Friday, July 25, 2014

Twelve Things You Didn't Know about Rizkaland.

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1. I actually have an idea for a very complicated social computer game based on this world. I don't know that I'll ever make it, but if I ever get an opportunity ....

2. Saffron's Big Plan is actually part of this series! No, it's not set in Rizkaland, but you'll be meeting her in book 3 of the Legends. Just a heads up.

3. The Tying Ceremony (which is the Rizkan version of a marriage ceremony) was inspired by a Star Trek book - Time for Yesterday.

4. At one point in the plotting, the character who is now now Laura was going to be me.

5. I promised my baby sister an illustrated short story version of Water Princess, Fire Prince for her birthday. Last November. Haven't gotten around to doing it yet, but she still reminds me occasionally.

6. At one point, book two was going to be a musical. Here's the theme song:

Rizkaland, Rizkaland 
Land that's for me!
Rizkaland used to be
The land of the free.
'Til the Lady Dragon, 
Oh, why did you ever come?
You make it always summer,
And the school bells never ring!
You turn your enemies to ice,
Then melt them with your breath.

I think there was more, but I've forgotten it. I actually have some music written for this. But I have no idea where it went.

7. My then-coauthor tried to pull in a TV for her character to sing the song on during our equivalent of the "Beaver's Dam" scene. I edited it out. (Her character was, by the way, the Edmund character.)

8. One version of the story involved my sister and I gathering all of the inhabitants of Rizkaland (aka, our dolls and stuffies) and flying them via laundry basket to Jeptha's Hill. That was interesting.

9. I strongly associate books with colors, and this series especially so. WPFP is blue, red, and purple. Book two is red and yellow with stripes of purple, and book three is green, black, and gold. Part of this is associated with the notebooks that I've written the stories in, and part of it is the characters and themes.

10. There is a blind girl in book 3, and a mute girl in book 4.

11. Most of the horses from The Elving were recycled into Rizkaland, with various slight changes (Hinequas are the most drastic.). The only exception: the Ookleck. You'll hear about that on Mikada's day.

12. Book two is my favorite book I've ever written, and it's also the hardest. Why? Because I've poured a lot of my own hurt and frustration into the main character, and pulling it out to work with it is like opening a raw sore. It's a beautiful story in the end, but the beginning is VERY painful.


  1. Okay, I have to comment about #9 because I do the same thing! For instance, SotHT is a dark olive green with silver streaks, and CoaL is a sky blue with some light yellow around the edges. Actually, I just learned that I have synesthesia, and judging on what you said, you might have it, too. It's basically a blend of the senses. I associate a lot of colors and images with people/books/memories/letters/words/etc. And the best part about synesthesia is that the people who have it tend to be the most creative, with many of them being writers or composers or something like that. So cool!

    And now I'm distracted. The real reason I stopped by was to leave a link with my mock covers. Just posted it live, so pretty please stop by! :)

  2. That's cool that you see books in color. =) I associate lots of things with color too... though mostly color patterns - light-to-dark and that sort of thing. Rizkaland sounds wonderful.


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