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Amber's Castle Q&A - Part 2

Last one of these! I just want to say that I am now opening the floor back up on the Goodreads Group for you guys to ask the characters whatever you'd like. The characters of LDTD, that is, though I would be willing to answer questions for Clara, Andrew, The Leaf Princess, The Wind Prince, and their parents. But none of the Klaranders of book 1. Sorry.

If you're not on Goodreads, you can email me the questions. I haven't decided yet on your deadline, and while there will be a random giveaway, I haven't decided what the prize should be yet.

"Amber," I say, shuffling through my cards again. "Anna would like to know what you do to keep yourself from getting bored."

"I incline myself to study," she answers. "If one is learning, one can never be bored, and there is never an end to learning. Even after six thousand years, there is always something new for me to learn - something is always surprising me. When I'm not learning, I'm recording what I've learned into the books in my library."

"I suppose that's ... productive of you," I admit, deciding to not comment on some of her methods of study. "Laura, Alyssa would like to know, outside of never settling down, what is the hardest part of being the Doorkeeper?"

Laura tilted her head to the side. "Never settling down is far from the worst part of my job - because if I want to settle, I can, then move on again when I'm ready. No, the hardest part is the expectation. I have so much resting on me because of my powers. There's so much resting on me. I must not abuse it ... even though it is so tempting some days. And then there's the knowing things. Knowing how things are going to happen, but not being allowed to tell anyone. Not being allowed to change anything."

"Sarah Taleweaver would like to know if you've ever tried to change an event by changing the events that lead up to it," I ask.

She ducks her head, quiet for a long moment. "That is a question, isn't it," she whispers. She shakes her head. "It's not a power I possess. Not on my own. Though I have oft desired it, I have never done it."

"I see," I shuffle through my notes. "Amber, Alyssa would like to know, on a scale of one to ten, how much it bothers you that Granite doesn't support your actions 101%."

Amber narrows her eyes at her husband. He leans forward, holding her gaze unflinching, and for that, I have the deepest respect for him.

She finally breaks away and turns to me with a lift of her chin. "Marriage does not mean the exclusion of disagreement. I'd be more worried if he never questioned my actions."

Granite leans back, folding his arms over his chest with a disappointed shake of his head.

"Good point," I say, even though I, too, am discouraged by her self-delusion. "Laura, Amanda would like to know which is your favorite world."

"I think I've answered this one a couple times already, but I suppose I can answer it again," Laura tilts her head to the side. "I fall in love with almost every world I step foot in, but my journey began on Earth, and thus it has a special place in my heart."

"Sarah Taleweaver would like to know your least favorite world."

Laura shakes her head. "I don't think I have one. Every world has its own charm, own beauty, and every world has its own dangers and ... things that I'd rather change. There is no world that I could possible label my least favorite."

"You certainly didn't visit Lintooalintae as often," Amber pointed out.

"Not for any lack of love, though," Laura shook her head. "There aren't as many doors that lead there."

"Amber, Mnm would like to know if you hate Laura or not." I tilt my head to the side.

Amber's eyes narrow again. "Hate is a very strong word."

"You definitely harbor resentment, though," I point out.

Amber glances towards Laura. "She flits in and out, never facing problems or difficulties. She teases us with her knowledge of the future, she knows what is to come, but never does anything about it. Never tries to fix problems before they happen."

"I see the problems, yes, but I also see their solution," Laura inserts. "But changing things, I would only create new problems, problems that I cannot possibly know how to resolve."

"And there she goes, making excuses."

I decide that we're not going to get any straighter answer than that from Amber. "Laura, Abby would like to know if you would choose to stop being the Doorkeeper, if you could."

Laura shakes her head. "Even with the pain it brings me, I wouldn't trade who I am for anything. I get to see the worlds in ways that no one else can. There's a rush to it that I can't give up."

She receives another narrow look from Amber.

"Granite, Mnm would like to know if you like Laura," I ask.

He raises an eyebrow. "She's the closest thing I had to a mother. Apart from Amber, she's the only one who I know will be here for all my life. I'd be massively ungrateful, and a fool, if I didn't like her."

He gives Amber a pointed look.

"Laura, Morgan would like to know if you ever desire a traveling companion."

"Frequently," she admits. She tilts her head to the side. "There ... is a person who could have traveled with me, had she wished it. She can change time - she can see the possiblities in ways that I cannot, but she chose ignominy. She chose a normal life. She says it's better this way, but ... I suppose she's right. She usually is. I can visit her, sometimes she'll go somewhere with me. I visit lots of people, people who keep me grounded. Keep me mortal. These two are among them." She nods towards Amber and Granite.

"She'd also like to know if you've ever seen Doctor Who and have noted the parallels between it and you."

"I have traveled with the Doctor a few times. He's an interesting fellow no matter his face." She tilts her head to the side. "Has a bit of a big head, he does, but not as big as the TARDIS has. She's jealous of me, I will admit. Parallels? Well, time travel, doing things out of order. I suppose that's a thing."

"Amanda would like to know who is the most interesting person you've ever met."

A grin spreads across Laura's face. "There's only one Person who can claim that title. I've met Him in many worlds and shall meet Him again in many more, and He shall never cease to amaze me. I've known Him by many names, names for many languages and peoples. God's Son, made flesh, sent to save the created by shedding His own blood. Ah, but that's a terrible moment, terrible and beautiful. No, there cannot be anyone more interesting than Him."

"No, there cannot be," I agree, for though my experience has been far more finite than hers, I know she speaks the truth. "Final question, for Amber, and then I shall go. Morgan would like to know if you ever regret the bad things that you've done."

Amber glances away. "Of course I do. I've lived six thousand years. I have gathered many regrets. But when you've lived six thousand years, you learn that you have to move forward and focus on making the future better, rather than fretting over the mistakes of the past."

If she only she wasn't so self-deluded.

"Thank you for your time, your majesties," I say, standing. "Perhaps I shall see you again, given time."


  1. Whoa! How exciting!!! 10 years?!

    1. Actually, eleven and a half now. And it's how long since I first came of the conception for the series. I finally published the first book just the August before I had the party.

  2. Oooh, Laura traveled with the Doctor? Cool beans. :D

    Also, I very much hope that a future book will include something about this person Laura keeps mentioning who could've traveled with her.

    1. Yeeeeeaah. That's a story for the AA.

      This certain person happens to be the main character of the book Shut the Door.


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