Thursday, July 3, 2014

Actually Finishing Something In July 3.1

It's that time again! It's been two years since a fellow blogger added Sew, It's a Quest to her goodreads page, and I visited her blog, and through her found a whole slew of friends. 

It's also the third Annual Acutally Finishing something [In] July. I'm very excited!

1) What is your writing goal? 

For the first time, my goal is more towards the writing side than the editing. I will be rewriting Water Princess, Fire Prince. I plan to at least finish part 1, "The Water" and get as much done on part 2 "The Fire" as possible.

2) Give us a short synopsis of your project. 

When the Lady Dragon shall come,
Hold fast. Do not fear. Do not Run.
Your Water Princess shall fight.
Fire Prince shall set all to right.
Each shall come from a Fall.
Their Union shall save you all.

Clara is 

3) How long have you been working on this project? 

At least five years. I started it the year before my Grammy died that I started working on it, if I remember right. (That would work 

4)  How often do you intend to write in order to reach your goal by August 1st? 

At least an hour every day. However, since I've failed yesterday, and didn't make very much progress the day before that, we'll see how this goes.

5) Introduce us to three of your favorite characters in this project.

Um ... there are so many characters in this book. How about I introduce you to my three favorite characters that I haven't talked about before? Here are three that weren't there when I started writing, but I now can't imagine the book without.

Lor'Son Karlos. (Lor'Son is the title I made up for the sons of the four Lords of Klarand. Girls are Li'Daughters) His father is the Lord of Lower Klarand, he's ten years old, and plays a huge roll in Andrew's character development. He was created so that my youngr cousin could roleplay the story with me and not be Andrew (because he was having far too much fun with the fire thing, and it was just ... weird). 

Queen Kiona. She's the youngest Queen on the mainland of Rizkaland, and is of the line of Violet. She's very impulsive and talkative, and her gift is perfect marksmanship. I knew that I needed some queens and kings when I got to the mainland, and then she was there. It was ... interesting.

King Stephan (Pronounced Step-han). Kiona's husband. He's a quiet, solemn young man, and his gift is commanding speech. Whatever he tells you, you must believe. Whatever he commands, you must believe. Whatever he asks, you must answer. They're quite an interesting pair.

6)  Go to page 16 (or 6, 26, or 66) of your writing project. Share your favorite line or snippet on the page.

From Page 66 of the Notebook Version

In Upper Klarand?” said the lad, skepticism clear in his voice. “Honestly, what will you have me believe next? That you're the Fire Prince?”
Well, I am,” said Andrew. Would this lad believe him? Probably not.
But if you do see the Fire Prince, you can let him know that the Water Princess is looking for him, and she's getting tired of waiting for him to show up.”
What do you know about the Water Princess?” Andrew demanded.
More than you.”
What makes you so sure about that?”
I don't feel like answering that question right now,” said the lad. At this moment, Abraham finally got his sword out of the tree, and the fight resumed.
Who are you?” Abraham asked the lad.
I don't feel like answering that question.”
There seem to be a lot of questions you don't feel like answering,” said Andrew.

7) Tea or coffee? 

Tea. And those of you who have followed me the last two years may laugh. But I have come around to the point where I actually like tea if it's hot and has enough stevia in it. 


  1. Ooh. It sounds so interesting! :)

  2. Wow, I've never heard someone else mention stevia before now. x) ha! I KNOW what it is! *ahem* Sorry...bit random there. Wow, though 5 years? That's intense! I hope you get it finished off in July then. :)


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