Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is the second play I ever wrote. Umm ... I actually don't know what got into me when I wrote it. The first play I wrote was was much, much better. Unfortunately, the first play I ever wrote has gotten lost. I'm going to say that I was nine or ten when I wrote this. By the way, for clarification, Lee is a girl, and I'm pretty sure Jean is a girl. And no, I'm not sure where they were! And, yes, the emoticons were in the original writing.

Lee: I love the birds in the air and the fish in the sea. They all please me

Jean: Yea right

Sally: (in a stage whisper) You need to show respect

Jean: (in a stage whisper) Well, she is crasy.

Sammy: You know, they are pleasing

Lee: I'm glad someone agrees with me.

Sally: My favorit place is a acarium

Jean: I am going home

Jane: Oh, no you are not

Jenny: Yes, stay here

Lee: I'm glad you two thought of this.

Jane: Thank you :)

Jenny: It was Jane's idea

Sammy: I gave a little help, rember that!

Jane: Okay, but I was the main thinker-uper

Jean: Stop arrguing!

Sara: Hello, I am Sara, but most of my friends call me peasemaker.

Sally/Jenny/Lee: We could use one!

Sally: I'm not enough :(

Jenny: Not even with me

Lee: And me

Sara: Come with me and let's work out a plan

Sally: Sara ...

Sarah: Peasemaker

Sally: I hate nicknames

Sara: Okay, but it sounds so ordanary -

A few minute later ...

Sara: Let's play the nickname game! Saraly!

Sally: This is silly!

Jenny: Jennbe

Lee: Leah.

Sara: Okay, we will have to use those names all day, Silly

Sally: My name is Sally, not Silly

Sara: Nice name, Leah, oh, here we are. This is Sarade, Sarabe, and Sarakey

Sarade: Hey Peasemaker, why don't they call you Peacemaker?

Saraly: This is Leah, Silly and Jennbe

Silly: Sally!!!!!!!

Jennbe: What! You're introdusing us with our nicknames!

Leah: I've always liked that name.

Sarakey: Do you promise that you will follow all the rules?

Silly/Leah/Jennbe: Yes

Sarakey: (hands them each a sheet of paper) Cheak the rules you don't like

A little while later

Sarakey: You two didn't check any rules, but you checked my favorit one, Silly!

Silly: I don't like nicknames

Sarakey: These nicknames are secret. To tell the truth, I have a differant name that is my real name.

Silly: Oh, what is it?

Sarakey: Sarabe and Sarade also have the name ... Sara

Silly: Oh is that where you got the nickname rule?

Sarade: Of corse it is.

Sarabe: Everone calls us by our real names.

Silly: I'd like to change my nickname to Sandra.

All the Saras: O.k. Sandy it is!

Sandy: We have stayed here so long, I bet Jean has gone home and Sam and Jane at each others throats.

When they got back, Sam and Jane ar queraling and Jean is gone home

Jenny: Stop it

Jane: Why should I!

Sam: Ya!!!!

The whole club: Stop it for it will do you no good for your body or your mind

They stop fighting

Jane: Good-bye (walks away)

This is the end of what I wrote, but ... I think I wasn't done yet!!!!

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