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E - Erran

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E - Sir Erran

When I wrote about Sir Christofer, I mentioned that there are few people who question the fact that Chris is the finest knight in the land.

Sir Erran is one of those few people.

I don't remember planning Sir Erran, though I might have. I was at a dum dee dum dee dum part of the story, and I wanted Jen to meet one more person from her imagination before a Really Important Event happened.

So I thought, hey! Chris had indicated earlier that there were other knights - why don't I have her get attacked by dragons so one of the other knights could help her?

So ... that's what I did. The scene that followed provided Jen with both amusement - and frustration. You see, at that point in the story, Chris and Tisha aren't with her, so she doesn't have their side of the story, just Sir Errans. Also, Sir Erran doesn't realize that she is Lady Jenifer and insists on helping her on the quest that she won't tell him about.

"It is a blight to the honor of every knight that you are without protection," Sir Erran Declared, striking a heroic pose. "No, I cannot allow you to continue alone. If you insist on endangering yourself, then I must insist on accompanying you so that I may protect you."

"I would much prefer continuing on my own," I countered.

"But I insist!"

I gave a defeated sigh. "Fine. If you insist."

- The Ankulen

According to the story he tells Jen on the way, she made him up as competition for Sir Christofer. From time to time, the two bold knights would meet, and Sir Erran would challenge Sir Chris's position. Lady Jenifer would then set up a competition.

Because Chris was Jen's favorite, he always won.

Sir Erran represents those people who rebel against God because if He were a loving God, surely he wouldn't let this happen to them, or that happen to their neighbors.

Oh, he knows that Lady Jenifer exists - he's met her several times in person - but he thinks that she is unfair and plays favorites. As Jen points out however,

"But she was behind him, what of that? She couldn't choose every knight to he her personal protector. She didn't even need one."

- The Ankulen


  1. Some characters always sound more complex then others, and he sounds like one of them. I like him a lot already. I hope he's not a bad guy because he sounds really cool!

  2. I second Jack's comment - he sounds like a cool character! But only because he insists on it.


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