Friday, September 21, 2012

And The Winner is ...

Kiri Liz!!!


Just shoot me an email at to claim your prize.

Here are the questions and answers. I've linked the blog entries where the answers would have been found:

1. What be Gerta's biggest fear?


2. What does the Ankulen do?

Bring to life and control Jen's imagination.

3. Which Epic Disney character do I fancy meself most like?


4. What were the nativity figurines doin' in Celesta's dream?

Opening Christmas Presents and ignoring Baby Jesus.

5. Who has Green Eyes?


6. Sew where does Robin's sword get stuck when 'er brother distracts 'er?

A tree

7. From what does Vincent rescue Shelia?

A sinking ship during a Storm

8. What does the wooer of the Enchanted Deer wear?

A dress and glass slippers (cough, cough - a riding habit and leather boots ;)

9. What be the Peacemaker's real name?


10. What sort o' pet does the Piddler and the Worker have?

A Blue and Yellow monkey

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  1. Yay!!! Thanks, Kendra, for posting such a fun game!! I had a lot of fun reading your older posts and searching for the answers!


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