Thursday, July 24, 2014

Your Elving Name

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Tiger Lily Bunnitoes. Zinnia Moustail, Snap Dragon Skunkail. White Oak Eaglewing. Eucal Lyptus Snakeskin.

If you've been paying any attention to the names of the characters in the Rowa, you have probably noticed that there's a bit of a pattern to them. A plant and an animal.

So that's your challenge. Come up with an elving name for yourself.

It's not hard, first take your favorite flower (or tree or bush if you happen to be a guy, though I don't think there are any of those on my blog), and call that your first name. You can divide it of you want - like Tiger Lilly or Mary Gold, or it could be one word, like Daffodil or Gardenia.

Then find an animal that kinda sums up your family for your last name. For instance, my own last name spurs a joke that we're rodents without tails, so the bunny was a natural choice (even though I don't think rabbits are technically rodents) and why toes? Well, on my dad's side of the family, short tendons in ankles are pretty common, which means we have a LOT of tiptoers (I'm not one, but I got lucky.) So we became Bunnitoes.

So have fun! Comment below with your name and if I like it, you might just make a cameo in Infiltration when I get around to rewriting it - or else the sequel!


  1. Rabbits are indeed rodents.

    My name would be Stella D'Oro Sealion. We're sea lions because we're loud but also sometimes like to cuddle. Also we're intelligent, of course.

    1. Which flower is that? It sounds pretty!

      I forgot to specify that it's a certain animal body part ... (Such as BunnieTOES, SkunkTAIL ...) but it just sounded weird. Howabout Sealionflipper .... wow, that's a mouthful ...

  2. Hmm... my favorite flower is an absurd one called Kosteletzkya. Yes, that's a real flower. No, I've never actually seen it in person. :D

    So... my elving name would be... Kosteletz Kyadeer. Not certain on spacing, but it sounds nice that way. My family's last name is German, and we have a deer and a pine tree on our coat of arms.

    1. I've seen you post on that flower ...

      Proper spacing would be more like "Kosteletz Kya Deertail." I like that bit about the pine tree though ... you may be making an appearance ...

  3. I cannot think of an animal that sums up my family... I will have to ponder that for a while.

  4. Okay... I was wondering about the whole "toes" part of that.

    So.. Lilac Wolfeyes. (I'm not sure "wolf" sums up our family, but it's on our family crest, and it is an animal we all like... and eyes because we all have blue eyes... and like reading... which one does with their eyes)

    I think I'm stretching a bit... oh well.

  5. Dandilion Doe'sfeet... the dandelion is one of my favorite flowers, since they are bright, cheerful and everywhere freely, they are a healthy, good for you herb packed with minerals, and after learning how strong and invincible they are, (they can actually SPLIT concrete... how'd you like to have that kind of determination?) my opinion of them was clinched.
    As for the surname, we girls are dairy goat maids, and the way goat's can dance and spring on their feet is just amazing to me! They share this trait with deer, as well, so either way goes for me! ;-)

    1. Hmmm ... I'm getting the herbalist from a neighboring village vibe here ...

  6. And I'm married to Aspen Bunnitoes .... we have 4 children ... Tiger Lilly, Mary Gold, Sugar Maple, and Laven Der.

    1. Though in the Rowa universe, you also have Vi Olet, but that's another issue.

  7. Hi, folks! Wishing to goodness I could join this loverly Blog Party, but contenting myself with cheering you on from the Peanut Gallery (which at the moment is full of packing boxes...).

    There sure are some clever names going on here--both in Kendra's book(s) and among her fans! My Elving first name would be Violet Rose, but I can't really think of a good surname. I tend to think of my family as an English Oak-tree more than any kind of animal....
    We all have very distinctive noses, though, so perhaps something like Oakenschnoz? :-P

    Anyhoo, have a grand old time with your Party, Kendra! Looking forward to meeting Tiger, Snap and their friends-and-relations one day!

    God bless and happy writing,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  8. Blu Orkyd Wolvesteeth
    Tigrelilii Wolfstail

    Some kind of combo of those. I don't really know what my family's animal would be, so I just kind of picked one.

    the writeress || barefoot in the snow

  9. Jas Min Lionsmane

    I couldn't think of an animal that describes our family, so I went with lions, which are one of my favorite animals and which are also linked with my real name. As for the mane part, well, if you'd see my hair after it has just dried... yeah.

  10. Tu Lip Dolphinfin - because dolphins can only have one baby at a time, and I'm an only child.


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