Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Personal Love Chapter

This was a school assignment to personalize 1 Corinthians 13. I wrote it at 15.


Though I am skilled with my hands, and make scarves and hats with ease, and give them away without a thought as to money, if I do it out of pride and not love, it profits me nothing.

Though I write the best stories in the world, and donate all the money I make off of them to charity, if I don’t do it out of love, it’s worthless.

Though I have a very high IQ and know all sorts of odd facts, and teach them to others whenever possible, if I do not love, I am just a bag of hot air.

Love is long suffering, and always is doing nice thing for others, love is not jealous of the things of others, love is not prideful.

Love does not make scenes of itself, does not seek to benefit itself, does not get angry easily, and does not think that which does not please God.

Does not take joy in sin, but in that which is true,

Forbears in all things, has faith in all things, expects all things, perseveres in all things.

Love never is driven out of course, unlike predictions, which will be rendered completely useless, or languages, that end, or science, which will come to nothing.

Our understanding is incomplete, as is what we foretell.

They will be done away with when perfection comes.

Once I was a child, and I did childish things, now I’m growing up and begin to do womanish things instead.

Right now, we don’t see things completely, as if through a glass, but someday I will know as I am known.

There are three great traits, unshakable belief in God, expectation is God’s grace, and love. Love is the greatest

Don't you just love eggs?


  1. A personal love chapter! What a cool idea! Loved reading yours, Kendra!

    BTW, I've awarded you over at my blog!

  2. What a neat idea to rewrite the chapter. (Oh, and I found another Egg)

  3. Found your purple egg via clue #5! :D


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