, but then we found out that they were copyrighted, so we came up with Elvings instead. Infiltration is allegorical about how the world wants to infiltrate the church and lead us astray.
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Title: The Land of Numbers (though it may change)
Brief Synopsis: The Fairy Land of Numbers needs help!
Main Character(s): Anne and Andrew (twin human children) and Annisha (a fairy child with blue hair)
Current State: Started and stuck
Inspiration: A story game I started with my mom. And Math. And Oz.

Title: Half-Hidden (formerly entitled 300 Dragons)
Brief Synopsis: Jyson must slay 30 dragons to win the hand of the Princess Analyssa. Wait, make that 300. Sure, he can handle that.
Main Character(s): Jyson and Stardrana
Current State: I have written bits and pieces here and there.
Inspiration: Story I started with my younger cousin.
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Title: To Perfect a Fairy Tale
Brief Synopsis: A girl follows a white rabbit into her closet and finds herself in a world of Fairy Tales and Classic literature.
Main Character(s): Anthea Jane McKazy.
Current State: Barest thoughts, although I have started it in a document on my computer.
Inspiration: Mom came up with this and told me that I need to write it. Yeeeeeah ... she does that. Not that I mind her doing so, though, because otherwise her brilliant ideas will never be published. My final form is never what she originally thought of.
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Title: Jessica's Summer
Brief Synopsis: How would you react if two complete stangers come up to you, announce that they are truly your sisters, and that you are the personification of summer? Jessica doesn't bite either.
Main Character(s): Jessica Anne McConnald
Current State: One start in a notebook, another on my ramble doc on my computer. they're both pretty much at the same point.
Inspiration: My American girl doll Jess, my Clara barbie, and a darkish barbie in a blue ice-princess ballet dress that I named Tabitha. Oh, and my buildabear, Sherlaya, though I haven't figured out what Sherlaya's going to do in the book.
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Title: Unforgiven
Brief Synopsis: A feud between the Fairy Queen Fiona and the Leprechaun King Eamon threatens to destroy the very land they live in. Only her sister, Princess Keely, and his son, Prince Carlin, have the the will (and position) to try to hold it together.
Main Character(s): Keely and Carlin
Current State: It's been completed once in play form, but I destroyed the story format I had on my computer. Um ... yeah. I plan to start over at some point.
Inspiration: My cousin and I wanted to preform a play for St. Patrick's day.

Title: HaV Academy*
Brief Synopsis: HaV Academy is an exclusive - and mandatory - boarding school to train superheros and supervillains. Once they assign you to your place, there's no changing it. To break the rules of their game will mean your death. Story of three attendies and how they coped.
Main Character(s): Part 1: Roxanne "ROCKS" Part 2: Fiona "Lavalight" Part 3: Lucy.
Current State: Started part 1 on the computer, but haven't gotten very far. Parts 2 and 3 have bits in notebooks.
Inspiration: I was in a RP with a variant of the theme, and fell in love with the backstory that I had given my character's parents, and thus decided to write it up.
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Title: Part of the Family
Brief Synopsis: A story in three parts and an epilogue chronicling the lives of the Bigwigs, including a modernized version of the prodgical son. (and turned it into the Prodgical Daughter)
Main Character(s): Part 1: Jane Bigwig. Part 2: Sarah Bigwig and Sally Jones. Part 3: the entire family.
Current State: I have four scripts floating around, but haven't begun typing it up in story format.
Inspiration: I was told to write a play for church, so I modernized the above parable and, since we were short on boys at the time, made the two sons into daughters. This spawned a series of three more Bigwig plays ... until my church was tired of the family and wanted something new. I like them very much, and would love to see them in book format someday.

Title: Stolen Ideas
Brief Synopsis: An aspiring author just can't seem to come up with an amazing story without quickly finding a story exactly like what she was working on in the new books at the library. She knows that there's nothing new under the sun ... but this is starting to get ridiculous.
Main Character(s): Sandra Elizabeth
Current State: Barest plans
Inspiration: My Aunt was helping us go through stuff to get rid of, and we found a set of TV antennas ... which she promptly put on her head and, after a few minutes, declared that she had just found out that our neighbors were from Mars and that they were stealing my story ideas while they're still in my head and publishing them. I didn't believe her .... but it intrigued me as a story idea.

Title: The Nutcracker's Son
Brief Synopsis: For some odd reason that I have not yet settled on, the son of Marie and the Nutcracker falls under his father's curse. Years pass and he is given as a present to Gina, who adds him to her collection ... never supposing that there might actually be something different about this nutcracker.
Main Character(s): Gina
Current State: Still in planning stage.
Inspiration: My long-time obsession with nutcrackers.

Title: RPS
Brief Synopsis: When Princess Violet contracts the horrid Rebellious Princess Syndrome (RPS) the only cure is the smell of a certain flower, so her parents charge Sir Miles the task of getting her to the flower.
Main Character(s): Sir Miles and Princess Violet
Current State: I've done some writing  on it ...
Inspiration: My love of stereotypes.
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Title: The Fairy Realm 
Brief Synopsis: There are so many plots in this it ain't even funny ... It's about Fairies ...
Main Character(s): Aleenia ... Gnetta ... Sooya ... Kendearia ... there are several
Current State: Bits of writing here and there. It may end up being a series ...
Inspiration: My love of Fairies ... um, some stories I played with my sister and her friend ... pictures I've drawn ...

Title:  Silivock
Brief Synopsis: In the world of Silivock, two peoples live, the Alivocks and the Silions. For Alivocks, logic is law, for Silions, logic is only to be desired when it is illogical. Because of their differences, they have went their separate ways ... but when an Alivock teacher is captured by the Silions ...
Main Character(s): Alivock teacher Rikkard, Silion Princess Lillillil
Current State: Plans.
Inspiration: Technically, this is part of my sister's Mikida Series. This book was inspired by my misunderstanding a post on Anne-Girl's blog.

Title:  Sing, Aling
Brief Synopsis: Aling is half fairy, half elf, and accepted by neither of her peoples, save as experiment for the elves. One day, however, her peaceful life is shattered when a vessel from the sky crashes in the nearby ocean...
Main Character(s): Alivock teacher Rikkard, Silion Princess Lillillil
Current State: Plans.
Inspiration: Also part of my sister's Mikida Series. This book was inspired one day when my sister and I were discussing where Tinker Belle was, since she had a Peter and a Wendy. Aling's name means "Bell" in her language.

Title:  How to Grow Tulips in Fifty Thousand Words
Brief Synopsis: Insane Nonsense.
Main Character(s): It's supposedly written by two Silion Princesses, Elsie and Elise.
Current State: Plans. I think I may write this for a NaNo one of these years.
Inspiration: I was acting out Elsie for my sister for the development of her book, and this title popped out. It since has become a running joke for us while playacting ... and I think I might write it someday. Oddly enough, it will have very little to do with growing Tulips.
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Title:  League of Royals
Brief Synopsis: In an alter-earth, every country, with the exception of the U.S. has a king or a queen. All is going well until China decides it wants to rule the world.
Main Character(s): Queen Ulrica of Germany, Princess Daisy of England, and Princess Yuki of Japan
Current State: Plans. I've done some writing in notebooks, though.
Inspiration: A story game that I do with my sister and a friend. I'm Ulrica, V's Daisy, and the friend is Yuki.
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Title: The Worth of a King*
Brief Synopsis: They were separated at birth, she to be raised as a princess, he a printer's son. Now they're sixteen, and they must discover, what is the worth of a king?
Main Character(s): Adrian and Obsidia
Current State: Since Jack bailed on me, I have started the book over in a notebook. I'm currently making pretty good progress
Inspiration: Miss Jack Lewis Baillot and I decided that we ought to write a book together. Unfortunately, due to a tragedy in her life, Jack had to drop the project.
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Title:  No Refuge for a Princess
Brief Synopsis: Alia knows only that her Tante's son doesn't like her. What she doesn't realize is that she's the princess of a lovely world called Refuge - but it's going to be a while before she can finally meet her real mother and take  up her position.
Main Character(s): Alia
Current State: Still in the Early plotting stage
Inspiration: A story game that a friend and I did.
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Title:  Fire and Song
Brief Synopsis: Nixa wasn't supposed to be a Firebird. Not only is she a girl, but there already was another Firebird. Frustrated with the restrictions the other Firebird places on her, she runs away and begins terrorizes the country. So they send the only person who she'd possibly listen to: her childhood best friend, Simmon Nightingale.
Main Character(s): Simmon and Nixa
Current State: Still in the Early plotting stage
Inspiration: I woke up with a song in my head one morning, and I decided that I wanted a story for it.
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Title:  Eternal Queen
Brief Synopsis: The Queen of Miria does not die. She ages, like any normal person will, but every fifty years, she returns to the form of a twelve-year-old girl. But this time was different. This time she disappeared early, and it's rumored that the man she took as husband killed her.
Main Character(s): Erica and Lucin
Current State: Still in the Early plotting stage
Inspiration: A game I played with a friend/
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Title: Poison Kiss*
Brief Synopsis: What happens when the Evil Fairy gets tired of the same old curse and decides to mix things up?
Main Character(s): Edmund
Current State: Almost done with writing!
Inspiration: Rooglewood's Sleeping Beauty Contest. Draws heavy inspiration from the ballet
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And then there are my series. I only post the titles of books I have published, or are the next books to be published:

Title: The Bookania Quests
Books within: Sew, It's a Quest; Do You Take This Quest?; My Kingdom for a Quest; Honor: A Quest In
Brief Synopsis: Adventures in a world of Fairy Tales and puns.
Planned length: No end in sight. I'll probably die with an unfinished volume on my computer.
Current State: Book 1-3 published, Book 4 in writing. Books 5-1,003,462 in various stages of planning. I have bits written as far forward as 50-60 years in the future from events in Book 1.
Inspiration: Mom told me that I needed to write a series wherein I finish the Fairy Tales.
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Current Book: Honor: A Quest In (Book 3)
Brief Synopsis: When Robin Hood and Eric are kidnapped, it's up to their wives to rescue them.
Main Character(s): Maid Marian, Robin, William Hood
Current State: Writing

Title: The Rizkaland Legends
Books within: Water Princess, Fire Prince; Lady Dragon, Tela Du, Love and Memory
Brief Synopsis: The legends of the world of Rizkaland, edited by moi. There are up to 1,000 years between books.
Planned length: I'd like it to be seven books. It might end up with one or two more, though.
Current State: I've written book 2 too many times to count, and book 1 is in rough draft stage. Books the rest are in various planning stages.
Inspiration: When the first Narnia movie came out, I was disatisfied, and decided to do a play to fix all the mistakes they made. Problem was, we didn't have sufficient boys, so I turned the four children into girls, and we didn't have a faun costume, so it became an elf ... and so on and so on and it was no longer recognizable as Narnia. Book one was inspired separately when I had a headache and was taking a shower and wondered what it would be like if I were to step into a shower and end up under a waterfall and became a prophesied Waterfall Princess ... yeah.
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Current Book: Love and Memory(Book 3)
Brief Synopsis: What do you do when you return to your own world? How do you fit back into the life you left behind?
Main Character(s): Petra, Reuben, Clara, and Andrew
Current State: Trying to write the book as quickly as I can, but it's been slower than I'd like.

Title: Tales of Ooladada
Books within: Behind the Rainbow;
Brief Synopsis: The adventures of my sister and I after we fall into our backyard gully and into the world of Ooladada. Yes, I said my sister and I. This is a self-insertation story. We look for lost stuff.
Planned length: Until we run out of stuff to find.
Current State: Book 1 has a rough draft completed. I don't like it. It ... lacks.
Inspiration: A dream my sister had.

Current Book: Behind the Rainbow(Book 1)
Brief Synopsis: My sister and I visit the library behind the rainbow, and help them find a missing book.
Main Character(s): V and I.
Current State: Has been written, but I need to do a complete overhaul on it.

Title: Dreams of History
Books within: Rhoda, 30 A.D (date is subject to change);
Brief Synopsis: The adventures of Jackie, a girl able to become anyone from history she wants. Think imagination station.
Planned length: Until I run out of history for Jackie to visit.
Current State: Plans ... and one notebook has a beginning. Heh, heh. I have to do research for historical fiction.
Inspiration: My love of history and pretending to be people I'm not.

Current Book: Rhoda, 30 A.D. (Book 1)
Brief Synopsis: Jackie visits Israel in aftermath of Jesus' crucifixion and Resurrection in the guise of Rhoda, the serving girl who answered the door for Peter.
Main Character(s): Jackie/Rhoda
Current State: Still planning.

Title: Trilogy of Secrets
Books within: Colinda and the Swan's Secret;
Brief Synopsis: Colinda had no memories of her past, so it really doesn't surprise her too greatly when she finds herself in another world, and people tell her that she's the Fairy Princess.
Planned length: It's a trilogy.
Current State: I have a document for each book on my computer, and two notebooks in my drawers. (books 1 and 2 share a notebook. One is started at the front of the notebook, two is at the back. Someday they'll meet in the middle ...)
Inspiration: I have a friend who is really into Barbie of Swan Lake and I discovered this in her notebook one day. I asked her when she was going to finish it. She told me that she was, quite frankly, stuck, and that if I could do anything with it, I could have it. I promptly took the first seven pages of the notebook to turn into the first book of the trilogy.

Current Book: Colinda and the Swan's Secret (Book 1)
Brief Synopsis: Colinda arrives in the Land of Magic and is sent in quest of the Old Man and her twin sister, with only the help of a talking swan named Gardenia.
Main Character(s): Colinda the Fairy Princess ... commonly known as Collie.
Current State: I'm 6 chapters in ... and am stuck.

Title: The Trilogy of the One
Books within: The Nine Gems of Virtue;
Brief Synopsis: A girl finds a dwarf in her closet, and he takes her to The Land of The Fallen Rainbow, and together they save the world.
Planned length: Trilogy.
Inspiration: I found the first 6 chapters on my mom's computer, which she had written back when I was really little. She hadn't touched them since, so I pulled out of her brain all the plans she had for book 1, stole the document, and continued. Oh, and I decided to add two books. Mom was going to make a standalone. I think it would be more complete as a trilogy. Book 1 is inspired by the Fruits of the Spirit. (Count dem fruits, folks, there's nine!)
Current State: I have mom's six chapters on my computer, and I've added ... half a page more. Sigh, it's hard getting into another person's writing style, even when they're your mom.
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Current Book: The Nine Gems of Virtue (Book 1)
Brief Synopsis: Shasta and Flewder go in quest of the gems before time runs out and The Land of The Fallen Rainbow is doomed forever to darkness.
Main Character(s): Shasta.
Current State: Still trying to get into it.

More may be added at any time and without warning as I come up with/remember them.


  1. These all sound very interesting! I especially like The New Division, 300 Dragons, Jessica's Summer, Unforgiven, The Rizkaland Legends, Dreams of History and Trilogy of Secrets.

  2. Wow, you have a ton of WIPS! I only have a few at the moment - I'm a writer, myself. You have some really neat titles, too. 300 Dragons, for example. ^_^

    Your blog looks really cool!

    Leah Kathryn

  3. This makes me feel like maybe I'm not a writer. I don't have many ideas.

    I have 1 idea that diverged into 2 plots that are too similar for me to write both. I worked on one a bit and then decided the other was better. Now it's led to an idea for a potential sequel. Then I have another idea that has plenty of room for sequels but I haven't though to much about what they might be.

    1. Some writers have only one or two books in them - take Harper Lee, for instance. It isn't ideas that make you a writer - it's writing them down. Sure, I have a lot of ideas, but sometimes they distract me and I can't focus on the project at hand. Sometimes I wish I didn't have so many stories living in my head.

      Keep writing. That's the only thing that makes you a writer.

  4. I wonder which RP that could have been? Cough Cough

    1. For HaV's inspiration? Actually, that was a SH/V Boarding School RP on the YWP NaNo forums ... four or five years ago now.

  5. I see...well I enjoyed her on our RP


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