Friday, February 22, 2013

Q and A with my Characters

And now it's time for me to post the answers that my characters gave to the questions you asked them. Some of them were easy to get answers from ... others ... not so much. Robin was a bit miffed that she got picked on. I told her that it was because people liked her. She replied that they were meddlesome people who wanted to put their noses where the don't belong.

In the end, however, she answered the questions.

Thanks to everyone who asked questions, most of my characters enjoyed this.

From the Bookania Quests


Robyn Hoode asked: Was sword play instinct, or were you trained?

Um ... that's not something I've ever really considered before. I guess you can say it's a bit of both, since I did have lessons. Actually, Father's had every swordmaster in Bookania come to teach me. But, at the same time, I pick it up so fast, it may well be instinct.

Hmm ... I'll have to think about this one.

Miss Melody Muffin asked: How difficult was Snow to train?

Well, as I tell my mother, I didn't break my neck in the process. But I did tear a few dresses. (I think that's what finally convinced Mother that letting me wear pants was a good idea)

Miss Melody Muffin also asked: Do people ever mix up yours and Robert's names?

Uh ... no. Not that I know of, at least. Well, Kendra does sometimes, but she's Kendra. She mixes up everyone's names.

I asked: Why do you like to put swords in the ceiling?

Because it annoys my opponents.

Miss Melody Muffin asked: Because you sew so well, will you make your bride's wedding dress?

It's bad luck for the groom to see his bride's wedding dress before the wedding, so no, I won't make my bride's. I make my sister's wedding dress, though. And Kendra says that, once word gets out of my skill, I'll probably be in high demand.

Miss Melody Muffin asked: How many times a day do you and Robin argue when you are together?

Her, almost hourly. Me, not so much.

Miss Melody Muffin asked: Are you often teased about singing soprano?

Not so much as thou wouldst think. It wast not thought out of the ordinary until my speaking voice started deepening, and by then ... well, have I mentioned that my twin sister is the strongest person in the world? There aren't many people who wish to risk her anger.


V. Kathie Ardnek asked: What was your first impression of Robin and Robert?

Well, I wast most grateful to Robin for chasing away the thieves that assailed me, and thought Robert most curtious, even though I thought it strange at first that his sister wore a sword, but not he.

From Infiltration 

Miss Melody Muffin asked: Do you have an herbal use for roses?

Of course. The flowers can be boiled to produce a relaxing steam, and the hips are high in what Vitamin C, and are good for dispelling poisons from the body.

Miss Melody Muffin asked: What is your favorite dessert to bake?

Actually, Zinnia handles most of the dessert baking we do ... but I do enjoy making fruit bread that we make during the Month of Blessings.

From The Rizkaland Legends 


V. Kathie Ardnek asked: Who is your favorite author?

Not Kendra.

Seriously, I don't read any book that isn't at least forty years old, and most have to be at least a hundred.

My Favorite author, though, I'm not sure. Maybe Jane Austen ... or Robert Louis Stevenson (Kendra ... why are you smirking? You haven't even read any of Stevenson's books all the way through) ... perhaps Mark Twain or Charles Dickens ... There were a lot of good authors in the past ... and no, Kendra, you don't even come close.

V. Kathie Ardnek asked: What is your favorite subject in school?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe science, since I'm good at it.

Though that's mostly because my dad's a scientist and he's been teaching me all sorts of odd facts since forever. Seriously, I could already recite the first half of the periodic table when I entered kindergarten.

From my sister's Sci-fi series. (Because there are two characters there who think they're mine) 

V. Kathie Ardnek asked: Why do you prefer Kenj over me?

Because the moon rises in the west.

Kendra just understands me better than you do, V. You're always pushing me to backstage and locking me into the library and throwing me in the brig. Kendra's the one who likes to jump on pillows with me. 

Oh, and popcorn tastes good. Especially with melted sugar!


  1. Robin, I was genuinly curious. If you had just picked up a sword and handled it perfectly when you were 3, I wanted to know. Or if you were trained and handled it perfectly. Either way.

    ~Robyn Hoode

  2. I wondered if Robin would be a bit annoyed with questions, and I'm thrilled she consented to answer them anyway.

    Breaking horses in a dress would be very tricky.

    Haha! 'Because it annoys my opponents.'

    I'm sure Robin's dress is gorgeous.

    I love rosehip tea! I drink it when I have a headache.

    Fruit bread- that sounds delicious.

    The Prince and The Pauper is the only book of Twain's I've read to date that I actually liked.

    Melted sugar on popcorn? I don't think I've ever tasted that....

    It was great reading these answers, too!!


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