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Rescue Me - Chapter 2

Since the comments on Rescue Me are trying to fall off the page, I thought I would start a new thread.

Here's the first one:

Basically what has happened so far is, I've was kidnapped by King Rosck and hid in the Room of Eternal Books. Ransom notes have been sent out to various people, calling for a flower called the Quicklythummy. A dwarf named Flewder gave us a map, and we had to play Kendra's Clues to figure out how to get down a cliff.

The answer was "Call for the Super villain ROCKS."

Below I have listed the last 11 comments to remind us what has happened.
The Map!

Any who wants to join in, feel free to do so, just bring a ransom note, and we'll quickly fill you in on the details (and you can read the former thread.)

Close up of the Forest, which is where we have just entered
Closeup of the Quicklythummy

  1. "She does have a note," Jen pointed out.

    "And what good would your men do against solid rock? My suit is proof against any weapon - even electrical, for my roommate at the Academy had an electrical power, so I made sure I was proof against it," ROCKS smirked, unafraid. "However, your fears are needless. I will play the hero this time. It will give me amusement."
  2. "I didn't mean that we meant to attack you. I was just letting you know that there were men that we could call upon. But now we need to get down this cliff and since you know what to do with rocks and more importantly rocky cliffs we were wondering if you could help us with our delima." Captain Kathwren said with an diplomatic air.

    "It is your duty as one of her characters, if you do not help us your book will never be finished and you will die in the woodwork. ROCKS" V said not quite as diplomatically.
  3. Robyn Hoode
    "V has a point." Robyn added.
  4. "Helping you was my intent," said ROCKS. "I knew what you needed when you called me, and I am no so heartless as to wish to trap you on this cliff forever. Oh, and V, I honestly doubt that King Roshk will succeed in killin my beloved author. He doesn't have that power. However -" she clapped her hands suddenly, "Any who wish to descend this cliff, step into this circle of chairs - and get those horses, too. It won't do for us to leave them behind."
  5. "Right!" Melody hurried over and picked up the reins of her black horse, leading him into the circle of chairs.

    "I'm ready when you are."
  6. Kathie led Snip (the horse) into the ring and removing the silk scarf belt tied it over his eyes to keep him from spooking. Then nodded toward Roxanne
  7. Robyn Hoode
    "I'm ready." Robyn said, entering the circle.
  8. Jen tapped the gem of her bracelet. "Snowflake, Dancer and Carousel, get over here."

    The three horses that she and her siblings had been riding obeyed her summons.

    "You too Derek."

    Derek sighed and entered the circle. "It's a bit crowded with all of the horses," he observed.

    "It won't be for long," said ROCKS, closing her eyes. At first, nothing seemed to be happening ... then the area with the circle began to lower.

    "Kathie," said Jen, "you may want to contact Elm and tell him that he needs to take the chairs back."

    A few minutes later, the ground closed over their heads, and they were in utter darkness.
  9. V grasped Derek hard her eyes clamped shut.

    "HEY!!" he exclaimed "What is that for?"

    V didn't answer. Kathie smiled. "V doesn't like elevators they make her dizzy. and don't worry Jen Elm had his orders. I promise you that they are already back on board, if they aren't he will have me to contend with."
  10. Robyn Hoode
    All the girls shrieked, then heard Derek laughing.
    "Can I shoot him, Jen?" Robyn asked. A sliding sound could be heard like an arrow being pulled from the quiver.
    "Land sakes! You wouldn't really shoot someone would you?!" The other girls cried.
    Robyn was puzzled for a moment, then she laughed. "Oh, you thought... no, I would never! I have darts that will make a person mute or submissive... they're magical so I don't know which it will be until the person has been shot. Either would be good for Derek, I think."

    Kendra E. Ardnek

    "You will do no such thing!" Megan exclaimed. "You will not shoot Derek be it with darts or anything!"

    "I agree with Megan," said Jen, calmly. "Derek is our brother, and, even if he is annoying, I do love him, and I do not want to see him harmed in any way. He's been through a lot in his life - and I don't even know the half of it - so I don't want to make the rest of his life any worse than it has to be. No, you may not shoot him."

    "Oh, now you're making me sound like a pity case," muttered Derek.

    Just then, the downward motion came to a halt, and the a wall slid open, revealing a short tunnel that led to a forest.

    "It will never cease to amaze me why people who are not forced to argue and fight still choose to do so," said ROCKS, the slightest edge of regret creeping into her otherwise emotionless voice. Without waiting for a reply, she started walking towards the light.

    Joel, the Striped crayon, and the shrinkerscope. I unfortunately couldn't find the handy dandy notebook that the crayon had come with.


  1. "It's not permanent." Robyn said. But Megan and Jen shook their heads. Robyn put the dart away and followed ROCKS toward the light.
    "You know, you're not really supposed to walk toward a light at the end of a tunnel." Robyn said. "Could be a train... or a fire-breathing dragon."

  2. ROCKS planted her fists firmly on her hips. Never turning to face the others she angrily declared, "Fine, suit yourself, but once I exit the tunnel, the inside will return to solid rock. Your choice." And she continued walking toward the light.

  3. "Besides," she added, as the others rushed to catch up with her. "I don't even allow either fire-breathing dragons or trains in my lair. They don't make good company."

    Soon they were outside. The trees were much taller and imposing than they had appeared from the cliff. ROCKS regarded the trees for a moment , then balled up the note she still held. "I've paid my dues!" she cried. " You've got them from here, Riley!" For a moment ROCKS hesitated, then she turned to the party, peeling the mask off of her face. For the first time, she smiled a genuine smile. "Just so you know, I do wish for Kendra to be found. She,s not the one who's horrid to me 'tis the academy. Good luck with your journey."

    With those words, she walked back towards the cliff, and, though the tunnel had closed behind her as she had promised, walked right into it as if it were water - or even air. Soon she was lost to sight.

  4. V Blushed and put as much distance between her and Derek, "thank you" she said simply. "Now that she is gone, I think we had better keep a lookout for clues. Knowing Kenj she is about to send us another set of clues so we had better keep those notebooks ready, Besides Flewder did mention more clues."

  5. "Like this notebook?"

    They all spun around at the strange voice. There, sitting in the lower branches of a tree, was a boy of about seven or eight, holding a real handy notebook - with a real striped crayon.

    "My name is Joel. What are you doing here?"

    "Joel!" said V. "What are you doing here? I told you to stay at home?"

    "I want to help Kendra! I got a note too!"

  6. "Look, Derek," said Jen, "another boy!"

    Derek was not impressed. "It's Kendra's kid brother."

  7. Joel jumped down from the tree.

    "Hey, I'm pretty smart. I've got a notebook. I've been doing clues for a LONG time. AND I know all about lots of science stuff. I even have a shrinkerscope from the Magic School Bus."

    He held up a contraption made up of tinker toys.

    Derek sighed and shook his head.

  8. A door formed in the side of the cliff, not far from where ROCKS had just disappeared.

    "Look!" shouted Joel, "I think that hard girl is coming back!"

    The door opened and Flewder once again stepped out.

    "Well, you ladies ARE making progress. You are now trapped between a rock and a tangled mass of trees with hundreds of animal trails ... this place hasn't been visited by humans since it was created."

    The girls mouths hung open ... hadn't the map that FLEWDER GAVE THEM led them here?
    Derek openly glared.

    Joel merely walked up to him, and looked him right in the eye. After studying him for several seconds, he said, "You have a really long nose."

    Flewder glanced up at the young boy, then grinned and laughed. "And you are very nosy."

    He looked around at the group. Kendra's imagination seems to be working overtime while she is trapped. She has contacted several of her characters to help you all out, and you've already met Roxanne. Still, guessing at clues might take all day, so she's planted clues in her posts in the month of Hearts. She can't help you more or that wicked kidnapping king will catch on and move her or demand even more ransom. Look for purple hand prints - Kendra's clues. AND the clues will lead you to characters from her stories and books who can help you past the obstacles. May your imaginations be with you. You'll need them."

    Flewder gave a wink a Joel, and left through the door. Joel reached for the doorknob, but it was gone.

  9. "A clue!" Robyn shouted. "Three clues! Tigers, a rabbit, and flowers. Joel, can you draw the clues in your Handy-Dandy Notebook?"

    ~Robyn Hoode

  10. Joel smiled his half way smile that always melted his sisters, then drawled out, "Weeelllll, yep, I can do that."

    He set down his shrinkerscope, then he looked up. "The first clue is a tiger?"

    Robyn nodded, so Joel drew a tiger.

    "And what was the next clue?"

    "A rabbit," groaned Derek ... this was taking really too long.

    "A bunny rabbit. I've got a bunny rabbit, her name is Strawberry Milk. She is so sweet." He ducked his head and carefully drew a bunny.

    He looked up again. "And the third clue was a flower? What kind of flower? It might be important."

  11. "I think it was a Tigerlily." Robyn said.

  12. "Actually," said Jen, " that is technically a star lily, but if I know Kendra, the type of lily doesn't neccesarily matter. Star lilies are one of Kendra's favorite lilies, so of course she would choose it as her representative. Draw a lily, Joel!"

  13. "Okay! That's kinda tricky, but I think I can do it!" He carefully drew the flower, then looked up with a mischievousness grin. "We have all three clues! It's time to sit in our thinking chairs! But where are they?"

  14. As if on cue, a circle of chairs appeared nearby, including an extra one for Joel.

    "Wow," muttered someone, "She really does have close contact with her ship."

    Joel dashed over and plopped into a chair with a huge grin.

  15. The chairs now had backs to them, soft backs and the seat now looked like the thinking chair's, and sitting in one sat a girl with the most mischievous grins on her face.

    Kathie shook her head. "I do believe Elm is having fun."

    The girl grinned "Yep, as is every engineer on board." She stood up. "By the way I am Elise, I am both V's and Kendra's character, and Kathie's older sister."

    Kathie shook her head, "And I believe I ordered you to stay on board."

    "And I am you older sister and therefore higher rank." she answered.

    V held up a hand to stall the argument. "Let's just sit down and figure this out before we have the clash of the siblings to deal with as well."

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. (Oh, Grrr ... I was using Andrea to check this post and I accidently deleted this comment. I don't have the gumption to figure out how to put it back together, so ... basically, Elsie had claimed that she already had the clues figured out.)

  17. "Isn't there a character in Kendra's book Infiltration named Tigerlily and one named Bunny?" Robyn asked.


  18. "You're on the right track," said Elsie, encouragingl

  19. Joel giggled ... Kendra has called me Sugar Maple Bunnitoes since I was little. She pretends to be TigerLilly Bunnitoes. Has she published any books about Tigerlilly Bunnitoes?

  20. "No, not yet," said Jen, shaking her head. "She's written Infiltration, but doesn't think it's good enough for publication yet. I've read it, though. It's actually pretty good."

    At that moment, a young girl with a head of curly hair and bare feet covered in the same stuff lept out of a nearby tree. "Did I hear my name?"


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