Thursday, June 25, 2015

Favorite Screen Characters Tag

So I've been tagged by both Jaye L. Knight and Morgan Huneke with the Favorite Screen Characters Tag. Truth be told, I was kinda hoping to avoid this, but since I've been tagged, I'll play along.

So, my favorite screen characters, in no particular order.

1. River Song - Doctor Who

River holds a special place in my heart, if only because it was because of her that I resurrected Laura, who is one of my favorite characters. I love characters who are out of sinc with the rest of the cast, and who are brilliant for foreshadowing. "Spoilers Sweetie."

Plus, her arch with the Doctor was so interesting. I may not quite call myself a fan of Doctor Who, but I am certainly a fan of River Song.

2. Bree - Month of the Novel

YouTube videos are still on the screen!

Anyways, I adore the Month of the Novel videos, but I identify best with Bree, the older sister who knows everything about writing (because I totally do, ya know?). I can't count the number of times I've been called by my younger sister, and of recent days, by my younger brother to help them out of a mess that they've written themselves into.

The actress herself is hilarious, may I add?

3. Mrs. Frizzle - The Magic School Bus

I want a magic school bus. 'Nough said.

4. Elsa - Frozen

Again, elder sister here. I love Anna, and I can relate to her bouncy personality, but I like Elsa slightly more. Fun fact about me: Each of my three siblings and I are born in a different season, so we like to pretend with are that season. I'm Winter. Fear me.

5. Larry - Veggietales

Okay, so I'm picking on kids shows here. Fun fact about me: I watch a lot of kids shows. Anyways, I grew up on Veggietales, and Larry has this sense of humor and distinctive voice that just amuses me. And what kid doesn't love his silly songs and on-going banter with Archibald?

(Half-way done. You can do this Kendra!)

6. Madeline - Madeline

I was also a huge fan of Madeline as a kid, so much so that I saved my money and bought all of the dolls. I could/should probably post a picture of them some day. No, they never released all twelve girls, but I have every girl they did, as well as Mrs. Clavel (I can't remember how to spell her name), and Pepito. I also own most of the books.

7. Wesley - Princess Bride

I am purposely trying to avoid characters from movies based on books, because their book version is almost always more predominant in my head, and just confuses me. However, Princess Bride is one story that I've seen more than read, and can we just talk about how awesome and dreamy he is? And he's also Robin Hood (Men in Tights) and unlike other Robin Hoods, he actually uses a British Accent! Plus my aunt dated him for a while. (Actually, it was just a guy who looked like him, but details.)

8. Inigo Montoyo - Princess Bride

"You killed my father, prepare to die."

While I'm on the subject of the Princess Bride, I can't help but also mention my other favorite character from that show. Inigo has such a delicious accent. (And ... I love accents, have I ever mentioned?)

9. Nutcracker - Nutcracker Ballet

I've only ever seen the Nutcracker Ballet on video, so it counts, yes? Yes. Anyways, I believe I've mentioned it before, but I'm slightly obsessed with the Nutcracker, so I can't make a list without mentioning him.

10. GiGi Darcy - Lizzy Bennett Diaries

She had such a small role in the actual book, I enjoyed seeing her come to life in the YouTube series.


And I'll call it quits there. No, I'm not going to tag anyone. I'm already brain-dead after this. In other news, I'm working on a post about the magic system of Rizkaland, so if magic is something you're wary about, you can read this and see how I've reasoned it out. Not sure when it's going to go up, but you can look forward to it!


  1. AHHHHH you've watched the Lizzie Bennet Diaries too! :D I LOVE that series! Have you watched any of the other Pemberley Digital series? I watched most of Emma Approved but never finished because, well, Emma annoyed me to no end and it just seemed to be speeding towards a massive train wreck. But LBD was AWESOME.

    1. I watched a few episodes of EA, and wandered off because it was annoying me. I wandered back when I found out that Caroline showed up, and from there on, I was hooked. I loved how it resolved. Yes, it did seem like a train wreck for a while, but it was pretty true to the book.

    2. Heh, I didn't have the patience to finish the book either . . .
      Have you watched their new show? The Little Women based one? I'm thinking of watching it and I want to know if it's good or not.

  2. Just an extra nugget on the Elsa/Frozen/Winter/Anna bit .... Kendra's middle name is weirdly close to Elsa ... and her sister slightly younger has Anna as part of her first name ... and our Anna happens to be our Elsa opposite and is our Summer child.

    We love stuff like that around here.

  3. I'm guessing you wanted to avoid this because picking favorites is torture? :D But you made it!

    1. That and the fact that I'm not really a screen person. I had to really wrack my brain for the last few ...

  4. Ms. Frizzle rocks. So does Larry. *starts singing Larry Boy theme song* And, of course, the Princess Bride characters are epic.

  5. So weird. I just found Rebekah Shafer's facebook page today and knew that she was totally someone I'd seen before, then looked her up on Youtube and remembered she was the older sister in Month of the Novel (which is hilarious!).

    1. I've read at her first book. It was pretty good. She's certainly an interesting person. (Oh, and have you seen the company's previous iSunday videos? They were published on the "Phantom Moose Productions" channel, and were pretty hilarious. Rebekah was the villain of the first movie, and then the helpful, though rather eccentric, witch in the second.)

  6. Larrryyyy! I loved Veggietales. Okay, I LOVE Veggietales. I'm still caught singing or humming the songs I listened to on replay as a kid.


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