Monday, April 19, 2021

Tour of Love and Memory - Slight Change of Plans


Edit: It's now available for purchase HERE! Carry on to hear about the new giveaway. 

So ... Love and Memory didn't release today, and the listing is down. I wasn't close enough to done on the deadline, so delayed it, and then just barely missed the upload deadline last night. I was literally in the process of uploading it when it closed. 


So, if you preordered, you've probably received a refund. Currently, I'm in the process of finishing a proper polish on the book and I'll be manually publishing it tomorrow. 

What this means for the preorder giveaway - well, since those orders were refunded, I can't *afford* to hold the giveaway as-is. THEREFORE, for the first couple days of release, if you purchase it and send me a receipt, I will put it in the new drawing. People who also send me a preorder receipt (or who have already done so) AKA, the people who did preorder (And, now, the 99 cent preorders DO qualify, as long as they're), will receive a double entry. To clarify: Preorders no longer qualify for the giveaway, as you have been refunded, but having made one will double your chances of winning if you chose to enter now.

I had 28 preorders, and I will honor that by giving away 3 paperback copies of the book, hands down. If we can get to 40 purchases, then more books will be added to the pile. 

I would also like to honor Kindle Unlimited reads (as I'll get paid around as much as an outright purchase), though I'm not entirely sure how to verify these. I THINK, if you send me a shot of the book on your shelf and tell me what time you read it, so I can confirm that I had a matching read, it will work? While I won't insist on a verified review to match it, one would be appreciated. And, yes, having made a preorder receipt will help here. (If, for some reason, you made a preorder, then you read it with unlimited, then you purchase it, that would totally qualify as a triple entry, even if the purchase is made while on sale, see below. So ... anywho.)

If you're not interested in the giveaway, I will also be holding a Countdown sale May 25th-31st. Once the price drops to 99 cents, the giveaway will be CLOSED, as those purchases will not qualify. I will give the KU readers a full week to get it read, though ('cause I know it's Thicc). It will be an incremental Countdown, though so jump fast if you want to get the best price.

I was going to post some snippets today, but I don't have time to fight blogger with the formatting (Because blogger has decided it now wants to be nasty with them), and so, instead, I've posted the first chapter of Part 2 to the Ardnek Afterthoughts. which, as a reminder, is an exclusive blog available to subscribers of my Newsletter

Oh, and you can check out today's blog tour stops, because the party's going even with the train wreck:

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  1. I'm sorry that the preorder messed up, but I'll definitely be picking up the book when it releases tomorrow!


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