Saturday, August 29, 2015

WPFP Countdown - 2

Just two days before the release of Water Princess, Fire Prince! Have you preordered your kindle copy yet?

Today I'm sharing some pins that my beta readers found/created for the pinterest fanboard I made for them. Sorry about this post being late - I thought I had it scheduled.

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On the Spiced Pomella cider - Amanda B. and I actually made ourselves some for real with the above recipe the other day. I went the easy route and used the instant packets, she used actual apples. Both of us were very pleased with the results.

Friday, August 28, 2015

WPFP Countdown - 3

Just three days before the release of Water Princess, Fire Prince! Have you preordered your kindle copy yet?

Today I asked all of my beta readers to drop in with a word about how amazing Water Princess, Fire Prince is. Here is their response.

Disclaimer: No, I did not sneak into their houses and hold them at knife point until they gave me these, nor did I bribe with chocolate. There may have been bribes of spoilers involved, though.

"Water Princess, Fire Prince is an amazing journey into a fascinating new world. It contains the attributes of what creates an epic fantasy book: characters that are easy to connect with, sweet romance, adventure, breathtaking danger, exciting battles, and a touch of humor. I can't wait to dive into Rizkaland again in the next book!!!" -G. Paige (

"Water Princess, Fire Prince is an exciting, cliché-busting trip to a unique world. I thoroughly enjoyed Clara and Andrew's adventures and all the intriguing character relationships that developed. And upon reaching the last part of the story, the plot twists blew me away. When the moment of realization finally set in for me, I had to go back and read the beginning all over again now that I understood. This story is a cleverly plotted masterpiece." -- Amanda Fischer (

Andrew and Clara are pulled into a thrilling journey of danger, love, and war despite their own wishes. The task can only be accomplished together, if the pair can face the daunting task of working side by side. But here in Klarand, water and fire can truly mix.
-Hope Schmidt

Water Princess, Fire Prince absolutely blew me away. Everything about it was done ever so fantastically; from the worldbuilding to the characters, and the dialogue to the imagery, this book is exceptional. I fell in love, and I sincerely believe everyone else will too.
-Amanda Beguerie

The depth of Kendra’s years of work on Water Princess, Fire Prince shines through her characters. She has infused life and realistic personalities into Clara, Andrew, Laura, and their friends. The idea behind the masterfully-done plot touches a chord inside of us – the thrilling realm of speculative imagination that adulthood never truly loses. Pursuing this has yielded a rich and deep story that reveals the workings of God in the lives of those whom He has called.
- Erika Mathews, author of Promise’s Prayer

Two teenagers... dropped into a world as bizarre to them as Narnia must have been for the Pevensies... informed that not only are they required by ancient prophecy to save this world... but according to the prophecy they must also marry each other.  Andrew and Clara at first want nothing more than to escape Rizkaland and just go home; yet as time goes by, they find themselves becoming attached to this strange world... but what about each other?  A unique new reading adventure for readers who love clean Christian fantasy.

Water Princess, Fire Prince is author Ardnek's best book to date! The world she weaves is highly developed and entertainingly creative. Her characters develop along their adventure, and bring the reader along for the trek. You don't want to miss this story.

Phenomenal! There are few books I have enjoyed more that this. I can't really explain why. It is one of those stories that is so well interwoven that it is hard to separate the message from the story.
- Bria Snow

"Water Princess, Fire Prince is one of my new favorite books! I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys portal fantasy, with a unique world and cast of characters it's easy to fall in love with."
Sierra Blasko

Water Princess, Fire Prince is a fun and exciting new addition to the portal fantasy genre. Readers will thoroughly enjoy Kendra's worldbuilding and characters in this fascinating adventures. And for the fangirls, there's Clarand- 'nuff said.
-Sarah Taleweaver

Water Princess, Fire Prince is a fun venture into portal fantasy with unique worldbuilding, interesting and relatable characters, unexpected twists and turns, and an absolutely unforgettable adventure. This is a fantastic story. Kendra’s best so far.”
—Morgan Elizabeth Huneke, author of Time Captives

Thursday, August 27, 2015

WPFP Countdown - 4

Just four days before the release of Water Princess, Fire Prince! Have you preordered your kindle copy yet?

Today I'm sharing the cast list so you can get a brief overview of all of the major and most of the minor characters in the book.

Abraham: Lord of Lower Klarand
Alith (ah-LIHTH): Bookdaughter, advisor to the Wind Prince and Leaf Princess
Alphego (ahl-FAY-go): Creator and Keeper of Rizkaland and Klarand. He appears as a white lion, with the head and wings of an eagle. His body is covered with lamb’s wool and his head and wing’s with dove feathers, with rainbow feathers edging his wings.
Amber: The Lady Dragon, a terrible sorceress.
Andrew: The Fire Prince
Clara: The Water Princess
Dina (DEE-nah): Li’Daughter of Upper Klarand
Dular (DOO-lar): Alith’s husband, advisor to the Wind Prince and Leaf Princess
Erik: Lord of Upper Klarand
Essua (es-SOO-ah): Li’Daugher of Upper Klarand
Granite: Amber’s husband
Henre (ahn-RAY): Clara’s sword instructor
Jakob (JAH-kob): Lor’Son of Upper Klarand
Jasmine: Clara’s energetic young maid
Jill Anna: A seamstress
Josef: One of Abraham’s men
Karlos: Lord Abraham’s young son
Kiona: Queen of Rizkaland of the line of Violet
Laura: The Doorkeeper, a traveler between worlds
Leaf Princess: Sister of the Wind Prince
Martin: Clara’s martial arts instructor
Phillip: Bugslayer in the Kastle
Rhodan: The oldest of Abraham’s men
Rigel: Clara’s archery instructor
Roxanne: Lady of Upper Klarand
Sarai: Phillip’s wife and fellow Bugslayer
Stephan (STEP-han): King of Rizkaland, Kiona’s husband.
Tnika (tuh-NEE-kah): A Bookdaughter, successor to Alith as advisor
Tyrus: King of Rizkaland, of the line of Ralph
Wind Prince: Ruler of Klarand
Zimon: One of Abraham’s men

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WP,FP Countdown - 5

Just five days before the release of Water Princess, Fire Prince! Have you preordered your kindle copy yet?

Today I'm sharing some worldbuilding and a related video I filmed last year but didn't get around to posting. Enjoy!

Rizkaland is a cylindrical world, divided by seven mighty bodies of water, known as Riva, into six islands and the mainland. It has no magnetic field, so compass directions are referred to as up, down, ea and wea. Each of the six islands and including the mainland, run from the very top of the world to the bottom, though they differ greatly when it comes to widths. They are separated from each other by Rizkaland’s seven Riva.

As of the time of Water Princess, Fire Prince, many of the islands were still uninhabited. Of the inhabited islands, however, the most important was Klarand, with served as a barrier between Amber’s Island, and the mainland.

Klarand is divided naturally by mountains and forest into four sections. Upper Klarand is mountainous, and the inhabitants are predominately miners and soldiers by trade. Lower Klarand is predominately forests, and men there are hunters and tenders of animals. Both Ea and Wea Klarand are flatlands, and are populated with farmers. In its very center stands the Kastle, an impregnable fortress build directly into a mountain by Alphego himself.

The mainland of Rizkaland is the largest portion of land in this world. In its center stands Loray, a circular castle built around Alphego’s Hill, which is where Alphego stood to create this world.
The mainland is predominately farmland with scattered forests.

The desert island of Rintae was largely uninhabited at the time of Water Princess, Fire Prince, though a few nomadic tribes had wandered in through from other worlds.

Isle of Talking Beasts
The name of the Isle of Talking Beasts is a slight misnomer, as the only talking beasts that live there are the magnificent horses. It is a jungle island, thick with trees other vegetation.

The mountainous island of Chinok was uninhabited, and in truth, unnamed at the time of Water Princess, Fire Prince.

Literally translated as “narrow,” Silink is the narrowest island in Rizkaland, scarcely a mile at its widest. It is mostly sand, and is uninhabited.

Amber’s Island
Also known as the Isle of Banishment. Little is known about the geography of this island, for none who have step foot on this island have ever returned, save Amber and her husband Granite. There is a guise on this island where, should you step foot on it, you cannot leave again for another five hundred years. The people of Klarand and Rizkaland send people to this island as a form of capital punishment.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Author Interview - Ashlee Willis

So I'm taking a quick break from the countdown to WPFP's release (Just six more days though!) for an interview with an author I love about a book I'm wonderfully excited about. It's Cinderella, which has been on my mind of late, so let us commence!

Book Description: 

Deep in a forest glade, the fey folk dance with Isidore, a young human child. Their kinship is the very fabric of her childhood. When her mother dies and her world darkens with sorrow, Isidore finds her belief in the fey folk wavering.

The love of her new step-sister, Blessing, proves an unexpected gift in her time of need. Yet even as their friendship blooms, Isidore begins to see that Blessing is everything she herself has always wanted to be, but is not. Jealousy grips Isidore as she watches this beautiful new sister steal away all she holds dear.

Driven to desperation, Isidore turns to the fey folk once more. She has only one wish to claim from them, one chance to make things right. But she must tread carefully. For wishes, like hearts, are easily broken. And obtaining the one thing she desires could mean destroying the one thing she truly needs.

 Author Bio:
Ashlee Willis is the author of fantasy for young adults. While most of her days are balanced between writing, reading and being a stay-at-home mom, she also finds time to enjoy forest rambles, crocheting, and playing the piano. She lives in the heart of Missouri with her family.

1. What drew you to write a Cinderella retelling?
I actually wrote it in response to the Rooglewood Press contest that was going on at the time. I don't believe I would have ever written a Cinderella retelling on my own, as Cinderella has never been one of my favorite fairy tales. The version I've published now has gone through some hefty revisions and changes from the original that got sent into the contest, however!

2. What are the twists that make your retelling unique?
The one thing I knew I wanted to do differently was tell the story from another person's point of view. So I chose to tell A Wish Made of Glass from the stepsister's angle. The rest of the story, however, is based so loosely on the original Cinderella tale(s) that it would almost be a stretch to even call it a retelling. I took the elements I thought were intriguing from the older versions and simply inserted them into a story of my own.

3. What do you think is the great attraction of the fairy tale Cinderella and why it's such an easy tale to retell?
I think its attraction lies in its simplicity and its beautiful happily-ever-after. Which, in fact, is what made it such a difficult tale for me to retell! I like complicated, troubled characters and plots, and stories that don't wrap up every loose end perfectly. And while I did keep a small part of the simplicity and happily-ever-after in my story, I added a lot of darkness that wasn't in any of the originals.

4. What would you say is/are the essential elements of a Cinderella retelling?
I'm not sure there are any particular essentials. But if it's going to be a retelling (or rather a rehashing, like mine!), it needs to at least be recognizable to anyone who knows the original Cinderella story. Maybe you've got the same cast of characters, maybe you kept some of the great props from the original (pumpkin, glass slippers, etc.), or maybe you've just stuck closely to the original and made one or two small, significant changes . . . anything goes. That's why fairy tale retellings are so varied and creative and intriguing, and why so many people love to read them.

5. What is your favorite traditional version of Cinderella? Your favorite modern retelling (besides your own)?
Charles Perrault's version has always been my favorite traditional version. I liked that he took the freedom to make some of his own changes to the tale by turning the slippers from gold to glass, and even by coming up with the idea of lizard footmen :) Of modern retellings, well, I actually featured some of my favorites on my own blog recently, along with interviews from the authors. Without a doubt these five retellings are ones I'd recommend to anyone looking for a Cinderella fix ;)

I am incredibly excited about this book!

Thank you so much for having me! It was an honor, Kendra!

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