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More than a Reflection

First off - my 600th post here on Knitted By God's Plan! Whoo! Another milestone to celebrate!

Now for the title. I thought I'd share the opening that my sister had so excitedly written all those years ago. The story has come a long way since then, as has her writing, but since I just happen to have it on my computer (I rescued all of the files that had been on that old computer and moved them over here), I'll let ya'll see it.
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Oh, and by the way, most of the planets have changed their names since this was written. I'll be writing the post about the worlds and cultures when I get home from work today, so you'll find out what they are now. 

Chapter 1

In the Garden.

A young blond headed girl sat in her garden crying.
“ Why do I have to be a Mix breed Reflector? Why could not I be stronger in something else like Swicheroo, or a Chef! Or maybe even Healer, or Blender, or something else, not Reflector?” She sobbed.
She had once again gotten into a fight with the castle guard for no apparent reason, they had just been talking and she asked if he had seen Rayelm, her personal guard. He had had a bad day. And got mad, and said that if he knew where everybody was he wouldn’t be a guard, and she got mad and said that was no way to address the princess and well that started a fight, and she ran to her garden to hide. She was the princess of the planet Gildiware she should be able to control herself but because she was so strong Reflector she was forced to reflect whether she wanted to or not. She was able to reflect others feelings and if you were being stubborn, then she would be stubborn. If you were grouchy, then she would be grouchy. But then again if you were in a good mood, then she would be in a good mood.
Oh why, Oh why ,OH WHY,” she continued to sob.
Just then her identical twin sister walked into the garden “Why what, Kathie?” she asked.
Why could We not be stronger in something else than reflector?” She answered.
Kathie you are doing a good job of being a blender right now. Besides Reflector isn’t all that bad.” She told her. “ You can take pictures of books with your mind and read them whenever you want. I cannot do that, I only know where I saw the information and see the cover. You can see the entire book.”
Kathie stopped crying “ That is true.” she sniffed. “Katie you are wonderful.” She added smiling.
Well think that for as long as you like but Dad said he wanted us to have supper with him for our Birthday in the Royal Quart.” Katie said
Kathie groaned. The twins hated the prying eyes of the court. They expected them to act like princesses. They hated the fact that they could do nothing without the entire solar system of Soynee knowing.
Oh well.” Kathie sighed “ I guess we had better turn in to Sarah to get ready for the entire world to know we turned fifteen,” she said sarcastically
Katie laughed “At least we do not have to worry about this our entire lives we soon will be having fun with the stars running the Eagle and her crew around the universe for the next 400 years of our lives. Discovering new life forms and keeping the peace with the ones that we already know about.” She said
Kathie smiled, “I cannot wait, but… race you to Sarah.” She yelled over her shoulder as she half ran, half flew to the castle. Literally.
No fair, you got a head start, and can fly.” Katie said as she took off running at a speed that would of easily passed up even the fastest horse.

Chapter 2

Getting ready for a Banquet.

I won.” Katie shouted just loud enough for Kathie to hear a few steppes behind her.
“ Runners can always beat flyers when going up stairs.” She said as soon as she had landed.
Girls, what would your father think if he saw you racing like a couple of tomboys?” A tall, young looking woman with fire red hair and spectacles opening the door.
Both girls looked down. “Yes Sarah.” They chorused.
In you go, you Both will need a bath, and your best dress Ironed, and your hair done up. Before I will let you down to the Banquet you father the King has planned in celebration of your fifteenth Birthday.” Sarah said shooing them inside their room to be turned into Princesses.
Kathie was the first to speak up “Sarah, do you think that Daddy invited the entire galaxy, or just most of it?”
Sarah laughed. “ You know your father, He probably invited quite a few people just not the entire galaxy. I know that I saw at least six of the seven planet’s royal families arrive today.” She said trying not to laugh while saying it.
Both twins groaned. “As long as he did not invite the creatures from the planet Aama,” She said
Aama was the planet closest to their sun and it is hot there the only creatures that lives there are the Hamons which are a type of dragon.
There were actually eight planets but only seven had what we would call human life on them. There was Aama which was the first, then came Baliga, then Gildiware, then Delphie, Eron, Calpa, Homon, And the last was Zan. These eight planets orbited their star Soynee which was a lot like our sun just a bit smaller.
The twins knew all this stuff they had visited all the planets many times already while practicing flying the Eagle, their Personal space ship… well not exactly Personal but they were the captain of it as soon as they turned sixteen they would be able to leave their solar system behind and discover new ones. Kathie fingered her uniform a black strait skirt that went to her ankles, a light pink polo shirt, and a pink scarf that acted like a force field, and a pink daisy with a ruby in the middle of it. This she picked up, and twisted the gem.
Goat girl to Eagle come in Eagle.” “ It responded.
Katie ad Gave Kathie a look that said what are you doing. Kathie Ignored it. And responed in to the flower “ Which of the Planets have not arrived yet to the Banquet?”
the Planet of Zan.” The Ship informed her.

Was it invited?”

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  1. Congrats on the six hundred! My, that is quite the milestone! I was just thinking so splendidly of myself for almost reaching 300 posts this morning.... *crickets* Well, hello, humble pie. It's nice to see you again.

    Great chapters! Looking forward to reading more!


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