Monday, September 7, 2015


Well, the general consensus is clear - Andrew is a more likable character than Clara from the start, she goes through wonderful character development, and together they make an adorable couple. Also, I'm a brilliant worldbuilder. Just sayin'.

And now comes the day you all were looking forward to - when you find out who gets that shiny copy of Water Princess, Fire Prince, and that bottle of Citrus Bliss.

Now I could hold it over your head and torment you guys for a while, but no, I don't feel like doing that today. It's ....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Erika! I'll be emailing you later today.

As for the winner of the commenting contest, that would be Amanda Beguerie with 88 comments. Woooh!! You were busy,

So as your prize, you get to read Lady Dragon, Tela Du as I write it. As in, each time I finish a part, I will email it to you. Whether or not you return me feedback is entirely optional, though I would appreciate it. (Also, would you like the 9,000 words I have written now, or would you rather wait until I have part 1 finished?)

I also had two amazing runnerups - Sarah Taleweaver at 74 and Erika at 73. Each of you will be getting a special top-secret prize within the week.

Thank all of you for taking part in in the blog tour. It was amazing, and I'm glad to hear that you all enjoyed the book, and to hear your excitement and wanting to read it. It meas a lot to me, it really does.

A bit of a heads up though - I'm about to take an internet/writing hiatus. I'll be posting details on the why tomorrow, but basically, I have a chapter of my life that I need to square away, but once I have it taken care of, I should have more writing time.

And, to close out - a snippet!

  “May I help?” Amber asked at length.
  Both mother and daughter turned to Amber with startled surprise.
  “But, your highness!” the mother breathed. “You’re a queen!”
  “Should that prevent me from doing honest work?” Amber shook her head. “Where I come from, queens are expected to get their own meals the same as peasants, and to share when they are able. I just ask that you clear the table.”
  The mother nodded for the daughter to do as Amber bid, and within moments, the long table was bare – for there had been little on it to begin with.
  Amber drew a long bit of dark blue cloth out of her pocket, and unfolded it until it was large enough to cover the table. Winking at the girl, she clapped her hands, and muttered a word under her breath. The silver embroidery swirled around a moment, and then all sorts of exquisite meats, pastries, soups and salads appeared. When Amber felt there was quite enough, she clapped her hands again.
  She waved her hand over the spread. “This is how royalty eat where I come from.”
- Lady Dragon, Tela Du.


  1. Congratulations to Erika and Amanda!
    Enjoy your internet hiatus, whatever your reasons for it. I hope that it's not just filled with business; that you can find some times to relax as well.
    Also, I love the snippet. 'Tis awesome.

    1. *high fives you also because I meant to write it but forgot originally*
      Congrats! I was sure that you or Erika would win.

    2. *high fives back*
      Heh. I actually felt pretty sure you were going to win; I saw you commenting all over the place. Thanks!


    Yes, I was quite busy. My mother didn't see much of me this past week.

    *high fives Erika* We won! Congratulations! And Sarah too. Nice job, girls!!! :D

    Well, I mean, of course I'd love to read it now, but if you'd rather me wait until you finish part 1, then that's okay too.
    And I will definitely give you feedback. I just can't help myself. *shrugs innocently*

    What a cool snippet. Blurring the lines of good and evil make for an intriguing plot line - like in OUAT and The Blacklist. Do you side with the hero, or the villain, who does right in their own eyes? To be, or not to be...That is the question.

    1. *High fives Amanda back.* :) Yeah, I saw you "going to town" with all those comments...and how you somehow managed to have the last word in our comment conversations. :D I couldn't keep anything like track of comments I was making - I'm a little surprised at how high the number was but then again I'm not. :) Have fun reading LDTD! :) I'm excited for you. :)

    2. And congrats to you on that Rizkan bathwater deliciousness and shiny book! You'll have to tell us how it smells.
      You too! Haha, I was sure that either you or Sarah were going to win with your kindly-agressive commenting. :D I was surprised I had so many as well. I almost gave up Thursday-Saturday.
      Thanks so much! I'm exited too, and I ran down my stairs screaming. I'm a...bit dramatic, I guess. Never mind thrilled.

    3. Amanda, you lucky duck. You get to know what happens in LDTD before I do. I suppose Kendra will forbid spoilers...

    4. Well, let's just hope that the time between the alpha and the beta is short!
      It's gonna be so hard to shut my mouth about such matters. O_O GAH. SPOILERS ARE MY LIFE.

    5. Yes, Amanda, you shall be held to secrecy, though I will allow you to flail incoherently on Goodreads, and to pin ambiguous pins.

      I think I'll go ahead and send you what I have now as soon as I finish chapter five, because afterwards, I'm going to be slowing way down on writing, and I'm sure you'd like to start your alpha-ing sooner rather than later.

    6. I know, I know. Your book is safe with me.
      So, I suppose I can squeal with spoilers directly to you then...and like you said, flail incoherently in noises and random letters and excessive punctuation on Goodreads. And Pinterest. Yes.

      Thanks, sounds good. Yes. It will force me to get school work done in the mornings so I can read in the afternoons. Mwhehehe.

    7. AMANDA YOU TALKATIVE GENIUS YOU I'm not surprised. Congratulations!!


  3. Wow! Thanks, Kendra! Looking forward to the signed book AND essential oil that smells of Rizkan bathwater! (And the top secret prize! Curious!) I love essential oils. :D

    Congratulations to Kendra on a fabulous tour and the publication of a great book! Blessings on the writing of LDTD!

    Congratulations to Amanda and Sarah as well!

  4. Congratulations to the lucky winners! *Confetti*

    Fun party, as always, Kendra! I especially enjoyed the Character Interviews, both to read and to host. (And I had to laugh in my sleeve at how many of us interviewers asked what the other characters' first impressions of Water Princess and Fire Prince were. LOL!)

    We'll miss you during your hiatus, dearie, but I pray that whatever that need-to-be-squared-away chapter of life is, it won't be too unpleasant, and that you can get it sorted quickly. *Hugs*

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

    1. Yeah, those interviews were fun - especially sitting down and thinking through "okay, what were their first impressions?"

  5. I had already guessed it might be Amanda. She had an advantage, because she had several stops on the blog tour and it's easier to reply to comments on your own posts.


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