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The Elving

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I've already posted the first chapter of Infiltration, back in the December following it's writing, and I don't have any other writing from this story that is, at all sizable ... except for a short story that I posted a year and a half ago for Christmas.

So I'm going to share the third story idea that my sister and I set in this world - The Elving. I think we were going to turn this into a play, we had a script started, though it didn't get past a few pages.

The play began with two sisters - Mary Gold and Tiger Lilly Bunnitoes, and their two best friends, Gardenia Catclawe and Mag Nolia Eaglewing (Maggy for short). Tiger was an herbalist, her sister a goatherder. Tiger, as the oldest, was about twenty-six (thirteen by our aging ... though this was before elving years were equal to two of our own and they aged at a quarter of the rate at which we age.) and Gardenia, the youngest, was about twenty one. I think ...

They'd been living their lives happily and uneventfully when a wizard came to town and invites them on an adventure to help some dwarves reclaim their homeland.

Except that after this point, the dwarves disappear from the story.

Tiger was, apparently, visited by the wizard a year before, and he gave her four items "One to read, one to conceal, one to use, and one to give away." In other words, a book, a stick (which was actually a PVC pipe painted brown that used to be the pole for my banner that I had made in a Medieval times-themed summer camp.), and two pocket knives, one of which had been given to Mary.

Adventure is agreed to, and off they start. Somehow, with the dwarves disappeared, the quest became a contest to see who would be the next rulers of the Rowa ... and our main opponent was Tiger and Mary's cousin, Jonathan. He didn't factor into the story save as someone that we could be better than.

The stick's purpose was revealed! You see, it was no ordinary PVC pipe - it was magic! (and the book had been its instruction manual) I could put things inside of it - houses! land! Possibly even planets! - and then pull them back out when I needed them. There were also sticks inside of it for the other three.

The girl who would have played Maggy never found out about this story, but Gardenia did get involved. However, she didn't care much for dwarves, magic sticks, ruling the Rowa, and had never read the hobbit (despite the fact that her father loves the series ... she actually went with us to see Desolation of Smaug in 3D because her dad was the only one who could take V and I, and I REALLY want to see it on the big screen ... she didn't like it ... but that's a story for another day), but she did like horses.

So, somehow, we stopped adventuring for a while and started breeding horses. And we didn't come out with results like the appaloosa, Lipizzaner and Arabian ... it was more like the Hinequa, Rowanda, and Ookleck. And we kept trying to one-up each other with the abilities of our animals. Yes, your Rowanda can run faster than any other living thing, but my Ookleck can turn into any living thing. Yes, but my Hinequa can turn into any living thing, and any non-living thing. My Rowanda can be any color in the rainbow. Yes, but my hinequa has spots on its hindquarters to tell you how many of them exist in the world. My Ookleck doesn't even look like a horse in its proper form. It looks ... weird.

I'm not sure how we were going to solve whatever dwarf-related problem we were solving, but I do know that at the end of it, we were going to win the contest. Mary was going to move into a mountain, Tiger into the tallest Redwood ever grown, and Gardenia and Maggy ... I have no idea. Maybe they were going to live with us.

And that's the type of story my sister and I would come up with in our free time. Hope you enjoyed!

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