Monday, July 24, 2017

1000th Post!!!!!!!!!

Eight years ago today, my mom sat down with me, helped me pull together some pictures from our recent church craft night, and we posted my very first blog entry on this blog.

Today, I'm am posting my thousandth post.

Eight years.

I was fourteen. Now I'm twenty-two.

I was an aspiring author who still would have much preferred to be an actor. Now, I no longer aspire. I'm the published author of six novels and soon-to-be eight short stories.

I was doing good to put 25,000 words into a story. My last release was 140,000.

My hair was barely past my chin. Now it's nearly long enough for me to sit on - and it would be long enough if I hadn't cut six inches back in January.

I used an old, old laptop that no longer connected to the internet for writing - actual blogging was done on my mother's computer. Now I have a newfangled two-in-one touchscreen laptop that I named Angela.

I .... actually knit back then. I ... don't anymore.

Yes, I've come a long way since my first post. As an author and as a person. I've changed a lot, learned a lot, done a lot, but I still have a long ways to go. So, here's to the next eight!

BUT, I promised a giveaway, didn't I? Reminiscing is fun, but you guys would like to win stuff. So what am I giving away?

Well, just a complete, signed collection of all six of my novels.

Oh, and not the editions you see on Amazon right now. I am in the process of revising my entire bookshelf, and putting new faces on all of my books. I already have four of the covers finalized, I just need to find out the new spine widths on Take and Kingdom so that I can put theirs together.

Want a sneak peak at the new covers?

(Yes, those are my feet, and, yes, I do only have one toenail painted. Any other stupid questions?)
(And, yes, I know those are my very beat-up shoes. I have ... reasons.)

(What? You thought there was a different image here? Pft, you must have been seeing things.)

And, yes, I know that's only three of them. The other cover doesn't have anything really intriguing for me to crop down to, though it is gorgeous to be certain. And I must credit Alea Harper with all but one of the covers I currently have. So, yes, gorgeousness.

So, now that you know what you'll be receiving, what do you need to do to get them? How long do you have to rack up points?

So glad you asked.

I'm going to give you guys until September 31st to earn points, as that is my self-imposed deadline for updating my entire bookshelf.

(Yes, I'm doing my old-school names into a name randomizer method)

And how are you to earn these points? Just listen, my friend.

Comments. Any comments you make on any post on this blog, from now until September 31st, will count towards this giveaway. Also, any comments that you make on O.Scarlett, GiraffeCrafts, or the AA. See the tabs at the top of my blog for links.

Reviews. Any review that you leave for any of my books - including the short stories, though they're not part of the overhaul (they will get edited, just later). The initial review is worth 3 points, and each additional site you post it to is worth an extra point. So a review posted to your blog, Amazon, AND Goodreads is worth five points. And, yes, old reviews count. Just make sure you email me links to everywhere that the review is posted.

My email:

Draw me fanart/write a fanfic. Worth five points for each creation. Again, email them to me. Art will be posted to this blog, fics will be posted to the AA blog. (And if you're not a member of the AA blog, see this page for details.)

Share this post. Just send me a link to your tweet/facebook status/Goodreads status/pin/blog post/etc. This is worth one point, but you can share earn up to two points a day this way.

Ask my characters questions! I currently have the floor open for my LDTD characters in the Rizkaland Group, and I'll be opening the floor for the Bookania characters on Tuesday. Exciting, yes? Each question you ask is worth a point.

And, finally, you can sign up for the cover(s) reveal with the form below. Five points!

Happy point earning. My notebook is primed and ready to receive your tally marks.


  1. Congratulations, Kendra, on eight years of blogging! That's exciting. :) It's fun to look back and see how we've changed over the years.

  2. Congrats on this huge milestone!!

  3. I can't wait to see the new covers!!!!!!!!!!

    How long will the sign-ups for the cover reveals be up? I should be starting my blog in next month... so I might be able to help this time around =D

    1. I'll probably close it September 2nd. So you have time!

    2. P. S. I forgot to ask... so Alea Harper made your covers (well, all exept one right)?!?

    3. Of my updated ones, she made the ones for LDTD, WPFP, and The Ankulen. I'm doing the Bookania's. So, yes!

    4. Oooo!!! Now I am even More excited to see what you have both come up with!!! XD

  4. Adding my congratulations to the pot--


    Erm, and Pixie-ness. :-P

    Here's to many more years of blogging, writing, and discovery as you walk with our Saviour. I'm so glad He led me to your blog--my poor stories would probably still be languishing in the back of my brain otherwise. :-D

    Best wishes with everything--revising, the Party, and all that good stuff. I'd love to do some Character Interviews, at least. *Maybe* some fan-art if I have time. If nothing else, I'll be back here in the Peanut Gallery, cheering everyone on with pompoms--


    And Pixie-ness. :-P

    God bless, and Happy Writing,

    1. Since you're not on Goodreads, you can email me with your questions. Any Bookanian or Rizkan.

    2. *And by "Any Rizkan" I refer to the characters as LDTD. I refer to them as the Rizkan bunch. WPFP characters are the Klaranders.

      I need to go to bed. And sleep.

  5. Congratulations on 1000 posts and on how far you've come! That's awesome! I look forward to seeing the new covers as well!

    The giveaway sounds pretty fabulous. Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate as much as usual, because my internet access is kind of limited right now. :P

  6. I'm so excited! Actually makes me glad I don't own physical copies of any of your books yet. The library does, but they can have them.

    I'll be singing up for things, getting my reviesw done. (cause I'mterible at that, and trying to make more specualtions.

    Yuo didn't specify if this is open internatioanlly, but I would happily pay the extra postage to get signed copies of your books.

    1. *squints* I forgot about you. Giveaway only open internationally if you're willing to pay for shipping. My budget is screaming enough over having to ship the books twice.

    2. Well I'll pay. And I definetley was seeing things earlier. A needle me thinks.

  7. Eight years of blogging! Congratulations. :D

  8. EEK, CONGRATS! And ooh, this paperback giveaway sounds awesome. :D Looking forward to seeing the new covers! ^_^

  9. Congratulations.

  10. Finally signed up for the reveal. Congratulations! I'm quite excited to see the shiny new covers. :)

  11. Signed up! So excited to see the new covers!


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