Saturday, September 22, 2012

How Does God Want us to Treat the Earth?

I wrote this at the age of 15.

How does God want us to treat the earth? That question is debated all over the place. Does one have to sell everything they have and go into the woods and live on nuts and berries? Does one have to go to all sorts of rallies and such and leave a ton of trash at the Washington Memorial grounds?
And I’m not being silly with that second one, as that seems to be the environmentalists’ normal mode of function. I’m making a point. Some of the so said most concerned people about the earth, really care the least.
Pretty eggs ...

So how should we treat the earth? What of the first option I gave? In actuality, while I don’t believe it would really hurt, it isn’t necessary. You can help take care of the earth just as well in a house as in the woods.
A first suggestion for taking care of the earth is to conserve and reduce. Don’t use more than you have to. Buy things that have as little packaging as possible. Keep your heating and cooling as close to the outdoor temps as possible. Turn off lights when you leave a room. Turn off water when you don’t need it. Don’t use your refrigerator as an extra air conditioner. Walk or ride bikes over riding in a car when possible. I’m sure you can be creative enough to come up with more ideas.
A second suggestion is to reuse and repurpose. Coffee cans and cereal boxes make great beginnings for craft projects for kids. Buy things, like shampoo and cleaners, you can take the bottles and containers back for refills whenever possible. Make things last as long as you can.
A third suggestion is to recycle. For some people this is the simplest, for others, the most difficult. This is because of where they live, usually. Some places and communities provide you with special recycling bins, and send out recycling trucks to take your recycling away. All you have to do is sort your trash. In other places and communities, all you can recycle are aluminum cans—and even that’s a hassle.
Another suggestion is to watch where you throw your trash. No, the side of the road might be convenient, but it is not an appropriate option. Throw your trash in designated trash cans and recycling bins. On top of that, if you see trash on the ground, pick it up and put it in a designated trash can or recycling bin.
Don’t trash the earth, but you don’t have to go live in the woods either.


  1. Great thoughts on the subject (and I found the egg)

  2. More eggs!

    And this was an excellent post, Kendra! I'm having fun looking through your past posts and reading them! :D

  3. Egg #19! These are definitely unique art eggs!

    One more to go....

    I agree with what you said in this post. Excellent points!


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