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Finding North

This is a Sci-fi themed story. My sister kindly started it, and I told her that some of my readers don't like aliens, so she didn't add any. Keep it going, and I won't put a word limit on you, but, bear in mind, I do moderate my comments, so if two or more people post before I get back to check on this, I'll only approve one of them.

However, I won't prevent anyone else from doing so.

V. Kathie Ardnek wrote:

Reka glanced down at her handheld device.

"Point North."

The Devise beeped and said "Cannot find North."

She made a face. "Not again," she muttered. "Come on, you are supposed to know where north is. Point north!"

"Planetary Flux. North cannot be located."


  1. She sighed and looked about finally she tapped it's screen and asked again. "What do you mean planetary flux?"

    "Planetary flux, cannot point north."

    "Translation, That asteroid has done more damage than we know. Is NASA still working.?


    "Besides obliterating my town and killing everyone within, How many died."

    "Unknown. Internet down."


    The device went off. Reka looked across the prairie at the smoldering remains of Kansas City. She was alone.

  2. Alone, and scared, WHAT WAS SHE TO DO!!!

    She glanced about her looking this way and that then glanced at the sky. The sun was setting... Now she knew... well she knew which direction north was last time the sun set, before the asteroid shower.

    She sat down. She needed to think of where it was she needed to go, Most of her family had been in town but did she have anyone else she could stay with.

    "GRANDMA!" she said excitedly She lived in Nashville, but which was was Nashville. For just a moment she wished she wasn't only 14, and was good at map reading, and had a companion to help her.

  3. Shelle pushed the last piece of debris away and crawled out of her hiding place. Carefully she stood up and looked around.

    Her heart sank at the scene of utter destruction that met her eyes. Was she the only person who had survived?

    For a long moment she just stared at the pulverized remains of the city. Then she shook her head quickly, clearing it. "Snap out of it," she scolded herself. Her voice sounded so fearfully ALONE in the stillness.

    "First things first," she didn't know why she was speaking aloud. "I guess it makes me feel less alone," she murmured. "Well, the first thing is to find out if anyone else survived. Then I'll have to look for food and water. Then...." What WOULD she do then?

    Time enough to decide that later. First step: locate any survivors. She began picking her way through the rubble, scanning the mess on either side of her, looking for human beings. "Hello? HELLO?? Can anyone hear me? Hello? Is anyone out here?"

  4. Reka took a deep breath. "I think it would be smart if I returned to town then found a map so I find. I haven't a clue even which direction Nashville is in. "perhaps there is even some survivors that might know.

  5. Shelle continued to make her way through the rubble. She was nearing the edge of town and so far she had not seen even the smallest sign of life.

    Just when she was convinced she was completely alone, she heard a strange sound. She strained her ears. The sound grew louder in the fading light. It's footsteps!" she breathed. Hope leaped in her heart.

    "Hello? Who's there?"

  6. Reka thought she heard a voice. She looked about straining her eyes against the smoke. "It is I, Reka, Stay where you are and continue to yell, I will come to you."

  7. Shelle was so glad to hear another voice she could have jumped up and down, despite her exhaustion. "I'm here. Hello! I'm over here, Reka." she continued to call.

    It seemed like an eternity later that she finally saw a figure begin to take shape through the smoke. She began waving her hands, guiding Reka to her.

  8. Reka, as soon as she spied the dust covered girl raced over to her. "You alright?" she asked.

  9. Shelle threw her arms around the other girl. "I'm fine. Well, not really, considering you're the first person I've seen alive since the asteroid hit. But physically there is nothing wrong with me." She pulled back. "It is so GOOD to see SOMEONE! Are you injured in any way?"

    She paused and then added, "I'm Shelle Mazar by the way."

  10. "I am Reka Burke, and no I am not injured, I was way out of town when it hit." Reka brushed her cherry blond hair away from her green eyes and stepped back holding her at arms length looking Shelle up and down.

  11. Shelle blushed, though it could hardly be seen under the dust that coated her face. "Sorry. I don't normally hug people out of the blue. I guess I'm just overwrought and SO HAPPY to see another human being ALIVE." She blinked hazel eyes and tried to smile but it came out shaky and uncertain. A lock of her black hair had worked loose from it's bun and she blew it away from her face.

    "Reka?" she asked softly, "Do you have any place to go?"

  12. She nodded "Yes, My grandma's Problem is, she lives in Nashville and I can't drive nor do I know how to get there. And don't worry about hugging me, I don't typically accept hugs, not even from my family but I too am so happy I don't mind it."

  13. "Well, I can solve at least one of those problems. I can drive. And I have a good idea of how to get to Nashville. Problem is, I doubt we'll be able to find a car that is whole, much less works." She chewed her bottom lip. "I suppose we could start looking, on the off chance that we will find a working vehicle." She thought a minute longer.

    Her face suddenly brightened. "You know, I think we have a far better chance of finding a couple bicycles. And they don't require keys or fuel to work. We can use them to at least make it to the nearest city that hasn't been damaged. What do you say?"

  14. A small cricket hopped among the debre. How had everything changed so suddenly? So completely?

    There were some Large Creatures nearby. The cricket hopped nearer.

  15. Reka nodded. "But first we need to take on supplies. I have a backpack and a handheld computer. The only problem with it is the fact that it is dead and there is no sun to recharge it with. And my living of the land books are on it. and I am rambling."

  16. Shelle smiled sympathetically. "It's ok. Ramble all you want to. I mean, we've just been through the next thing to the end of the world!"

    She thought for a minute. "I have a pocket computer but as with yours, no sun to charge it. I did gather some food and water as I went along." Shelle pointed to an ash covered bag nearby. "I guess the food will last a few days but I don't think the water will." She frowned, "We just have to hope we'll be able to replenish it when it does run out. Water is one of the most important things we can have right now. Besides keeping us hydrated, it will help flush out any toxins our bodies took in from that asteroid."

    She bit her bottom lip again, "Should we begin looking for bicycles? And do you happen to have a map in your backpack?"

  17. Reka shook her head. "no, my map is on my computer. and it kept insisting that 'there is no North' of all the strangeties." sigh "I was hoping to find a map. I know we need to go east and that there is the Mississippi that we have to worry about crossing."

    Reka thought for a few moments. "do you remember where the horse farm is and how to get to it and are you up to riding a horse if we find one. True we will run out of water faster if we have to keep up with horses but then maybe we can find some jugs and the horses can help with the carrying."


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