Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It be national talk like a pirate day, an' so to cellybrate, I'm a'gonna post a official pirate treasure hunt. 'Twill be complete wi' an official treasure!

'Ere be th' rules:

I'm a gonna post a list of questions. All o' the answers will be a'findable somewhere around on this 'ere blog in th' back posts, be it  - but . Ye answer th' questions below in a comment. Answerin' will be closed at 8 o'clock CST on Thursday, and I'll be a'postin' th' winners an' answers Friday morn'n.

What'll be th' treasure, ye ask? Why that be simple. I'll be a'emailin' anyone who correctly answers ev'ry question correctly a copy of the PDF file that went in'ta th' print version of Sew, It's a Quest. That's right! Annyone who wins'll get a free copy of me book! (I'd give ye a physical copy, but I don't have th' funds). If'n ye've already read Sew, It's a Quest, I'll be a'willin' t' negociate and find ye a different prize.

This egg be a real treasure!

An' 'ere be th' questions. Each one has a hint as to th' title of the post they cum from:

((Update!!! Question 2 has been changed. I'm sorry but I had forgot when I had described the Ankulen's  appearance. Now you need only answer the question of what the Ankulen does))

1. What be Gerta's biggest fear?
2. What does the Ankulen do?
3. Which Epic Disney character do I fancy meself most like?
4. What were the nativity figurines doin' in Celesta's dream?
5. Who has Green Eyes?
6. Sew where does Robin's sword get stuck when 'er brother distracts 'er?
7. From what does Vincent rescue Shelia?
8. What does the wooer of the Enchanted Deer wear?
9. What be the Peacemaker's real name?
10. What sort o' pet does the Piddler and the Worker have?

Now 'ave fun. I be a'wait'n yer answers, tho' I won't post 'em until I post the winners. If'n no one get's all th' questions right, I'll award th' person who got th' most.

Attention: This is now closed. Results will be posted in the morning.


  1. Argh, matey! What a fun idea! I don't know how I'll do, but I'll give your questions my best shot! :)

    2. Brings Jen's imagination to life, and apparently locks people "in" and "out."
    3. Tigger (epic!) :D
    5. Cynth
    6. A tree

    Shiver me timbers! That's all I know for now. If I figure out more, I'll comment later!

  2. I'm sorry I missed this! It looks like fun!

  3. Egg #15! Is this another Nutcracker egg? It is very elegant!


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