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Ships I Ship Because of Clarand

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For all of you older people who may not be familiar with the term "shipping" it basically means that I think that two people should have a relationship. It can be a platonic relationship, but most often, it is meant as a Romantic Ship, which shall be the sort that I'll be featuring here. Frequently, fans of such ships will give them cute names - such as Clara and Andrew being Clarand. (Not to be confused with Klarand, the name of the island they've been asked to rule.)

Clarand was my first "real" couple. Sure, there was Rueben and Petra ... but the most romantic scene I wrote with those two was when he asked her to marry him when they were five and seven. So as a result, they've kinda become my measuring stick when it comes to fictional romances that I find in other books. Basically, if a couple reminds me of Clara and Andrew for any reason, I'll ship 'em.

So, I'm going to share with you a few of the lovely ships that I've collected over the years. please be aware that there may be spoilers among them. I shall try to limit them.

Percy and Annabeth. 
From the Percy Jackson Series.
She's been a fighter her whole life. He hasn't, but picks it up quickly enough. She has blonde hair, he has green eyes.

Wanda and Arnold
From the Magic School Bus
Yes, they're a couple - if you want proof, I'll point you to the Digestion episode, the frog episode, and the Christmas Special. Anyway, he's the cautious, yet at times, confident redhead. She's the gung-ho, yet slightly insecure girl of Chinese descent.

Leetra and Timothy
From the Ilyon Chronicles 
She's stubborn. Timothy is Andrew's middle name. So maybe all we've had of Leeothy has been eye admiration and the grinding of teeth, but I'm still shipping them.

Shasta and Aravis
From the Chronicles of Narnia
By this point, you may be sensing a pattern. Confident, firecracker girl and laid-back, heart on his sleeve guy.

Bastille and Alcatraz
From the Alcatraz series
They're a new ship of mine, but again, rules apply, though Alcatraz is a bit more reckless than Andrew. Then again, so is Percy.

Elizabeth and Darcy
From Pride and Prejudice
Oh yay! I managed to spell Prejudice on the first try!!
Ahem. Moving on. This is mostly because Clara and Andrew have a bit of a spitfire relationship. This is the other quantifying factor of these ships.

Peter and ______
From Haphazardly Implausible
I'm sorry, but her name is confidential. Anyway, I had the privilege of beta reading the second book of the series, and I left several notes were it was just me comparing this couple (who I've given an AWESOME ship name to, but since her name is confidential, I can't share it) to Clarand. Clara threw a shoe at me at one point.

Luxa and Gregor
From the Underland Chronicles
Spitfire, she's more experienced than he is.

Katnis and Peeta
From the Hunger Games
Even though I knew the ending before I read the books, I think I still would have shipped Everlark from the first. The being forced together against their will. The fact that she's a fighter and he's a baker. They just remind me of Clarand.

Vrell and Achan
From the Blood of Kings Trilogy
I also tend to pick on couples where the guy thinks she's a boy for some period of time. I don't know why.

Sairu and ... I forgot his name
From the Goldstone Woods
Again, Chinese, again, she's an experienced fighter, and he's not so much. The only reason Golden Daughter didn't top Shadowhand as my favorite Goldstone Novel is that I love the time travel element of SH. 

And there are more, but I'm not calling them to mind at the moment. But I think you guys get the pattern, yes?

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  1. It's Sairu and Jovan. Who are awesome but not my favorite Goldstone Wood ship.(They're in third or fourth place, probably.)
    I have not shipped any couples because they remind me of couples from my stories. However, I have, occasionally, looked at a couple from my stories and realized they remind me of a couple from an already-published book or movie.

  2. Interesting. Just to let you know, I'll probably be late to the party. It starts at 6am for me.
    While reading this I named a ship in my own story. Unfortunately it can't be shared.

  3. Awesome ships! I love the relations where one is all firey and the other is heart on his/her sleeve (if you get what I mean, basically Annabeth/Percy and Clarand).

  4. "Clara threw a shoe at me at one point." you LOOK like a mouse king?

    Also, happy birthday Clara! I do believe I shall celebrate with spiced pomella cider....

    Vrell and Achan - yes. It was interesting trying to figure out how in Er'rets they could get out of their very complicated relationship situation at the beginning. And wondering if the author would really do it. And she did! Though I hoped Bran's ending would be different.

    1. Well, given my real last name is similar to Rodent...

      Yes, Spiced Pomella Cider is definitely in order!

    2. Oh that's funny! Clara. Oh dear. Kendra the mouse king. ;)

      On another note, Annabeth and Ransom are somewhat similar to Clara and Andrew.

    3. Or perhaps you're the Mouse Queen.

      ...and now I'm seeing a gender-swapped version of the Nutcracker. Oy.

    4. "Have some fat to spare, my fellow queen? You musn't let us starve!"

  5. Hi Kendra! I've just discovered you and your books and I can't wait to read them...especially WP,FP! :)

  6. (Isn't it great when you spell a hard word on the first try? That always deserves celebration.)
    Very nice ships (however much I detest the word...)! I've heard a lot about Percabeth... I still haven't read Percy Jackson. Every time I pass it at the thrift store or on a bargain shelf I think, shall I buy it? But I never do. Too. Much. To. Read.

  7. Wanda and Arnold--so true. And it *is* uncanny, the similarities to Clara and Andrew...

  8. Heh, I'm new to this "shipping" business (back in the day, I'd have called it "matchmaking" or "pairing up," LOL), but I must admit, it's kind of fun. movie crossovers count?

    Re: Wanda and Arnold--now you mention it, I can see the similarities to Clarand (I always thought of Arnold as more sandy-haired, though. Huh).
    I was thinking you could maybe call them Clardrew or Andra...but it's funnier that Clarand rule Klarand. *Evil Author Grin*

    1. Crossovers definitely count.

      I think it depends on the picture of him, but I've always seen him as a redhead.
      I've been calling them Clarand for so long, I'm not sure I could make the switch.


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