Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Overhaul Winner!!!!!

And, here it is, the day that all of you have been waiting for, the day that you guys get to learn which of you lovely folk will have six shiny new books on their bookshelf.

Six shiny new books with six shiny covers.

I had no fewer than 631 entries for that giveaway, spread across 45 people. Two thirds of those entries, however, belonged to only three people - Sarah Taleweaver, Brie Donning, and Erudessa Aranduriel.

So it should be no surprise to anyone that it was one of those three.

But who was it?

*drumroll please....*

Erudessa Aranduriel

And now the rest of you can go home. I'll be shipping your package sometime in December. And, unless you've moved and I don't know about it, I already have your address from the last giveaway. 

I'm going back to NaNo, now.

Oh, and for the rest of you - just thought I'd point out that my books are going to be in the Black Friday Sale, and all of you will have opportunity to pick up the lovely new editions for amazing prices - and I'm offering all of my books with Free Shipping this year!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Lookit my Goooooorgeous Writing

Okay, first all - I'm taking part in the Christian Indie Authors Black Friday Sale again this year - and we're looking for bloggers. Bloggers to help share the awesome news about this awesome sale. Bloggers who will each get FIVE awesome ebooks of their choice (well, we'll have a list, but they'll get to choose FROM that list).

So, you're probably thinking to yourself ... How can I get to be one of those awesome Bloggers?


Now, onto the regularly scheduled programming.

Beautiful Books, writing edition. Hosted by Cait and Skye.

I'm doing The Worth of a King for NaNo this year. Yes, feel free to go add it to your Goodreads bookshelves.

Overall, how is your mental state, and how is your novel going?
Well, I am still alive even though I've already hit 30,000 words. Finished part 2 last night. I have twenty-one chapters left to write. And maybe an epilogue. I'm still debating on whether or not I'll include the scene that bridges it to Rizkaland. 

What’s your first sentence (or paragraph)?
Of the book?
A Queen sat on a balcony in her castle, various instruments for measurement scattered about her, mixed in with the notes she was taking.
Of what I'm writing for NaNo?
Obsidia cried herself to sleep as they flew through the night.

Who’s your current favorite character in your novel?
At the moment, that prize goes to Nadilynn, Delaney's younger sister, who's the most reckless ray of sunshine you ever met. However, Laura's showing up in a few chapters ... and Laura's one of my favorite characters period, so...

What do you love about your novel so far?
Pretty much everything about it. Well, except the fact that Jack had to drop out of the cowrite ... but, hey, that means I get to write the whole thing My Way. But - twisty plot, dynamic characters, epic worldbuilding, this book has everything I love in it.
And we have a pre-evil Amber and a pre-mopey Granite. My dear babies.

Have you made any hilarious typos or other mistakes?
I found a really weird one two days ago ... but I forget where it was. I let you know when I get to the editing stage in January.

What is your favorite to write: beginning, middle, or end — and why?
You asked us this one last year. I'm not answering it again. I like writing the post-book snippets best. HOWABOUTTHAT.

What are your writing habits? Is there a specific snack you eat? Do you listen to music? What time of day do you write best? Feel free to show us a picture of your writing space!
Writing habits? Um, I've been writing for twelve years, and I've as yet to figure out what that word means, apart from my habit of making characters disappear and everyone forget them - WHICH DOESN'T HAPPEN IN THIS BOOK, I PROMISE. (it's just a recurring theme that has cropped up in three of my books so far.)

How private are you about your novel while you’re writing? Do you need a cheer squad or do you work alone (like, ahem, Batman)?
I definitely need a cheer squad. Here, have a snippet and cheer me on - 

True to Christa’s word, though, the next morning, the print shop door swung open and the two girls walked in. Christa was all smiles. Zidi was as reserved as always.
“Zidi admitted this morning that she’s not been by, not once since she came to live with you guys,” Christa announced, loudly, as she skirted around and inched up to Adrian’s side. “What are you working on today?”
“Important notices that Lord Havink has issued,” Adrian admitted, as he arranged the pieces of movable type in the frame. “Nothing half so exciting as a new book, but sometimes you have to take the less exciting jobs. Besides, it’s only one page, so it won’t take but a few hours, and most of that is waiting for the ink to dry.”
“What’s the notices for?” Christa further prompted. “Are any of them at all exciting?”
“Reminders to pay taxes, notes of three desperate criminals on the loose, and then some bits about the spring festival,” Adrian admitted. “Apparently, Lord Havink is going all out this year. Then again, I believe he does every year, so it’s nothing new.”
“Why are all of the letters and words backwards?”
Adrian almost jumped out of his skin as he realized that Zidi had snuck up and was standing on his other side. He held his dignity, however, and managed a small smile. “Because if they were the right way around, then the letters and words would all be backwards when we put them on the paper.”
“Oh.” She tilted her head to the side a moment as she stared at the type, then gave a small nod. “That does make sense. Woodcuts are always backwards when you print them, after all.”
“And the printing press is just a flexible woodcut,” Adrian agreed, giving her a small smile as he continued to slide the movable type into place.
“How do you know that you have the letters in the right place?” Zidi asked.
Adrian pointed to the hand-written letter that he’d laid out on the desk beside him. “Also, I can read backwards almost as well as forward, anymore.”

What keeps you writing even when it’s hard?
The knowledge that people are going to read what I write and love it. They can't love it if it says in my head, you know.

What are your top 3 pieces of writing advice?
Sit down. Pick up your pen. Make words. 

And am I the only one who's just a liiiiiiitle bit annoyed that they're just asking the same questions year after year for these things? It'd not be bad if the questions were mostly about the SPECIFIC BOOK that I'm writing, but half of these are about my WRITING PROCESS, and that doesn't change THAT much from year to year. 

Seriously, the editing questions need have some interesting ones among them, or I'm not participating. *humphsothere* The first year or two of Beautiful books, they had good questions ABOUT MY BOOK. Not generalities about my writing. Anywho.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Bookshelf Overhauled

Well, I did it. Somehow, in these last three months, I managed to overhaul and rerelease all six of my novels. I also released Poison Kiss. No, I don't know how I did it. It got intense, especially the last three weeks.

But now it's done, and look at these shiny new covers.

Oh, but I can just stare at those gorgeous covers all day long. 

You're probably expecting me to announce the winner of the lovely package of books now ... but I've actually decided to give you guys a tiny bit more time. See, I'm still waiting for my last package of proof copies to come in for Kingdom, WPFP, and LDTD, and thus I haven't ordered the box of books for the winner. 

And I realized that none of you have had a chance to read Kingdom's revision yet - unless you're ninja readers - so I'm extending giveaway entries through to November 15th. 

So, if you've written reviews and haven't emailed me links to them yet ... you have fifteen more days.
If you still need to write the reviews - you have fifteen more days.
If you want to play any of the games that I posted during the last three months - you have fifteen more days.
Fifteen more days to earn points by speculating for Rizkaland and Bookania.
Fifteen more days to earn points by asking questions of Rizkan and Bookanian Characters.
Fifteen more days to comment on any post here on this blog or on Ardnek Afterthoughts
Fifteen more days. 

Have fun. 

I'm going to go frantically write The Worth of a King. C'est la Vie. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Game: By Any Other Name

All right, first off - both LDTD and WPFP are free today through Saturday. Please share with your friends - in fact, if you tag me in your share, I will count it as a point to the giveaway. And there's no limit on how many times you can share it and earn points, so blast away!

And, don't forget, Sew is on permafree, so sharing it will give you points, too, if you tag me in the share.

All right - and now for the game. Basically, I'd like, in the comments, for you to post one of two things - 

(a) A new title for one of my books. It has to fit the book, but it's up to you as to how well, or how seriously. 
(b) A blurb for a new story based on one of my titles. It can be as wildly different from the book itself as you'd like. In fact, the more different, the better.

You may post as many blurbs/titles as you'd like/can come up with. 
Titles are worth two points, blurbs are worth three. An extra point for any that makes me laugh. Another extra point if I fall out of my chair laughing.
Titles are for my published books and short stories only, but blurbs are open to my full WIP list.
Have fun!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

That's So Pinteresting!

Hello! I have another game for you guys, based off of something I did in the Facebook party the other week.

Basically - most of you guys know my Pinterest Boards, right? 'Course you do. So here's the deal - I post a lot of very interesting and vague things on my storyboards, and today's your chance to read over them an ask questions. To play, all you have to do is post a link to one of my pins in the comments, and then I'll reply to your comment with an explanation for the pin. I miiiight even give you a straight answer. You MAY be able to earn some spoilers.

Be aware that some of my pins don't actually have straight answers. They're there just because I feel like having them.

So, some quick rules -

Each pin must be a separate comment. Include the title of the storyboard you gleaned the pin from when you post, and if you have a specific question, do ask. Otherwise, mine will just be a general explanation.
You're welcome to ask about as many pins as you'd like, but only three at a time. (And by "at a time" I mean, "as I answer them." Basically, I don't want to be deluged with three hundred pins to answer questions about at once.)
You must get your pins from the storyboards I'm embedding below ... but that is all of my storyboards. I'm just making them easier to access. The only one I left off is Poison Kiss, as I have published that book, and there aren't any pins there that aren't answered in the story. There shouldn't be, anyways. I did post The Ankulen, as there are pins there for the spin-off series.
Each pin you post in the comments is worth one point towards the giveaway.

Oh, and before I let you loose in the comments - just a quick update on the Q&A - I've realized that I don't have time to get the posts written up at the very moment, so I'll be doing them in December. Thus, I'm opening the questioning back up. Get thyselves over to Goodreads. I especially need more questions for the Bookanians.

Phew. I have a lot of pinterest boards...
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