Friday, September 7, 2012

Jericho and the Fiery Furnace

I believe that I've mentioned before that this year for Wednesday night church, we've been going through and studying Hebrews 11.

Well, last week was the last night of our summer program, and so it was time to wrap things up.

The week before, we had made puppets.

So this week, we were going to do puppet shows.

The problem was, they had forgotten to do up backgrounds.

So ... operation youth group for instant art.

Each of us in the youth group did one picture. However, there aren't very many of us down there, so that makes for not so many pictures.

I did Jericho.

Closeup of people marching.

And going back around the other side.

I even remembered Rahab's scarlet cord.

Random guard on the top of the wall.

Oh, and speaking of Rahab, here's the lovely lady now. She's the puppet I had made. 

I was just about done with my Jericho picture when a revelation was made.

They'd forgotten to get someone to draw the Fiery Furnace.

I volunteered.

Furnace is on the left, statue for bowing refusals is on the right.

Furnace on it's own.

Super skinny Statue. Did you know that the statue was 60ft by 6ft.

As I said, skinny statue.

My Jericho was actually the most complicated background of them all.

Unless it was the Aztech altar for Cain and Abel.

No, I don't have a picture of that.

It was interesting, though.

Via Pinterest
6. In the original version, King Herold was not Analyssa's father, but a king who had conquered her people and who was trying to marry her off and get rid of the dragons in one swoop. I changed him to her father because I realized that it would make for a stronger story.

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