Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Character Encounters - July 2014

I nearly forgot about last months encounter, and I noticed that everyone else did, too, so I guess I can be forgiven.

I thoroughly intend to be much more on top of things this month. *cough, cough* Though you probably won't see my official post until Rizkaland's day, since my encounter will be with a character from thence.

I also need to buckle down and get writing my posts for the party. I have many of them all written out in my head ... I just need to get them onto the computer screen. Those of you who have agreed to do interviews, I need your questions quickly! And I still have slots open if you want to interview a character or two. (Especially if you have an opening for Trilogy of One on the 26th, or Part of the Family on the 27th, which don't have a single interview). See the bottom of This Post for details about all of the books I have available for interviews. I have several games planned out ... but one of them will require some early help from some of you. Email me for details.

Anyways, you're here for the CE, rather than details for the party. (Though details are always nice.)

This month, you'll be encountering your character ....

In Your Backyard

Of course, if you don't have a backyard, you can substitute a friends, or something.

And for the challenge, make it a character from your Camp NaNo (if you're doing Camp NaNo) or a character from your Actually Finishing Something In July (If you're doing that.)

I'm personally rewriting the first draft of Water Princess, Fire Prince, for both. (At least the first part, maybe the second. We'll see how far I get. I plan to post my answers to the tag tomorrow after I lay my hands on the Notebooks. I lent them to my Grandmother so she could beta read them for me. But I need them to answer question 6.)


  1. This sounds like great fun, indeed! I'll definitely be joining in this month. I wondered what CE meant on that other post I commented on... I love the title of you linkup, by the way.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! 1) Because I very much enjoy visitors, but especially because 2) I have discovered your blogs and your linkup!

    See you in the blogging world :)

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that I (unfortunately) am not participating in Camp NaNo or Actually Finishing Something in July. It's still okay that I join the linkup?

    2. It's certainly fine for you to do your encounter without it being from Camp NaNo or Actually finishing. That's just the challenge level.

  2. I had this finished earlier but I was waiting for the pictures to add to it. I asked my sister to take some good pics with her camera since our backyard is so unconventional. And she did an amazing job, I might add.

    I'm so glad I did this, I learned a lot about Jess! Not to mention, it was a lot of fun to do! Especially since I ended up getting to work with pics.

  3. Hey there! Just dropped by to see if anyone had added a new link. Love the new background! :)

    1. It's to celebrate my fifth anniversary as an author on Thursday. I'm holding a party - you should come!

    2. Oh, cool! Happy anniversary! A party? Awesomeness :) A blog party?

    3. Yes'm, a blog party! And since I'll have been a published author for three years twelve days later it will run straight through to then. One of the pictures on my sidebar is a link to the details.

    4. I'll have to go check that out!! Thanks for letting me know about it :)


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