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LDTD Cover Reveal Sign-up!!

Fan Cover by Hanna Rogers
So last night I had a nice chat with my cousin and cover designer. When I had contacted him back in May, he'd been unsure whether or not he'd be able to design the cover in time for party reveal, but now it looks like he can, so I'm going ahead and posting a form for you guys to fill out.

The reveal will be on August 4th, and I'm hoping for a lot of people to sign up because I'm making this my most fun reveal yet, with the added charm of optional unique snippets or Pinterest images. And, folks, I've had a LOT of Pinterest inspiration for this book,so there are many pictures that I'd like to share.

Particpation in the cover reveal will earn you five pointed towards the e-book giveaway.

Also, don't forget to sign up for a character interview for a chance to win a complete PHYSICAL collection of my books.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

True Stories

Annnd ... now it's time for chapter 13. Which means we're now half-way through the book. *Throws confetti*

Just a reminder answering the questions at the bottom of the post will enter you for a chance to win a paperback copy of My Kingdom for a Quest!

Now, onto the chapter. While 13 isn't my favorite, and certainly has its fair share of awkward lines, it's one that I looked forward to writing from the moment I realized that Robin and Robert were the protagonists of the story - the chapter which I describe as Sew's Mid-goal, the chapter where I finally answer questions.

Still at Doranna's
I'd like to note again that it isn't Robert who gets them moving again - it's Robin. So long as she's content with where she is, far be it from him to suggest she resume travel.

And I like the off-handed way Robin makes this remark, like she was completely unaware of the passing of time until this moment ... which is probably true. I'm not sure what she found to do these two weeks to absorb her time so, but she clearly found something. Maybe she was counting fish on the wall of her bedroom.

Eric's Wedding
Dun, dun, dun!

I find it amusing that Robert chose this as the key point that they didn't need to be late for, but oh, well, it advances the plot because Doranna doesn't know who Eric is! And since Doranna doesn't know who Eric is, it'll mean that she'll ask questions, and if she asks questions, secrets will spill!

Ah, I was such a genius writer back in the day.

And the Secret's Out
I'm sure you guys are all wondering why it took R&R so long to figure things out, but now they finally know: Doranna's the Mountain Princess! Poor girl, trapped on a mountain for a hundred years. It's a wonder that she didn't go insane.

Of course, there are more details on this matter in the short story, Woodcutter Quince.

And, would you believe it, but it was this spell that was responsible for the Change. How exciting!

Ah, I love this chapter.

Also, a note on Robin right here. I had initially written her to be more believing in this scenes, and this conversation to flow seamlessly into Rosamond's own confession (see the next page). But then, for plot reasons later on, I decided that I didn't want her to know Rosamond's secret, so I swapped around some dialogue tags and viola! We had a disbelieving Robin on our hands. It was so awesome!

(Looking back five years later, I really have to hand it to myself.)

Robert ain't Convinced Either
Or, rather, he's not convinced that Rosamond and Doranna are telling the whole truth.

He doesn't bring it up immediately, however, and chooses instead to confront Rosamond privately. She's reluctant to admit the truth, and Robert ends up spelling it out for her.

She's the Sleeping Beauty.

She's Eric's runaway bride.

Who saw that plot twist coming?

A Note on Auroren
Also, she's the princess for whom Auroren was named. Some people who have read Do You Take This Quest? will rememeber that Maxie had been engaged to Shira. So why did he name the sword to another girl? Ah, well, I provided a in-book answer in My Kingdom for a Quest, but here's the real truth:

I didn't know about Maxie and Shira until after I published Sew, it's a Quest. While writing Sew, the backstory had been that he was in love with Rosamond, but because Rosamond had a curse, her parents refused to allow her to become engaged until after the time limit was up. You know, just in case. While writing, I had had every intention of making this clear ... but I wasn't a bold enough writer at the time, so all my planned revelations (Including, but not limited to, a Madeleine painting of Maxie and Rosamond) never happened.

Then Shira barged in and claimed Maxie, which left me scrambling to rearrange backstory, even though Arthur saved the plot of Do You Take This Quest?. Sigh. To be honest, I think there was a part of Maxie that liked Rosamond, and they probably would have ended up together if it weren't for Shira and Rosamond's curse.

Ah, but it all turned out all right in the end.

What to Do?

Locksley and Winthrop don't have the best of relations, after all, and now Robert and Robin have been adventuring with the Eric's would-be bride. If that doesn't look suspicious, I don't know what does.

Favorite Lines: 

 “Well,” said Robert, “we need to be leaving now, or we’ll miss Eric’s wedding.” He gave his twin a meaningful look. Robin shot him a glare.
Eric?” Doranna said, “Who doth that be?”
The most pompous, insufferable prince in Bookania,” said Robin with a roll of her eyes.

He also happens to be Peter and Dylana’s great-grandson,” added Rosamond helpfully.

 You’re the Mountain Princess!” Robin interrupted, her face clear with disbelief.
I am not sure what though dost lean,” said Doranna with a slightly confused look on her face.
That doth be the name you acquired whilst thou wast at the top of thy mountain,” said Rosamond.
Oh,” said Doranna, “in that chase, yes I am.”
And Casperl got past all that?” said Robin, giving an unconvinced look.
He did, only a few days before I met you, too,” Doranna answered.
How?” Robin asked, stupefied.

 “And Casperl didn’t rescue Doranna until after we met you,” continued Robert. Rosamond just stared at him, caught. He continued, “Which means you weren’t here.” She sighed, and looked away. “How then were the years so kind to you? How did they leave you so beautiful?” She sighed again. There was a story, but she didn’t seem to want to tell it to him. “Don’t you trust me?”

 “Now this is really going to improve our affairs with the Winthrops,” said Robert with a shake of his head.
Is it?” asked Rosamond, brightening, “or art thou being sarcastic? Thy sister is right, I understand it not.”

It’s sarcasm,” confirmed Robert.

Discussion Questions:
1. Did you see these plot twists coming?
2. For those of you who have read Woodcutter Quince, what do you think of that story?
3. Any favorite lines?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Someday I Shall Write an Actual Post ...

But today is not that day.


Oh, well, update posts are fun, too, right?

First of all, I had my first-ever podcast interview on Monday. It was awesome. I talked about my multiverse and how all my books are connected. You may find it interesting. Thank you very much, Daniel, for having me over.

For those of you coming here from the podcast about the giveaway, details are on this post. Basically, volunteer to interview characters from Bookania, and you'll be entered to win a complete physical collection of my books. So far, I only have seven interviews lined up, and I'd like at least eleven. (One for each day, and the last day will hopefully be a cover reveal for LDTD, though that hasn't been set in stone yet.)

There's a secondary, lesser giveaway, too, details, again, on that post.

Editing has been going ... well. I sent off part 3 to my Beta's two weeks ago, though I haven't made much progress on part 4. I have however, been working on the rough draft of book 3, and having a lot of fun with that. How 'bout a snippet?


  They entered Mrs. Leodge’s office, and each took a seat.
  “You’re not in trouble, and I’m not upset with you, Clara,” said Mrs. Leodge, immediately. “I do understand what you’re going through, I’ve been there myself. But your defeatist attitude isn’t going to help you.”
   Clara leaned forward and rested her chin against her fist. “I can’t,” she whispered.
  “Clara, what did I just say?”
  “And maybe I don’t want to,” Clara added, looking up to glare at Mrs. Leodge. “Maybe I don’t want to teach myself how to do everything I forgot when I was busy being a wife, mother, and queen for twenty-five years.”
  “Because I had a life in Rizkaland, it was a good life, and now it’s gone.”
  “Exactly, it’s gone,” said Mrs. Leodge. “That life is gone, but you now have a chance to craft a new life for yourself here, one that could be a million times better, because you won’t have to make the same mistakes you did the last time. But it can also be a million times worse if you just waste it wishing for what you no longer have.”

   Clara dropped her gaze to her lap. “But right now, everything I had is gone and people expect me to pick up the pieces of a life I left behind twenty-five years ago. I thought it’d be fun at first, a fresh start. A life free from responsibility … but I want to go back.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Thingishness ... Oh, and a shiny sale!

Oh, hello internet, fancy meeting you here.

Just thought I'd pop in with something of an update. I'm currently at my Grandparents (finally) learning how to drive. It's been interesting. So far I've only driven over one curb and backed into one stump, so I think I'm doing pretty good.

I've been hard at work editing LDTD, and hope to send out part three to my beta readers either today or tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. This month I'm also going to make an effort to write an EXTREMELY rough draft of book three, because I need a rough draft to find out what the story's actually about. We'll see how that goes, too

I graduated last week! As in, I now have a highschool diploma. FINALLY!!! We had a ceremony at church and it was awesome. I do, technically, still have some science and history and the Research Paper still to do, and when I finish them, it'll raise my GPA, but now I have a shiny diploma that I can hang on my wall and I can stop answering "It's complicated" when people ask me if I'm still in school. #Awesomness.

And Now the Shiny Sale. Which I completely forgot about until just now.

Remember last year with the Read to Win thing where some authors and I all ran 99 cent sales over the course of the summer. Well, it's ba-ack!!! And this year, better than ever! Instead of just week per book, almost all of the books will be on sale for ALL of the summer. Can't beat that, can you?

Oh, wait! You CAN!!! If you review any of those books during the sale on Goodreads or on your blog, you can be entered to win a HUGE amazon gift card. Now you can't beat it.

Look at all those books that are on sale! Six of them I know for certain to be good. And LOOK WHAT MY BOOK IS!!! That's right folks! This summer, you can get WPFP for just 99 cents!!!, and we'll be posting group posts there over the summer. It's going to be Awesome. (And if you didn't read that in Rainbow Dash's voice ... Sorry, my sister loves he show.)

Friday, May 27, 2016

Characters of Bookania

Hello readers! This is me talking for me at last, no more blog tours this month!

However, I am here asking permission to invade your blogs. You don't mind that, do you?

Okay, basically, remember the party I announced a few weeks ago? The Bookania/Blogoversary one? Well, basically I've come to the realization that I can't make it as big as I'd like AND release Lady Dragon, Tela Du on time, so I'm going to have to shave it down. I'm cutting out all of the contests, and basically reducing it to just character interviews, and just one post of my own on this blog. Haven't decided what this posts are going to be (they will include a snippets post and a "favorite Bookania pins" post, though)

And I am still planning the LDTD cover reveal on the 4th (I just need to finish editing these pictures my sister took for me so I can send them to my cousin) and the short story release (I know you guys voted Poison Kiss, but I think it may end up being Gift Exchange, under the sheer virtue that GE already has a gorgeous cover, and I don't even know yet what cover I want for Poison Kiss.)

There will be two giveaways, though, with two separate ways to enter:

Have a character over to your blog for interview, and I'll enter you to win a complete physical collection of my books: The Bookania Quests, The Ankulen, WPFP, and the two collections. Seven books. Sounds awesome, yes?

The other prize will be a complete ebook collection of my books, which WILL INCLUDE the new short story, whichever it will be, an ARC of Lady Dragon, Tela Du, and up to three of my unfinished WIP's of YOUR choice. Entries for this one will include comments on my blog posts during the party, comments on any back posts with the Bookania label, comments on any of the character interviews, and any review you've written of any of my books.

(Already written reviews DO count. Reviews for the Bookania short stories are double points, and reviews for the three main books are triple points. Standard rules of "extra points for each location you post your review" and "email me with a list of the links to ALL of your reviews so I can count them" apply.)

Also, taking part in the cover reveal for Lady Dragon, Tela Du, will earn you five points for the ebook giveaway. The reveal is on August 4th, which is why that day has been removed from the interview sign-up.

Kay? Kay. Now I understand not everyone has read the Bookania Quests, so I'm going make a list of all of the characters I'm willing to interview, marking those that are already claimed (and I'll come back and mark more as they are claimed). Below the list will be a form for you to fill out, and I do ask that that two people who have already claimed characters to go ahead and fill it out so I can organize the information.

Each character will only be interviewed by one person, therefore, I've added the rule that if you've already interviewed a character in a blog interview in either Take or Kingdom's blog tours, you can't interview them again now. Let someone else have a go at asking them questions.

And, yes this is the character list from the back of Kingdom with a few other characters added. I don't believe in redoing work I've already done.

For those of you who have read the books and want to interview a character not on the list below, feel free to ask. However, at least two of your requests have to be from this list.

Deadline for sign-up will be July 17th

Cast of Characters

Adelaide: Princess of Winthrop, betrothed to Prince Vernon. Gifted with the love of reading and a magic book satchel.
Alexander: King of Locksley. Robin and Robert's father.
Amy: A gemdropper, betrothed to Dick. From “Toads and Diamonds.”
Claimed - Agatha: Another gemdropper. From “Toads and Diamonds.”
Claimed - Arthur: Prince of Briton. His uncle doesn’t want to give him his rightful throne. Arthur of Arthurian Legend
Boy: The son of a Miller who spared Push au Kim's life in his youth, becomes Count Prio when Push comes to repay the debt. Third son from "Puss in Boots"
Casperl: A prince who was formerly a woodcutter, husband of Doranna. From “Casperl and the Princess.”
Charlotte: Queen of Locksley. Robin and Robert's mother. Sister in "The Brave Princess." 
Conia: Princess of Refrence, wife of Lord Benjamin. Gifted with the ability to remember where she read anything she ever read.
Dick: Prince of Refrence, betrothed to Amy. Gifted with the ability to define any word. Prince from “Toads and Diamonds.”
Doranna: Princess of Skewwood, wife of Casperl. Gifted with ability to sing like a bird, mathematical knowledge, and a ready laugh. Princess of “Casperl and the Princess.”
Claimed - Enna: Princess of Refrence, gifted with the ability to remember anything she ever read.
Claimed - Eric: Prince of Winthrop, husband of Robin. Is second only to his wife with the sword, and has much questing experience. 
Gavin: Arthur’s servant. Has spent most of his life in Arthur’s service. Gawain of Arthurian Legend.
Grandfather: The mysterious old man who has been Arthur’s only friend for most of his life. Merlin of Arthurian Legend.
Joan: Princess of Fronce. Gifted with fashion genius.
Kew: Mordreth’s son. Kay of Arthurian Legend
Leo: Arthur’s French servant. Little is known of his past. Lancelot of Arthurian Legend.
knowledge, and a ready laugh. Princess of “Casperl and the Princess.”
Claimed - Kimberly: Princess of Tune. Is gifted with knowledge of plants
Claimed - Madeleine: Princess of Locksley, betrothed to Prince Samson. Gifted with sensitivity to magic, a magic paint box, and is the best artist in the world. There is debate on this subject, but she may possibly be Morgana of Arthurian Legend.
Maid Marian: Wife to Robin Hood. Lady of Fitzwater. Of Robin Hood Legend
Claimed - Maryanne: Eldest daughter of Robin and Eric. You'll probably get to interview her at eighteen, which would mean you could get some spoilers out of her.
Meg: Robin's maid. She's the daughter of a Germaine merchant and is amazing with hair.
Mordreth: Arthur’s uncle and regent. Despite having to actual claim to the throne, refuses to give up the regency. A combination of Sir Ector and Mordred of Arthurian Legend.
Pearis: Princess of Fronce. Generally annoying. Is considered a leader in fashion.
Push au Kim: A wandering bounty hunter of sorts from the land of Chin. Puss in Boots.
Robert: Prince of Locksley, husband of Rosamond. Gifted with skill with the organic and is the best tailor in the world. The Prince of “Sleeping Beauty.”
Robin: Princess of Locksley, wife of Prince Eric. Gifted with skill with the inorganic and is the best swordsman in the world. Lady of the Lake of Arthurian Legend.
Robin Hood: Leader of the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood of Legend
Rosamond: Princess of Upontime, wife of Prince Robert. Has multiple gifts. The Sleeping Beauty.
Samson: Prince of Tune, betrothed to Madeleine. Gifted with soprano singing.
Serendipity: Princess of Alion. Gifted with the wisdom of the gray-haired, and, somehow, also the hair.
Shira: Princess of Tune, formerly betrothed to the lost Maximilian. Gifted with strength. Guinevere of Arthurian Legend.
Solomon: Prince of Alion. Gifted with the mirth of youth.
Theo: Prince of Refrence. Gifted with a love of synonyms.
Vernon: Prince of Tune, betrothed to Adelaide. Gifted with mechanical genius.
William Hood: Eldest son of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. 

Also, check out the pictures I added to my Fan Art post last night. I have the best beta readers.

And, I didn't realize it, but I posted my 800th post last week. WHOOO!!
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