Thursday, July 31, 2014

Party Game - Scavenger Hunt

Via Pinterest
Because Half-Hidden is based on the premise of hunting, Scavenger Hunt just feels like a natural choice for today. I've hidden twelve pictures from my  around my blog, together with twelve fun facts about the book.

Below are hint for where to find these pictures. The year that the post was posted, and a clue to the post's title. Every picture will be at the bottom of its post, and after it, the fun fact. When you find one, comment on it, and I'll keep track. Every one you find will be an entry for a drawing, the winner of which will read the first few chapters that I wrote for Camp NaNo last year as well as the snippet that I have in my RambleK.

1. 2014. This is not normally a good Combination.
2. 2013. This Dragon doesn't care much for Trees.
3. 2013. I'm an Extrovert, by the way.
4. 2009. The Iliad and Odossey
5. 2011. Gwain and the not Green Knight
6. 2012. Fire and Walls.
7. 2012. Ashes and Wind
8. 2010. An Old Oak
9. 2012. This Spaghetti sounds nasty.
10. 2012. This isn't Snow White, but the title sounds like it might be.
11. 2014. I keep Makilien cool.
12. 2013. They aren't blood brothers ... for one thing, they're girls.

Have fun, and good luck! May your fires burn strong!


  1. I found the first one. I hope people notice that you have a "Blog Archive" over to the left there that will help them find titles quickly .... just click using the roller of the mouse to get it to pop up in a new window and not loose this page. ....

    1. err ... I think I misspelled a word up there.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Oops... I messed that up, didn't I? Sorry.


    1. Yeah, I just realized it, but you kinda did. I'll delete your other comment so others can't use it to cheat ...


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