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Welcome to the Land of Magic

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At one time, my sister's best friend was obsessed with Barbie of Swan Lake. One of our favorite games as a threesome was to make up a story together, and if the two of them didn't bring in horses to a fantasy, Kat brought in Swan Lake.

At one point, Kat and V had something of a falling out, and somehow Kat became something of my best friend. The two of us came up with the stories that have become No Refuge for a Princess, and The Eternal Queen. We drew pictures of fairies.
We came up with a sequel to Barbie of Swan Lake ... and she tried her hand at writing.

I discovered Colinda and the Swan's Secret in her bag. I was looking for her fairy notebook to see the latest ones she had drawn, and found a red notebook with a crown like the one I have in the picture above drawn on it. I asked her if I could read it, she said sure. I was impressed with it, and I asked her where she was going to go next. She confessed that she had no clue, so I sat down and helped her work out her issue. She had the story going too fast. She revealed the Swan's Secret far too soon, and finding the fairy crown had been far too easy.

After talking her through several issues, she finally decided to just drop it. Writing just wasn't her thing. I asked if she wanted me to keep writing it. She said sure, so I took her bare outline, and decided it would work  as the first book. For a while I entertained the thought of a duology, but then I discovered the identity of a third main character, and it became a trilogy.

The Land of Magic is probably my least-defined world. I know things about it, like how it came to be, its ruling system, but I don't know much about its physical rules, which is, I admit, probably what I find hardest about writing it. I know that it's ruled by two queens: the Ordinary or Human Queen, and her sister, the Magic or Fairy Queen. The Magic Queen does not marry - cannot, even, for she is incapable of that sort of love. This was a magic that the first Fairy Queen, Queen Ariana, placed on herself and those who would follow after her as sort of a make-up to her sister Queen Liana, who was supposed to stay behind in the Land of Ordinary (our world) when they left our world at the beginning of the Renascence, but their other sister, Queen Giana, was left behind instead.

Collie has no memory of her life in the Land of Magic. She doesn't remember her mother, Queen Tabitha (I have an obsession with the name Tabitha ...) her father, King Siegfried, her aunt, Queen Teresa, or her twin sister. Thing is, however, no one can remember her twin sister's name, save for Gardenia, a talking swan, and she cannot tell it. No one has seen anyone in the royal family in two years.

It's a very interesting book, even though it will probably end up not being very long. I'm considering, for a NaNo some year, just writing all three books, and then publishing them one right after another. It would be interesting.

Oh, and swing by Abby's blog, where she will be interviewing Collie.

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