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Characters of Bookania

Hello readers! This is me talking for me at last, no more blog tours this month!

However, I am here asking permission to invade your blogs. You don't mind that, do you?

Okay, basically, remember the party I announced a few weeks ago? The Bookania/Blogoversary one? Well, basically I've come to the realization that I can't make it as big as I'd like AND release Lady Dragon, Tela Du on time, so I'm going to have to shave it down. I'm cutting out all of the contests, and basically reducing it to just character interviews, and just one post of my own on this blog. Haven't decided what this posts are going to be (they will include a snippets post and a "favorite Bookania pins" post, though)

And I am still planning the LDTD cover reveal on the 4th (I just need to finish editing these pictures my sister took for me so I can send them to my cousin) and the short story release (I know you guys voted Poison Kiss, but I think it may end up being Gift Exchange, under the sheer virtue that GE already has a gorgeous cover, and I don't even know yet what cover I want for Poison Kiss.)

There will be two giveaways, though, with two separate ways to enter:

Have a character over to your blog for interview, and I'll enter you to win a complete physical collection of my books: The Bookania Quests, The Ankulen, WPFP, and the two collections. Seven books. Sounds awesome, yes?

The other prize will be a complete ebook collection of my books, which WILL INCLUDE the new short story, whichever it will be, an ARC of Lady Dragon, Tela Du, and up to three of my unfinished WIP's of YOUR choice. Entries for this one will include comments on my blog posts during the party, comments on any back posts with the Bookania label, comments on any of the character interviews, and any review you've written of any of my books.

(Already written reviews DO count. Reviews for the Bookania short stories are double points, and reviews for the three main books are triple points. Standard rules of "extra points for each location you post your review" and "email me with a links of ALL of your reviews so I can count them" apply.)

Kay? Kay. Now I understand not everyone has read the Bookania Quests, so I'm going make a list of all of the characters I'm willing to interview, marking those that are already claimed (and I'll come back and mark more as they are claimed). Below the list will be a form for you to fill out, and I do ask that that two people who have already claimed characters to go ahead and fill it out so I can organize the information.

Each character will only be interviewed by one person, therefore I've added the rule that if you've already interviewed a character in a blog interview in either Take or Kingdom's blog tours, you can't interview them again now. Let someone else have a go at asking them questions.

And, yes this is the character list from the back of Kingdom with a few other characters added. I don't believe in redoing work I've already done.

For those of you who have read the books and want to interview a character not on the list below, feel free to ask. However, at least two of your requests have to be from this list.

Deadline for sign-up will be July 17th

Cast of Characters

Adelaide: Princess of Winthrop, betrothed to Prince Vernon. Gifted with the love of reading and a magic book satchel.
Alexander: King of Locksley. Robin and Robert's father.
Amy: A gemdropper, betrothed to Dick. From “Toads and Diamonds.”
Claimed - Agatha: Another gemdropper. From “Toads and Diamonds.”
Arthur: Prince of Briton. His uncle doesn’t want to give him his rightful throne. Arthur of Arthurian Legend
Boy: The son of a Miller who spared Push au Kim's life in his youth, becomes Count Prio when Push comes to repay the debt. Third son from "Puss in Boots"
Casperl: A prince who was formerly a woodcutter, husband of Doranna. From “Casperl and the Princess.”
Charlotte: Queen of Locksley. Robin and Robert's mother. Sister in "The Brave Princess." 
Conia: Princess of Refrence, wife of Lord Benjamin. Gifted with the ability to remember where she read anything she ever read.
Dick: Prince of Refrence, betrothed to Amy. Gifted with the ability to define any word. Prince from “Toads and Diamonds.”
Doranna: Princess of Skewwood, wife of Casperl. Gifted with ability to sing like a bird, mathematical knowledge, and a ready laugh. Princess of “Casperl and the Princess.”
Enna: Princess of Refrence, gifted with the ability to remember anything she ever read.
Claimed - Eric: Prince of Winthrop, husband of Robin. Is second only to his wife with the sword, and has much questing experience. 
Gavin: Arthur’s servant. Has spent most of his life in Arthur’s service. Gawain of Arthurian Legend.
Grandfather: The mysterious old man who has been Arthur’s only friend for most of his life. Merlin of Arthurian Legend.
Joan: Princess of Fronce. Gifted with fashion genius.
Kew: Mordreth’s son. Kay of Arthurian Legend
Leo: Arthur’s French servant. Little is known of his past. Lancelot of Arthurian Legend.
Kimberly: Princess of Tune. Is gifted with knowledge of plants
Claimed - Madeleine: Princess of Locksley, betrothed to Prince Samson. Gifted with sensitivity to magic, a magic paint box, and is the best artist in the world. There is debate on this subject, but she may possibly be Morgana of Arthurian Legend.
Maid Marian: Wife to Robin Hood. Lady of Fitzwater. Of Robin Hood Legend
Maryanne: Eldest daughter of Robin and Eric. You'll probably get to interview her at eighteen, which would mean you could get some spoilers out of her.
Mordreth: Arthur’s uncle and regent. Despite having to actual claim to the throne, refuses to give up the regency. A combination of Sir Ector and Mordred of Arthurian Legend.
Pearis: Princess of Fronce. Generally annoying. Is considered a leader in fashion.
Push au Kim: A wandering bounty hunter of sorts from the land of Chin. Puss in Boots.
Robert: Prince of Locksley, husband of Rosamond. Gifted with skill with the organic and is the best tailor in the world. The Prince of “Sleeping Beauty.”
Robin: Princess of Locksley, wife of Prince Eric. Gifted with skill with the inorganic and is the best swordsman in the world. Lady of the Lake of Arthurian Legend.
Robin Hood: Leader of the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood of Legend
Rosamond: Princess of Upontime, wife of Prince Robert. Has multiple gifts. The Sleeping Beauty.
Samson: Prince of Tune, betrothed to Madeleine. Gifted with soprano singing.
Serendipity: Princess of Alion. Gifted with the wisdom of the gray-haired, and, somehow, also the hair.
Shira: Princess of Tune, formerly betrothed to the lost Maximilian. Gifted with strength. Guinevere of Arthurian Legend.
Solomon: Prince of Alion. Gifted with the mirth of youth.
Theo: Prince of Refrence. Gifted with a love of synonyms.
Vernon: Prince of Tune, betrothed to Adelaide. Gifted with mechanical genius.
William Hood: Eldest son of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. 

Also, check out the pictures I added to my Fan Art post last night. I have the best beta readers.

And, I didn't realize it, but I posted my 800th post last week. WHOOO!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brothers in Arms - Character Spotlight

Okay. Hi! Kendra here with the last of the blog tour posts for this month. Then we go back to my irregularly scheduled own stuff. Yay!

Today I'm doing a spotlight post for Jack's newest book, Brothers in Arms, a WWII story that I'm not sure I want to read ... not because I don't think it'll be good, but ... pain. It's about two best friends who get stuck on opposite sides of the fence, and those stories are never fun.

However, without further ado. Jack stuff!

Can a Jew and a Nazi survive Hitler's Germany?
Franz Kappel and Japhet Buchanan never expected their friendship to be tested by the Third Reich. Friends from early childhood, the boys form an inseparable, brotherly bond. Growing up in a little German village, they escape most of the struggles of war until the day Japhet is banished from school for being a Jew, and later has a rib broken when other village boys beat him up. Franz learns he is putting himself in danger for spending so much time with Japhet but continues to stand up for his Jewish friend even at the risk to himself. Then one day their lives are shattered when they see first-hand that the price of being a Jew is dangerously high. 

With the war now on their doorsteps, Franz and Japhet come up with a desperate plan to save their families and get them out of Germany alive. Leaving behind the lives they've always known, they move into Berlin with nothing to protect them but forged papers and each other. Convinced their friendship can keep them going, the boys try and make a new life for themselves while trying to keep their true identities and Japhet's heritage a secret. Taking his best friend's safety upon himself, Franz joins the Nazis in an attempt to get valuable information. At the same time, Japhet joins the Jewish Resistance, neither friend telling the other of their new occupations.

With everyone in their world telling them a Nazi and a Jew can't be friends, it is only a matter of time before they believe all the lies themselves, until neither is certain if they are fighting against a race of people or fighting for their homeland. Somehow they have to survive the horrors of World War II, even when all of Germany seems to be against them.

Author Bio
Jack is one of those strange people who calls herself an Author. She spends a lot of her time writing and even less time editing. She likes to write about friendships which is partly how Brothers-in-Arms came to be. More than ten years in the making, this is the book she dreaded the most writing, but which also has the most meaning for her.
When Jack isn't writing, which doesn't happen too often, she keeps busy with various other hobbies – such as reading, playing the bagpipes to the dread of her neighbors, and drinking tea – which might not be considered a hobby by most but which should be.
She lives in a cabin in the woods with her dog and a library which isn't quite equal to Prince Adam's but will be given enough time and a secret doorway.

Contact Info

And now I'll let Jack talk!

Kendra is doing a spotlight for me today as part of my book tour. Therefore, I will be spotlighting James Rodgers, known as Jimmy to everyone who isn't angry and yelling at him.

Jimmy is an American pilot who flies Reconnaissance missions over Germany. One day he flies off course and gets himself and his co-pilot, Sam Winters, shot down over Berlin. The Jewish Resistance spots the plane going down, gets to Sam and Jimmy before the Nazis, and hide them away in a basement until they can find a way to get them out of Berlin. While in hiding Jimmy meets Japhet.

Jimmy arrived in the final stages of the book. He walked in, cocky and annoying, and said he had to be there or the ending wouldn't work. I threw boots at him but didn't chase him off, I've learned my lesson long ago that the characters know what they are doing.

As the story went on and Jimmy spent more time with Japhet I realized he was lightening the book up, a nice relief for me. He made me smile, sometimes laugh, but something felt off with him. He was bright, colorful, annoying, and loud but I still loved him. I just couldn't figure out what he wasn't telling me – until I started to edit and he opened up about his back story. (In the words of Marlin from Finding Nemo, “Happy feeling gone.”)

In spite of his realization I still loved him and he could still make me smile through the pain.

Jimmy grew up in New York on a farm with his family. He would steal his dad's crop duster and take it for joy rides and after Pearl Harbor he joined the Air Force so he could fight the Japanese. He made the rank of 1st Lieutenant on a bomber squad and all his men loved him because he was always happy and joking around.

Even after trouble strikes Jimmy is a well liked person who gets along with almost everyone he meets – when he's not throwing things because he''s grumpy being locked up in a basement.

A big brother, Jimmy has a lot of protective qualities about him even though he tries to hide them. He can't hide it all the time though and Sam at least knows he's a big softy deep down.

And there he is, more or less. Of course I can't tell you spoilers so you will have to read those in the book and find out how he ended up in Germany.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Paper Crowns - Interview with Miriam

Hello readers! I'm here today with an interview with an author I've not had on my blog before - Miriam Neal. Nor have I read any of her books yet, though I'm terribly interested in this book she just came out with. It's portal fantasy, and I love me some portal fantasy. Also, the book's pinterest board is gorgeous.

 Ginger has lived in seclusion, with only her aunt Malgarel and her blue cat, Halcyon, to keep her company. Her sheltered, idyllic life is turned upside-down when her home is attacked by messengers from the world of fae. Accompanied by Halcyon (who may or may not be more than just a cat), an irascible wysling named Azrael, and a loyal fire elemental named Salazar, Ginger ventures into the world of fae to bring a ruthless Queen to justice.

1. Hello and welcome to Knitted By God's Plan. Can you tell my readers a bit about yourself? 
Hey, Kendra, and thank you for having me over! Well, I was raised a nerd. I cut my literary teeth on Marvel comics, myths, C. S. Lewis, and Tolkien. I wouldn't trade anything for this upbringing.

2. Can you tell us a bit about your new release, Paper Crowns, and why my readers need to drop everything and rush over and buy a copy? 
I'd first suggest not dropping anything breakable. Set it down carefully and then rush over and buy a copy. Why? Because telepathic blue cats! And irritable wyslings! And origami that comes to life!

3. What was your inspiration for this story? 
My inspiration for this novel came mainly from several books I read and didn't like (usually negative story experiences give me the most positive novel ideas, for whatever reason) and Adam Young's 'Sky Sailing' album.

4. Can you choose your three favorite pins from the book's pinterest board? I can, actually. The first is Ginny, the second is Hal, and the third is Azrael (in gif form, as a bonus)!

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
5. How 'bout a favorite character from the book? Can you choose one of those? 
My favorite character is Azrael - rather obviously, since I wrote him his own sequel. I feel he has the most obvious personality - although if you could see into Hal's brain, it would be equally entertaining.

6. Would you call yourself a plotter or a panster? Or are you some weird in-between like I am? 
I'm somewhere in-between. I have to plot a certain amount before I can start - I need to set the pins in place so I have the vague shape of whatever I'm about to make. The spaces between those plot points, however, is very fluid and malleable. I usually like to know where I'm going two chapters in advance, as well as have a general idea for the ending.

7. I've been told you're an INFP. How would you say this affects your writing and writing style? 
This is an interesting question, and one I haven't been asked before. There are a many pros to being an INFP - many writers are. It's conducive, somehow. We're intuitive, emotional, observant, and don't tend to think inside boxes. It gets tricky, though, because the temptation to write completely based on how I feel at the time is always present. Letting yourself be tugged around by your feelings at any given moment is a serious blow to productivity.

8. What do you want people to take home from reading Paper Crowns
I want them to take home some warm, fuzzy feelings and a desire to read the novel again.

9. What great writing goals to you intend to tackle next?
I have two novels to edit and revise (one of which is the sequel to Paper Crowns) and I'm currently about 70,000 words in to a futuristic samurai Robin Hood retelling. After that I have plans for half a dozen more novels, but I'm waiting on those.

10. Who are some of the great authors who have influenced your writing? 
Tolkien and Lewis, Gaiman and Wynne-Jones, Funke and McKillip are my literary heroes. Guillermo del Toro may be a movie director, but he also remains constant inspiration. 

Mirriam Neal is a twenty-two-year-old Northwestern hipster living in Atlanta. She writes hard-to-describe books in hard-to-describe genres, and illustrates things whenever she finds the time. She aspires to live as faithfully and creatively as she can and she hopes you do, too.

You can find her at any of these places:

blog ~ email ~ Goodreads ~ publisher's page ~ Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Espionage - Interview with Morgan Huneke

Hello readers! I'm here with another post for Morgan's blog tour, this time an interview with the author herself. Enjoy!

About the Book

“Sir Roland has invited us to visit for the Autumn Feast.”

“Do we have to go, Papa? I couldn’t feast with the most crooked politician in all of Briznom.”

As the daughter of a Briznomian vassal lord, Vannie Cumberland has spent her childhood immersed in the world of politics. Relations between Briznom and the neighboring country of Calhortz are strained due to the tyrannical rule of the strytes. A proposed alliance could calm relations between the two countries, but would come at the cost of Briznom’s freedom.

When her father’s political archenemy invites them to the Autumn Feast, Vannie uncovers an evil scheme endangering the life of someone close to her. Personal enmity comes to a dangerous head as Vannie struggles to expose the corruption and stop the alliance. Time is running out.

Events are becoming too big for her to handle. Will Sir Roland’s son help or will things finally spiral out of control?

Buy Now

About the Author

Morgan Elizabeth Huneke is a homeschool graduate who lives in Georgia. She has enjoyed creating characters and writing stories since early childhood. Books have always been a big part of her life, never more so than when working at the local library. Her other interests include reading, playing the piano and violin, and politics.

You can connect with Morgan on her website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

Now the interview:

1. Greetings and Salutations, Morgan! Can you tell us a bit about your new release?
Hi, Kendra! Espionage is the companion to Time Captives. This is the logline: “In the midst of an alliance controversy, a nobleman's daughter must expose a heinous scheme by her father's political arch-enemy to force him to align with the evil strytes of Calhortz.” It’s a fun and exciting story with a good message, and it helps to set up for Crannig Castle.

2. It's been a while since I last interviewed you. Can you tell us what's been happening with you? Any new ambitious projects you've undertaken? Writing lessons you've learned?
Well, for one thing, I got a job at my library. That’s pretty cool. I joined the worship team at church last summer, and I love it. I also turned 20. I completed Camp NaNo last July, and spent the last four months completely rewriting the project. It’s my outer space dystopian, and I love it even more than I did before, but I hit a snag in the climax this time around, so draft 2 is sitting unfinished for now. What can you do when your protagonist refuses to be rescued because the measures they would need to take are against his principles? This book is my first YA and also by far the longest, so I’d say it’s pretty ambitious. Writing lessons? Sometimes you have to take a break to recharge, and that’s okay. Also, while a simple journey of discovery might be cool while you’re writing it, it’s pretty boring the second time around if there’s not much conflict. Hence the rewrite of my NaNo project. Now if I can figure out just what to do with Luke…

3. You're an INFJ. Could you tell me how you think that affects your writing/writing style?
Um, there’s an unrealistically high percentage of INFJs among my characters? It’s always hard for me to say how me being me affects my writing. I don’t know any other way to do it. I guess being equally right brained and left brained (which is apparently common for INFJs) helps me maintain a balance between narrative and description. But I try to write deep character POV as much as I can, so it doesn’t always sound like an INFJ thought process. Or maybe that’s all a part of being INFJ.

4. List four reasons why my readers need to read your newest release.
1. It’s exciting.
2. Vannie and Kyle are awesome.
3. The good guys are willing to lay their lives on the line to fight for what’s right.
4. You’ll understand Crannig Castle just a bit better if you read Espionage first.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from this book?
You should show people mercy, because that’s what God did for us. And that doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but it is always the right thing to do.

6. Do you have a favorite character in this book?
Tough, tough, tough. Probably Kyle, with Vannie only a fraction of a point behind him.

7. What was your favorite scene to write?
Hmm. That’s a hard one. I did really like writing the midnight scene in the corridor because it was a scene taken almost directly from the dream that inspired the book. It was neat to see it turn from a dream scene that didn’t completely make sense into an important scene for the book. But I also liked writing the final scene. Because it really meant something. (I especially loved writing the random sequel scenes sitting in Word documents on my computer, but they’re not publishable yet.)

8. When will I get to read Crannig Castle??????
Soon, I promise. You’ve fulfilled your end of the bargain. But it probably needs another edit before I email it to you.


Join in the excitement of Espionage and enter to win a special prize! The first prize winner will receive a signed copy of Espionage. The second and third prize winners will receive an eCopy of Espionage in the eBook format of his/her choice. Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Samara's Peril - Interview with Jaye L. Knight

Hello readers! I'm here today with an interview with only one of my favorite authors, Jaye L. Knight, in celebration of the release of her latest novel, Samara's Peril. Later today I'll be posting a review on the O.Scarlett blog.

About the Book

When news arrives that Emperor Daican has been in contact with his chief war strategist, it signals potential doom for the country of Samara. Determined to intervene, the resistance in Landale, headed by Lady Anne, embark on a covert mission in hopes of unearthing further information. However, a shocking discovery leads to complications no one could have foreseen.

Armed with their newfound knowledge, they set out for Samara to warn the king. War is inevitable, and they must face two desperate battles—one on the walls of Samara’s great stronghold, and the other on the battlefield of Jace’s heart, where victory might only be achievable through great sacrifice.

Available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks!

Haven’t discovered the world of Ilyon yet? Find out more at the official Ilyon Chronicles website!

About the Author
Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that even in the deepest darkness, God’s love shines as a light to offer hope. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

You can connect with Jaye on her website, blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Etsy.

Now for the interview: 

1. Howdy, Jaye! (No, I do not know why I'm going full-Texan at the moment, let's just roll with it), welcome back to my corner of the internet. Can you tell my readers a bit about your newest release?

Thanks for having me back! :D Samara’s Peril is the third book in my six book series. This book sort of changes everything. Nothing is quite the same afterwards. My characters go through a lot of growth and change that really shapes who they are going forward in the series, so it has always been an exciting book for me, and I’ve really looked forward to sharing it.

2. Having read SP, I'll say it changed a lot. The last time I interviewed you was back when you were still Molly Evangeline (Though, granted, it was right about the time you announced your new pen name). Could you tell us a bit of what you've been doing since then? Lessons you've learned? New goals you wish to pursue?

Oh my goodness, so much has changed since then. Somehow, changing my pen name seemed to catapult me right into the life of a professional writer. Not that I didn’t consider myself a professional writer before, but I was still learning a lot as Molly Evangeline and it was still something I was doing mostly for myself rather than pursuing as a real career. I actually find myself missing those days sometimes. As a writer, you dream of doing well, of making a living off you writing, of winning awards, but you don’t realize just how much time and energy that takes. I’ve learned that now, and while I wouldn’t want to give any of this up, I do miss being more carefree. It’s like when you reach adulthood and wish you could go back to your childhood. ;) As far as goals, my biggest one right now is just to finish Ilyon Chronicles. I’m so close now. I’m just about to start working on the last book again. Once that’s finished, I can pursue some of my other story ideas, which I’m very excited about.

3. Ah, yes, the scary threshold of finally making it. Do you by any chance know your MBTI personality type? If you do, how would you say it affects your writing style/your writing itself?

After the few tests I’ve taken, it seems I’m an INFP. I think it really affects the characters I write. I tend of focus heavily on more introverted and broken characters. One quote I found on INFPs I think is spot on: “INFPs have a talent for self-expression, revealing their beauty and their secrets through metaphors and fictional characters.” I definitely express myself through fictional characters. I think it’s kind of my way of dealing with my own emotions.

4. Huh. You hadn't struck me as an INFP (I was guessing closer to an INFJ), but I can see it now. Personality types fascinate me, and as an ENFP myself, I can totally relate to writing being a way to deal with emotions. Do you have a favorite character in Samara's Peril?

You mean besides Jace? Because, let’s face it, Jace is and probably always will be my ultimate favorite character. If we narrow it down to new characters in this particular book, then I do have one that I’ve pretty much fallen in love with. His name is Charles. He’s a viscount, and a perfect gentleman. He was one of those characters who took on a life of his own.

5. There were a lot of new characters in this book, so I knew it'd be a hard choice! What would you say was your favorite part of the book to write?

A large part of the book took place at a wealthy family’s estate. So much happened there and so many different questions were answered. It was a very exciting and fascinating part to write. Plus it introduced several new characters that I love. Also, as a fan of Downton Abbey, it was fun to write scenes that had the same sort of atmosphere.

Thanks so much for coming over, Jaye! It was lovely having you.

Also, she's holding a lovely giveaway, as always:

Share in the excitement of the release and enter to win a themed giveaway pack! Prizes include an autographed copy of Samara’s Peril, a John 3:16 necklace by FaithWearDesigns, and a green wire dragon bookmark by Wirelings! (Giveaway is open to US residents only. Cannot be shipped internationally.)

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