Monday, September 10, 2012


I posted Madeleine's picture about a week ago and told all of you that she didn't like it.

Well ... she didn't.

Anyways, I'm going to post the picture again and a bit about her (some of which you may already know from reading Sew, It's a Quest.)

I'm going to try to feature a new character from Do You Take This Quest? every day (or every other day) until I run out of characters, just so that you can meet them and they don't seem like complete strangers when you read the book.

I have a lot of new characters. Some  of them were mentioned in Sew others weren't.

So ... without further ado:

Madeleine - called Maddie by her friends - has quickly become one of my favorite characters I have ever created.

Madeleine is an artist. No, I got that wrong. Madeleine is not just an artist - she is the best artist in the world! (and probably the best artist that ever was or ever will be)

Blank walls drive her crazy, and when she visits a neighboring kingdom, they will often awake to a mural begun on the walls of her bedroom. They usually don't mind - and most will boast of this artwork for years and years to come.

Or, at least, they did until she attended the birthday party of the Sleeping Beauty and she fell asleep with all the others.

Her brother, who was immune to all magic, did not fall asleep. He had to leave her behind - and everyone else behind as well.

She is as an introvert who sometimes forgets that she is an introvert and jumps up on a chair to deliver a speech - only to realize that that everyone is looking at her and therefore dive for the sanctuary of the nearest curtain. Around people she feels comfortable with, she can be a tease, or a sympathetic ear.

She has a high standard for art - and allows no one to make a likeness of herself beyond herself. She paints herself somehow into every picture she paints. This is her signature.

Of course, she can be a very messy artist, and her clothes are rarely nice for more than a wearing or two, and her hands and face are permanently stained. She also gets embarrassed very easily, causing her cheeks to be painted a faint shade of red.

Oh, and The Derao FREE today!


  1. She sounds very interesting! I like how she paints all the blank walls. Now you have me curious; she falls asleep with Sleeping Beauty?

    1. Well, in the Fairy Tale, the entire castle is put to sleep with her. Madeleine was there, so she fell asleep with her.

    2. And remains asleep for a hundred years? Is her family dead by then?

    3. The ones who didn't attend the party, yes ... truth be know, of all of the ones who fall asleep, she's the one who takes it the best.


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