Saturday, September 29, 2012


A fellow Blogger recently acquired a new laptop ... and named it.

Okay, let me back up here. I'm the type of person who names her bikes, her scarfs, and her giraffe figurines ...

But I never named my computer! The most important non-living object in my life and I didn't give it the dignity of a name!!! 

Luckily, that is something easily solvable. I gave it some thought and soon chanced upon the perfect name.

drumroll please ....

Algebra Black Clickety-clack!

Why that, you ask?

Must I give you my reasoning?

Fine ... I will.

Clickety-clack because that's the sound her keys make when I type. (and clack rhymes with black)

Black because that's her color ...

And Algebra because ... because ... because that's the word my eyes fell upon when I glanced about the room. I sit next to the bookshelf that holds our textbooks ...

I'm going to call her Algae for short.

This egg is in honor  of my dead computer.


Hi! Now that you've read my post, hast thou any opinions that thou wouldst like to share? I'd love to hear them!

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