Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello 2018!

2018 has descended upon us and I'm raring and tearing to attack it. 2017 was good - I overhauled my bookshelf, rocked my first Indie e-Con, published Poison Kiss, and managed to submit a story to the Rooglewood contest for the first (and sadly, last, because this is their last contest) time.

But I'm ready for 2018, because this is the year that I'm going to fall in love.

(Well, I can hope, at any rate)

First of all, I have The Worth of a King releasing this year. I'm not quiiiiiite done with writing the story, but I'm close enough to be confident of my release date. And to put out a cry for beta readers.

I'll be sending it out by part - it's three parts long, and each part is 30,000 - 40,000 words. I will need all feedback by the end of July.

And ... after weeks of tossing back and forth concept covers that didn't quite feel right, Alea Harper and I finalized Worth's cover yesterday. It is gorgeous and I don't want to just sit on it, so I'm going to go ahead and reveal the cover on my birthday, February 7th. Sign-up is open until January 31st. I'll be announcing the release date with the cover.

I have a few other writing/publication goals for this year, as I posted on instagram:

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For now, my other biggie is Indie e-Con, which is happening May 21st-26th. You can find the details on the GiraffeCrafts blog, where it will be hosted this year. Toodle pip, everyone. I have work, so I'll talk with you all tonight, when I get off.

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