Sunday, September 16, 2012

Computer Troubles

Hey, folks, I just would like ya'll to know that I'm having a small computer issue ... i.e. my hard drive is trying to fail on me ...

So ... if you don't hear from me for a while, that's why. It's also why my book will probably be even later in getting out (although, on the plus side, my typist corns are pretty much gone.)

Luckily, we have a family friend who does computers, so he's going to come get my computer tonight and see what he can do about it.

So, I bid all of thee good-bye until things are straightened out. I have all of my books backed up to an on-line site that my family uses for sharing documents and such, and my pictures are working on uploading. Hopefully, I won't be gone long. I've got some old stuff that I wrote a longtime ago that I plan to schedule for posting over the next week or so, and I'll work on drawing pictures of my characters so that I can post them when I get done. I'll probably be able to sneak onto my Mom's computer in the mornings to work on editing.

I would appreciate prayers, however. Our funds are low, and we're already facing some car issues. Christmas and my birthday are around the corner ... but, sigh ... they're still an awfully long ways away.

Well, I guess this will give me more time to work on reading (although most of what I'm wanting to read is on my computer ... I'll have to get it sent to my Kindle) and knitting/crochet/other crafts.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the problems. This summer we lost the hard drive on the laptop my sisters and I used, and it wasn't backed up. It was a very difficult time for us. I lost two years of writing and studying notes and my sisters lost some pictures.

    Hope it gets fixed soon!


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