Friday, September 23, 2016

Hello! Hi!

I've not fallen off the face of the earth lately. It just feels like it.

I need to figure out how to blog again.

I used to have a post up at least two or three times a week. Now it seems that, unless I have a party going, two or three posts in a month is doing good. And I don't like that. I like talking to you guys. I just don't feel like I know what to say, and between work and editing, I feel so drained at the end of the day, I don't feel like figuring out what to say to you guys here.

So ... I dunno. What would you like to hear me talk about? Writing advice? Writing rants? Behind the scene stuff? Shows and books that I like to read and watch? Link-ups? If so, what link-ups? Tags? (But not the elevensies tag, no matter what name it goes by.) Spaghetti?


Also, I hope to have the blog tour finalized by next week, but would like a few more people to sign up, in particular on the 22nd, the 23rd, and reviews on the 25th. It's going to be a ton of fun, just you watch!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Problem With MBTI in Fiction

Some of you who've been reading my blog for a while may have noticed that I have a slight obsession with MBTI. Actually, obsession isn't the right word - that would be my sister - but it is something that thoroughly fascinates me. I like learning about the way that different people's minds work. I like understanding how different people's brains work.

But there is one thing that bothers me - when people start using fictional characters as examples of personality types.

You want to know why?

Because they're fiction. They're written by an author who sees the world in a certain way, and, try as they might, their own personality type is going to bleed all over their story and into every character. Even for characters of their own personality types, there's a certain amount of distance they have to make between themselves, a certain amount of glazing over their faults that will happen.

I'm an author myself. I'm an ENFP. I write ENFP characters who don't always think or act like ENFP's, and I write characters who aren't supposed to be ENFP ... but the ENFP thought process still snuck in while I wasn't looking.

Take Petra, for instance - I meant for her to be an INTJ, and most of my beta readers recognized her as such ... except for the one who was an actual INTJ. (She tried to pin her as an ISTP ... but frankly, that isn't Petra AT ALL. ISTJ would be more likely.)

My mom is an INTJ, and we're about 75% sure that my baby sis is one too. I read tons of articles about INTJ's ...

But here's the thing.

I'm not an INTJ. I'm an ENFP.

(And, second thing - for the longest time, Petra was going to be an INFJ, and there are a few moments when that showed through.)

I don't see the world through introverted intuition, but extroverted intuition. While I do understand extroverted thinking, my comfort decision process is introverted feeling. And that bled through.

No, I don't think she's not an INTJ, but she is an INTJ written through an ENFP filter.

Now take Clara - she's supposed to be an ENFP. And her perception and decisions processes are very ENFP much of the time. But there are elements of her character that are NOT true of me, and I've as yet to meet an ENFP who adheres to a schedule as well as she does. If you're looking for an ENFP model, I'd highly recommend Robin instead, but even with her, there are elements that I know aren't strictly ENFP about her,

Because you see, there are elements of my ENFP-ness that I'm frankly embarrassed about, that I know won't make a good hero. So I quietly shave them out and slide in other flaws instead. Or play up weaknesses that I'm not so embarrassed about.

And this is why it bothers me when I see people holding up fictional characters as models of personality types, because with fictional characters, it's never clear-cut or obvious. I was looking at a number of charts the other day and found Katniss sorted as ISTP, ISTJ, and ISFP. Frankly, my lean is ISTP, but she's fictional. Her brain functions according to the whim of her author and perhaps some feedback from an editorial staff.

It's a little better in TV, where you can have multiple writers for one series, because you can bring a multitude of personalities to the story. Even there, and taking MLP as an example now, some writers present Pinkie Pie as an ESFP, others as and ENFP. Sometimes Twilight seems more like an INTJ, other times she acts more INTP. It depends on the writer and the plot.

Do I mind the typing of fictional characters? No, I don't. If it helps you identify with the characters, all the more power to you. But what I do mind is people touting fictional characters as supreme examples of personalities. Because they're fictional. They're going to contradict themselves in ways that no real human being ever will.

But here's one more secret - if you know the personality type of an author, you can learn a lot about the way they think from their writing. I may not write the perfect ENFP characters, but I myself am all over my writing, in the depth of my POV's, in the richness and wildness of my worldbuilding, in the complexity of the plot twists. Stuff that, I've noticed, also seems to be true of INFP's, but then, we do have the same functions, just in a slightly different order.

And that, my friends, is why I've been asking everyone what their personality types are and how they feel it bleeds into their writing. Academic study.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the subject, and, hey, if you're a writer, and you know your type, can you tell me what it is and you feel it affects your writing?

(And yes, Miss Melody Muffin, I wrote this post because of our conversation about Petra, but a lot of this is thoughts I've been having for a while)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Character Encounters - September 2016

So it's occurred to me that it's been forever since I last did a Character Encounter link up. Terribly sorry about that. I've just not been inspired, I guess.

But I remembered yesterday, and decided to put a post together.

First, though, before I tell you about our glorious location, just a reminder to sign up for LDTD's blog tour. I'd like at least eight more bloggers to sign up, so even if you have, spread the word and we can make this my biggest release yet? Yes? Maybe?

Also, I'll be holding a ball on Facebook, so if you haven't signed up for that yet, make sure you do! It's going to be a ton of fun. And invite all of your friends, because the more, the merrier.

Now for the Character Encounter location.

As always, thank you so much, Kiri, for making this button for me.


AWANA has always been a big thing in our family, and even when we don't personally attend a church with an AWANA program, we'll find another church that does for the Wednesday night program. I have fond memories of passing off verses and earning prizes, and even now, my favorite t-shirt in my closet is my old Trek uniform. My mom's dad was the first AWANA commander in the East Texas area, and my dad's aunt actually wrote the original Cubbie's program. The program has had two major overhauls since then, but they still use the song she wrote.

However, I do understand if you don't personally attend AWANA, or have an AWANA on hand to pop in on, so if you want, you can fudge it over to any Wednesday night program, or even a Sunday night program if you're really grasping at straws. Just have fun with it.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WPFP Q&A - At the Fitness Center Part 3

Please note that the following contains spoilers if you haven't read Water Princess, Fire Prince.

"I thought we were done with questions," said Clara, as she and her friends took their seats.

"I thought we were too," I agree. "But then I discovered some questions that I neglected to ask, and I'm sure the readers are eager to know."

She folds her arms over her chest and leans back. "Really."

"And it's mostly for Rich, I left out most of his questions," I point out.

She sighs and leans forward. "Fine."

"Would you like me to ask your difficult question first to get it out of the way?"


"Alyssa asks, if you can choose, which child was the most difficult to leave behind in Rizkaland?"

"Timothea," she answers, immediately. "She fought the hardest to keep me from going ... and I came so close to letting her come with me. The only thing that held me back was the fact that I didn't know for certain that my parents would understand. Now I know that they do ... I'm sure we could have worked something out - I hear that Queen Jane and King Ralph adopted a Bookdaughter from Rizkaland. Surely Mom and Dad could have done the same for Tima."

"What's done is done," I whisper. "I wish I could tell you what will come of that, but it's not my place. Rich, since we're really here for your sake, Mnm would like to know what was your reaction when you first came to Rizkaland."

"'I'm dead,'" he answers with a shrug. "It was weeks before I was convinced otherwise. In my defense, I did arrive in a hang glider crash, so it was a logical conclusion."

"I told you a coma was far more likely," said Kath. "But then it'd be weird that we were both having the same dream."

"And Mnm would also like to know how you reacted to Rizkaland."

"Thought I was dead or dying, but I was given nice dresses and an awesome bow, so hey, that was cool."

"Yeah, the bows were a nice touch," Rich adds. "Could have gone without the circlets, though. More a headache than anything else."

"All right." I flip through the cards. "Clara, Mnm would like to know what's your favorite book?"

She narrows her eyes. "It's been a few years. Let me reread some and jog my memory. David Copperfield, maybe. That's the only one I had for twenty-five years."

"Kath, Alyssa would like to know if you prefer newer books or classics."

"Newer books, not as dense," she answers. "But I'm personally more of a TV person. Especially now that I'm back from Rizkaland. I had a lot of catching up to do this last year after spending thirty years there."

Clara turns to face her. "You were only gone for a few seconds."

"I was also in a coma."

"Only for a few days."

"Moving on, next question miss?" Kath blinks her eyes, all innocence.

"Andrew," I continue, raising an eyebrow, "Mnm would like to know how you intend to keep in touch with Clara now that you've returned to Earth."

"Over the phone," he answers. "Her parents gave her a cell phone for her birthday, and I've had one for a few years now, so I can call for help if I need it with my brothers. Both have a good long-distance plan."

"Kath, Mnm wants to know if you'll still tease Clara about redheads?"

She leans back, tilting her head to the side as she stares at Clara and Andrew. "Well," she says, "only about one."

I raise an eyebrow.

"They're so cute together," she continues. "How can I not."

Andrew has to physically restrain Clara from leaping out of her seat - not an easy feat, I imagine.

I decide to distract her with a question. "Mnm would like to know your favorite names, Clara."

"I've knocked 'Kathleen' and 'Richard' off the list," she growls.

"Oh?" says Kath, pressing a hand to her heart. "You wound me, friend."

Clara rolls her eyes. "As for favorite names, pretty much any name you can find in old, classical novels - our two center children - Edward and Elizabeth, were named after Jane Austen characters."

"Ah." I nod. "Now, Rich, here's the biggie question - Mnm asks, since you're to marry someone in our world, who is it to be?"

Rich leans back. "I imagine that you know the answer better than I do."

"Perhaps," I admit.

"And that the limited answers I do have, I am not at liberty to share."

"She says, and I quote - 'Yes, I want spoilers.'"

"I'm afraid that, while Tnika did speak a prophecy for Kath and I concerning the identities of our future spouses, we are not at liberty to share the information we were given until the proper time," Rich answers. "However, based on the information, I have every assurance that she'll be a wonderful, beautiful woman."

"Kath, while I honestly think the answer's obvious, Alyssa would like to know what you think of Clara and Andrew as a couple."

"That they're absolutely adorable," Kath answers. "And I just bet that they had the cutest children!"


"What? I like kids. I spent fifteen years without any around..."

"Andrew, Mnm would like to know your favorite foods?"

"Ice cream, actually," he answers. "Not that I let myself indulge, but it's soft and sweet, and a good dessert. And they didn't have it in Rizkaland which was a shame. They did have mistletoe muffins, though, and they were good too."

Clara kicks him.

"Rich, Mnm would like to know if you like Andrew?"

Rich stares at Andrew a long moment before he shrugs. "He's a good sort. Clara likes him. He made a good king in Klarand. That's good enough for me."

"All right, and last question - this one's for Kath. Soliel would like to know what it was like meeting - well, she says the Wind Princess, but I think she means 'Water Princess' - thirty years since you'd last seen her."

Kath closes her eyes. "It was very strange. It was at once the most amazing thing in the world and ... so strange. A piece of my old life, a life I had almost forgotten had existed, came back, but wasn't happy about it. There are things I'd like to change about our reunion, but ... oh well. She and Andrew are adorable."

"They are." I grin as I gather together my notes. "Now that concludes our Q&A session. Perhaps we'll hold another next year."

"Please, no."

Saturday, August 20, 2016

LDTD Blog Tour.

So I told you guys to watch out for my posting about the blog tour for Lady Dragon, Tela Du later this week - and guess what? - it's later this week!

Information and sign up is over on this page, so if you could just head over there and fill out the forms, that'd be nice, thanks!

I'm also strongly considering doing another Facebook party on October 21st, if that sounds like fun to all of you. It'll be a bit different from my last Facebook party, as my finances are a bit tighter than they were last year so I won't be able to give out the same prizes. We'll have fun, though, Just you wait!

Also, sales!

As you may already know, LDTD is already available for preorder (well, ebook preorder, CreateSpace hasn't given me the tools to make print books preorderable, yet.), but you might not know that I have it on sale for just 99 cents! This sale will last either through to next Saturday, or until the end of the month. I haven't decided which, yet.

Speaking of sales, WPFP is also still on sale for the same price, and will remain so until the end of the month. But with WPFP, if you write a NEW review of the book before the end of the month, you could win a $100 Amazon Gift card, with which you can win a whole slew of new books. You can find more information about that, and submit your reviews for the giveaway here.
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