Thursday, June 7, 2012

Unofficial NaBloPoMo - Looking and Leaping

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Do you need to look before you leap?

I probably ought to, and sometimes I do ... usually if it involves money, but I'm a very sporadic person, and I love being random and trying new things. If it involves money, I'm more likely to look first, but only because money is very tight in my house, and what spending money I do have I've had to earn myself. I simply don't have the money to just spend on whatever I feel like.

But when it doesn't involve money, I rarely look! When I decided to learn how to knit, all I needed was some yarn, the DVD that came with one of my yarn balls, and a pair of skewers. I simply did not have the time to look for a pair of real needles.

I often sign up for contests and stuff without a second's glance at them ... all I needed to jump into doing NaBloPoMo was seeing that my mom was doing it! When I write, often I begin a story with barely an idea for it. I have no idea how many unfinished stories I have sitting around my computer and in my drawers. I could probably count them ... but I don't think that would be all of them!

And, actually, I have been burned before. I have started many projects that I will probably finish. I have lost some money. I have many stories in my drawers that I shake my head and say, "What got into you Kendra!" I probably ought to learn to look better before I leap.

But all too often, I don't.

Official NaBloPoMo

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  1. Enjoyed your post! I love that you have a hobby (knitting!) I can't do needle work for some reason. I hope you pos some of your creations sometime. Keep doing what you are doing, as you sound happy.


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