Monday, September 3, 2012

September Goals

My Mom wants me to write down my goals for this September. So ... I guess it won't hurt me to do so.

Right now our house is chaos ... well almost so. We're trying to get it rearanged so that an aunt can move into the middle trailer this October. Have I ever mentioned that my family lives in three trailers/mobile homes stuck right up against each other, two of them are connected ... the other, isn't.

But that's not the point, the point is that we're loosing the middle trailer this October, and therefore we need to get all of our stuff out of it. It's complicated. Check out my Mom's blog if you want to look for details. I'm Story over there, if you do check it out.

So ... what are my personal goals amidst the chaos that is my life?


1. Finish reading Howard Pyle's Robin Hood and G.A. Henty's Wulf the Saxon. I'm almost done with both,  it's all a matter of actually looking them back up on my Kindle for PC and finishing them.
2. Finish reading The Second American Revolution by something Whitehead. I can't think of the guy's first name off the top of my head, and I don't feel like looking for the book at the present second. This is for government.
3. Two chapters in Chemistry and Physical Science. Yeah, I'm going through two science books at once. When I finish with them, I've got Biology and Physics. Then I'm done with science. Yay!

My Room:

1. Empty the three four boxes and reclaim my floor.
2. Clean off my two desks. Yes. I have two desks. A knitting table and a normal desk. I also have a cabinet with a door that folds down - this makes an excellent stand up desk.


1. Find the garden. It got devoured by weeds during the rainy season.
2. Find my school desk. This is the desk that is not in my room. And it's currently buried.
3. I'm sure my mom will come up with more projects for me.

Writing and Blogging:

1. Have Do You Take This Quest? sent to at least one of my editors. My Grandma probably. This is more for grammar editing. I've got to get the plot stuff done on my own. It's giving me a headache.
2. Write and post at least ten reviews on the O!Scarlett blog. (link can be found above in my pages bar) I have books read, I just need to write up reveiws.
3. Post at least 15 blog entries here. I'm sitting at four if I remember right, so I'm ahead at the moment.
4. Finish reading David Copperfield so that Clara can post a review for it on her blog. (Clara's Classics, again see above.) I've seen the BBC movie (TWICE) but I haven't finished reading the book.

There, that sounds good enough.


  1. Pyle's Robin Hood is good but I like E. Charles Vivian's better. Wulf the Saxon is on my reading list but is hasn't moved to the top yet. (My 'to read' list is ten miles long, no joke.)

    I need to clean of my desk, too. It is buried in things taken off the walls to fix something and that something is not yet completely fixed. But, I hate being without a desk! So, I'm hoping to clean it off SOON! :)

    Best wishes on all of your goals!

  2. E. Charles Vivian? Hadn't heard of that version. Sigh, looked it up and it is neither in my local library nor is it available for free on Kindle. Hmmm... maybe I'll try LibriVox.

    And I completely understand a ten-mile long reading list.


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