Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome to Rizkaland

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Rizkaland - where the rainbow flows like water.

Most kids want to find Narnia in their closets, and I was one of them (once I got over my issues with the cover of our copy). But even more, I've wanted to find a door to my own world of Rizkaland. Luckily, I can find that door through my pen and paper.

I wouldn't call Rizkaland a strictly medieval world - Klarand certainly is, but the mainland has a more Grecian flavor to it. There's also an island (which shall be explored in book five) that is very Chinese. (Because I am fascinated with traditional China.)

I love worldbuilding in this world - it is so deliciously complex, physically and politically. It is a world of color, where trees only change their leaves for green in the fall. It is a world of political balance - four kings and four queens over the mainland countered by the Bookholder, an elf who serves as something of a prophet/priest.

I've set so many stories against the backdrop of this world. Many of them will see the light of publication someday, many will be buried in my brain.

So come on in, the password to the Bookholder's door is "Welcome says Me." We've got some fun planned for today. Make sure you pop over by Miss Melody's Blog to read an interview with Clara.

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