Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blog Party - Keep the Balloon in the Air and Don't Pop It

Via Pinterest. This is appropriate -
Elsie's love interest is named Moon.
When I was a kid, I liked to to invent new games. And one day, while at a birthday party for one of my friends, they had run all out of games, so I invented a new one. You see, there were LOTS of balloons, so I started tossing them in the air, and declared that we were playing "keep the balloon in the air" and, amazingly enough, everyone joined in and played along. (Honestly, I'm not sure what the mother was thinking, letting me run the party like that, but, hey, it makes for a good story.)

The next day, after thinking about how many balloons were popped, I added a rule to the name "Keep the Balloon in the Air and Don't Pop It."

Fast forward a few years to my sixth birthday. For unfinished-school-related reasons, I wasn't getting an official birthday party, so we brought a cake to wednesday night church and the teens blew balloons and threw something akin to one.

And they got the same brilliant idea as I had all those years before - but they refused to listen to my declaration that I had already invented the game and that it had a name - even though it was MY BIRTHDAY!!! (Yes, I am sore about this event to this day.)

Anyways, that tidbit about my past aside, today's game is the opposite of yesterday's. Instead of everything going wrong, everything has to be funny. And the funnier, the better.

The winner off the drawing today ... will get to read everything I have written on Cayra, and what I wrote for NaNo this year. Which means that you will know my top secret plot idea.

(Hey, and don't forget that you can keep playing the games from past days - does no one want to read Nine Gems - I haven't seen a single Rover!)

And to start ya'll off:

Stacy woke up that morning with carrots growing out of her ears, which was a bit confusing, as she had planted celery.


  1. "This is so ridiculous," she fumed to her reflection. "The seed-package said 'carrots'--I ought to sue the company for false advertising!"
    Just then, however, two carrots sprouted from under her still-unbrushed hair--one on either side of her forehead. Then a radish grew out of her nose, hanging like a pendulum from the end of her nose.
    "Eek!" Stacy cried. "I'm a walking salad bar!"

  2. Erm, strike that and insert "celery" in that first sentence.

    This, friends, is what happens when one tries to write silly stories when one ought to be asleep. *Halo*



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