Friday, June 5, 2015

Now They Whisper

I'm linking up with Quote Queste, which is a meme that my friend, Miss Melody Muffin, hosts.

This month's quote:

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Story Setting: In Rizkaland, book two between parts one and two.

"They used to shout my name," Amber muttered bitterly as she stared out at the milling crowd in the courtyard. "They used to appreciate me. The fools."

She had done so much for them, to solve their problems, to heal their land after years of winter's ravage. For a while, they had thanked her, but soon they began take her for granted, and then resent her, saying that she was meddling in their lives.

She was trying to help them! The nerve.

Now another name was on their lips - the name Amber hated. A few fools had been careless enough to mention her to Amber's face. Their last mistake.

But even so, she heard it in the whispers as she passed, saw it in the stares they gave her.

Someday, Amber would meet that girl in battle, and Amber would reveal her for the fraud she was. But until then ...

She gripped the strand of beads she wore, perhaps harder than was prudent - they held some powerful magic, after all.

"And now they whisper it."

The Tela Du.

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  1. Ooh! I see what you did there. Clever....

  2. When I saw your comment on my blog, I wondered if you were going to use Amber. She just seemed so RIGHT for the prompt.

    Great scene!!! Especially the last line. :)


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