Saturday, February 2, 2013

CE Birthday Party - Megan

It's that moment at my birthday party when I get bored. It happens every year. I've said hi to everyone, we've played the game, we've eaten cake, and it's not yet time to open presents.

And I've finally had time to zone out an think of how superficial this all is. As soon as everyone goes home, it'll be over, leaving only memories, uneaten cake, and a small stack of presents behind. Oh, and pictures. I cast a sideways glance towards my mom, who is, as usual, behind the camera. Don't get me wrong, I love planning stuff like this ... but I think I like the anticipation part of an event better than the event itself.

"Hey, Kenj," a voice disrupts me from my musings. I look up and a grin spreads across my face when I see the speaker. Jen. "Sorry we're late. Tried to convince Derek to come, but ... you know how he is. Anyways, Megan came." She motions to the redheaded girl standing next to her.

I grin and motion to the seats next to me. "Well, better late than never. At least you came. So you're Megan?"

Megan gave a small nod as she and Jen sit down in the chairs I indicated. I think my cousin had been sitting in one, but he's off playing ... somewhere. I realize that it's not purely shyness that has Megan's tongue, but awe. She's in awe of me. I raise my eyebrow in amusement.

"Come on, Megan," said Jen with a sigh and a shake of her head. "Kendra's no more amazing than I am. Just an ordinary girl who happens to have written a book."

"But she's - she's published!" Megan squeaks out.

"Jen will be too as soon as I show her how to jump through the hoops," I mention.

She lowers her voice to a whisper. "Where's yours?"


"Your Ankulen?"

My eyebrows go up again, and I have to think for a moment. "I guess you can say this is my Ankulen," I say at last, tapping the amethyst ring that I wear on the middle finger of my left hand.

Megan's blue eyes grow wider, but Jen interrupts before she can speak. "You've read her book. You don't need to go into her imagination."

Megan sighs and looks down at her hands for a few seconds, then back up at me. "Bookania is a very lovely place. I'd love to go there."

I laugh. "So would I, quite frankly. Unfortunately, I'm afraid Robin would take aversion to me trying to join them on their quest."


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And don't forget, if you have your Character encounter at my party, it counts as an early entry to my birthday giveaway!


  1. Very fun, I like Megan already. And since I have no post for tomorrow I'm going to try my first character encounter.

    Aye, I think my more exciting news is what you think it is. *Smirk*

  2. ~o.o *waves hand frantically* Can i take part too?? ^^

  3. ~what`s an Ankulen? o.o Can I have one?

    ~*nods to Jack* Yea, Megan does sound interesting! And who`s Robin? I wanna know moreee


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