Friday, December 21, 2018

Interview with Jaye and Tricia

So, um, this was supposed to go up on Tuesday, but ... see, I had an emotional breakdown on Monday. There's supposed to be a review on this post, and I was going to do the review in video format, but ... while the video is filmed, my brain is just rejecting the thought of editing it.

Terrible, I know. But at least there is an author interview here for you guys to read.

Anywho, I have an interview with Jaye L. Knight and Tricia Mingerink, authors of Ilyon and Acktar respectively.

And they're banding together to promote the releases of the newest books in each series, and let me just say, the two books that I did read were AMAZING. Again, I was supposed to be posting the review here, but ... have an interview.

(Mini review: Bitter Winter and Lacy were both awesome additions to the series, read them now and have your heart torn out and shredded to peices.)

1. Where do you find inspiration?

Tricia: Lots of places, but especially from reading and from camping, hiking, and traveling across the United States.

Jaye: Movies and TV are my main sources. I’m a very visual person. I love watching characters interact with each other. Also Pinterest. :D I can write a character so much better when I actually have pictures for them.

2. What is your favorite thing about each other?
Tricia: Jaye is always so helpful to fellow indie authors. She participates in SO many blog tours throughout the year and was really helpful to me when I was starting out. She has such a giving heart.

Jaye: D’aww, thanks Tricia. ^_^ I love how encouraging and helpful Tricia is too. She’s so supportive of my books and it has been so much fun having such a connected fanbase. One of my favorite memories of the whole last year was sitting at the Realm Maker’s awards banquet next to Tricia waiting to see if one of our books would be the winner.

Tricia: Awww! Yes! That was a great moment at Realm Makers with both of our books up for an award, even if neither of our books won, lol.

3. Eep! Yes, that was such fun. About each other's books?
Tricia: Jace, lol. Don’t have to think about that one too much. And the big battle scenes.

Jaye: Leith! :D Leith is my precioussss. Tricia’s books give me all the feels that I’m sure my books give my readers, so I basically get a taste of my own medicine.

4. I love how your question is basically identical. Who is your favorite authors?
Tricia: Besides Jaye, you mean, lol. Other favorite authors would be Nadine Brandes, Ashley Townsend, Jill Williamson, Morgan Busse, K.M. Shea, Melanie Cellier, and C.S. Lewis, to name just a few.

Jaye: Besides Tricia, a few are Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, Wayne Thomas Batson, Karen Witemeyer, and Nancy Kimball. But those are just a few. The list could go on for a while.

5. With both your series winding to their end (more or less soonishly), what do each of you have on the horizon next?
Tricia: More or less soonishly is right, lol. I still have 2 more books in The Blades of Acktar to write and release (expected in 2019 and 2020). Earlier this year, I released Dagger’s Sleep, the first book in my new series Beyond the Tales, so I will also be working on the next books in that series as well.

Jaye: Well, I will soon publish my first ever contemporary romance novel under the pen name Jaye Elliot. I plan for there to be two more books in that series, so that’s probably what I’ll focus on after I finish Ilyon Chronicles. Beyond that, I have so many different ideas that I’m not sure which one will rise to the top and demand to be written next. I’m definitely nowhere near done writing fantasy

The video review will be posted just as soon as I can pull myself together and finish editing it.


  1. Such a fun interview :) Hiking is great for inspiration. Makes me wish is wasn't winter right now . . .

  2. Yay for fun interviews and these authors both seem so nice (and it's awesome to see authors who are super close friends!) I loved hearing where they got their inspiration from (pinterest ftw haha)

  3. This is such a cool interview, Kendra! Thank you for posting. :D


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